Tutorial: Make a Smiling Person Look Angry

User called Rohtop, from Netherlands submitted this funny tutuorial some time ago. But today it’s finally online! Be sure to open this article to see the full version. Here is what Rohtop wrote: “Hello Barun Vurdlak! Here’s a fun little optical illusion i did (saw it somewhere with a Queen Elisabeth picture, i don’t know anymore, long time ago). It’s an illusion where you make a smiling person look angry. I hope this contributes to your great site, you are free to use it in anyway you like! Here’s how to do it”. Rohtop also submitted the resulting video clip. Read full article.

Step1: Get the right picture, front view and smiling.

Step2: Make the foldings. The foldings have to be
over the eyes and over the corners of the mouth.

Step3: Push the foldings towards eachother,
so there is a “bending”(?)

Step4: You’re ready! Now watch the picture from above.
Is it looking angry!?

Fun, isn’t it? Be sure to watch the video clip with the results, when you finish reading this tutorial…

There is also this simmilar trick, where you make George Wahington sad. You’ll need a new, crisp one dollar bill. You can also try it with a $5, $10, $50 and $100. The goal is to get to keep the bill after performing the trick… of course. It’s all in the fold… The secret is in the way that you fold dollar bill. Just follow these steps:

1. Start with George’s portrait facing you.
2. Make a “mountain” fold through the middle of George’s left eye. In origami terms, this means to fold the bill away from you.

3. Make a second mountain fold through the middle of his right eye. Make sure that these creases are sharp.

4. Make a “valley” fold between the two previous folds so that the crease is between George’s eyes and nose.

5. Pull on the ends of the bill slightly so that you can see his entire face, but making sure that the folds are still present.

6. Hold the portrait side of the bill in front of you with the face tilted upward. Notice how George smiles at you!

7. Slowly begin to tilt the bill downward as if George was looking at the floor. Don’t take your eyes off George’s face because his smile will magically turn into a frown! Be ready for a chorus of oohs & ahhs to spontaneously erupt.

48 Replies to “Tutorial: Make a Smiling Person Look Angry”

  1. kinda lame,every1 dus it. how dus she look mad? ps: mayb u shud put a bigger variety of comments on here, they all say ‘lol, so cool!’ :-)

  2. Hey Ya’ll!! I think this illusion is amazing i asked daddy if he had a buck and i showed him but i dint get to keep the buck.

  3. i agree, this is lame, and they dont really look angry, now i dont know if americans look like that wen they are angry, but they look more sad to me

  4. just because you think it’s lame doesn’t mean you have to rant about it! Some people think it’s good! I personally think it’s quite good, but they look sad rather than angry.

  5. No, it is not George Washington. It is Benjamin Franklin. George is on the ONE dollar bill.
    Nice effect, though.

  6. If you would have read it correctly instead of immediatley being negative, you would have noticed he said to make George Washington sad you’ll need a ONE dollar bill, so obviously he kmow’s it’s Ben Franklin he said you can use any bill, $5, $10, $50,or $100 he showed the $100 bill example but kept the name george knowing you poor losers wouldnt have a $100 and he didnt want to confuse you by saying ‘ben’ since you’ve never had a ‘Ben Franklin’ in your lives…idiots!

    great illusion loved it!

  7. they look demented!!!! i dont see the angry… nd y do u want 2 make ur former presidents look angry??

  8. noticed that the 100 gives away that ITS NOT george waShington ( note to vurdlak, u forgot the S in washington ) ITS ben franklin!

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