Trippy Animated Illusion

One of our fans, person that goes under the nickname BSmile sent me some of his favorite .gif creations. I found them interesting enough, but wasn’t sure were they considered illusory enough to be presented on this site. Until I stumbled upon this animation below. Whoa! Can you see the illusion before I point it out? If not, concentrate on the pink cell-like formations. I don’t understand how BSmile managed to get them to constantly appear to shrink, while in fact their size is constant. Please reply you if see them shrink too, or have I gone crazy an started to see things…

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    1. It is awesome and I do see it shrinking – after I look away – whatever I look at seems to be distorted for a while. Then when I look back they are large and start their shrinking. A real game changer.

  1. Hey man! I don’t know about the shrinking pink things, but I do know that watching this makes me get the munchies! Peace Out!

  2. Yeah they constantly appear to shrink. Took me a min to find out which part was not changing, but the pink does seem to be stable as the rest is dynamic.

  3. Wow, not only do I see them shrink, but they almost seem to keep going down a tunnel. I found that if I stare at them long enough, I can actually kind of hold and release them in motion, and if I blur my vision slightly, they reverse and grow.

    1. No they are not technically shrinking. That’s the point. You simply fell for the illusion which means “meh,” it is for you.

  4. shrinking maybe ? but can u see the jumping frogs as well lol don’t know if they were intentional or are they just an optical illision ??? lol

  5. haha just because we both see the pink things move doesn’t mean you aren’t crazy, it just means that we are both CRAZY!

  6. The pink ovals definately appear to be shrinking. I also see the corner pink objects to be retracting into the corners and seeminly disappear. Furthermore, the pink ovals that are shrinking suddenly grow back to their original size and begin shrinking again. Also, stare at the image for about 20-30 seconds and then look at a wall – reminds me of my mushroom days! lol

    I love my brain!

  7. the yellow radiating out from the center makes the background appear to be getting bigger, which makes the pink appear to be getting smaller.

  8. Yeah, and if you look at the corners (for me anyway) it seems as thought they’re shrinking away offpage…. pretty neat stuff

  9. lol at first im like whats the illusion? i only see them shrinking…. then im like OMG THAT IS THE ILLUSION!!!!! lol im smart :P

  10. the snow-flake pattern does seem to shrink, and the same time i see the pattern receding into the distance but at the same time it stays the same size. ive seen stuff like this before, and it a trip.
    this is the first that ive registered, but ive been viewing MOI for maybe a year. very good stuff, i “LIKE” it!

  11. I couldn’t look at this for more than five seconds. This is almost exactly what I see when I suffer from migraine headaches. Not pretty.

  12. Very nice, it’s the surroundings that shrink and therefore you assume the pink parts are shrinking as well.

    By the way, at first I saw shrinking, but I can also see it expanding!!

  13. Definitely trippy. My first impression was that they’re shrinking too, but if you really watch one you can see that they don’t. Excellent!

  14. Really nice illusion!

    Also, I noticed this: If you focus on the center for some time, it’ll seem like the pink dots in the corners of the picture moves further and further away from the center, and at last disappear!

  15. Curious… I wonder if you can force yourself to see the exact opposite; every line and curve moving in the opposite direction (and thus instead of shrinking, expanding).
    But that depends on the number of static pictures that it contains. Are there two, or are there three? (or even four?)

    1. The easiest way to save this GIF (in Windows) is to ‘right-click’ on your mouse and choose ‘save as’. Then save it to a designated folder on your hard drive.

      Glad everyone (mostly) is enjoying it.


    1. it didn’t happen the second time…it was just coincidence. and it is definitly animated coz I pasted it onto word document and it stopped moving!!!!!

  16. its not the outer side of is pink a little inner side is slight green in the pink that you cant recognise. inner alittle greener the in is real green and the flowing to center effect distrat your concentration massively that you cannot concentrate. so you think that shape gotta get lost in the center that it gets alitte bigger thant it gets aliitle smaller thats what we saw
    but its alittle distraction trick

  17. fake optical illusion, its a animation that is moving, not a picture , u can con others but not me , try using paint of somehting to open nit will stop moving

  18. They are shrinking. its a constant streem of lines and they shrink but new lines replace them giving the aperance of never shrinking.

    1. yes its like the mirror effect it looks like its getting smaller because the lines are moving closer while the pink stays the same and the lines fade and new lines appear

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