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By on December 31, 2011, with 20 Comments

Trees Full of Life GalleryPeople, words and objects hidden inside tree branches are undoubtedly one of the most popularly exploited illusion-motives on this site (up to date). Still, good illusions are always welcome. It doesn’t matter if they closely resemble some we’ve already seen before!

For example, look what Deviant artist megaossa has managed to come up with! Most interesting part is how I discovered his illusion gallery accidentally, thanks to our Facebook channel.

When I recently started promoting our FB page, I have secretly hoped for a critical mass, where at some point, good illusions and great talent would spontaneously find their way and reach us! Could it be that we have reached that point?

But let us return back on the topic. If I asked you, would you be able to spot all of the illusions in megaossa’s portfolio? For example, are you able to see the baby inside the below photo? Do you find this real-life version or the original Baby Tree Illusion better?

Trees Full of Life Gallery
Trees Full of Life Gallery
Trees Full of Life Gallery
Trees Full of Life Gallery
Trees Full of Life Gallery


20 Responses
  1. Gaetz says:


    are they photoshoped?

  2. guemes bill says:

    It’s always interesting to study clouds, rock formations, and yes trees, which sometimes has many life images. Some that I have seen were a mixture of facial (human) and evil spirits. As an artist I look at so many different things around where I may be walking or photographing still life.

  3. eric says:

    first one is great! took me a second to find it… but i like the second the best; the rest just seem to have too many bare branches…

  4. selena says:

    I guess I’m getting used to these kinds of illusions.. I saw them (faces) immediately.

  5. debbie says:

    I like the lion one best….Happy New Year.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I like the real life versions better, especially with the pretty sunsets.

  7. Nisheeth says:

    Does anyone else think that above the face of the Baby in the first picture, there is another child, made of the leaves? The circle at the far left being the head?

    Any way, one of the best illusions i have seen here in a while…

  8. eee efff geee says:

    awesome post more :D

  9. tommt says:

    in the b/w tree, about 9 faces I see, 2 men looking at each other, a hlf. face [bottom[ peering out, a lady smoking , 2 faces on each side of her, I believe a bird or squirrel, a possible tulip, and a picnic basket, plus each time I look I catch another face
    my view, thanks

  10. Jen says:

    These are beautiful!

  11. tashi says:

    amazing!!!!!!!!these illusions are just amazing

  12. figgins says:

    I can’t see a face in the tree

  13. ANONIMO says:


  14. Blackrystal says:

    well the first tree with the baby figure, i also see something that looks like a hen’s head with a hat on, love all of them though

  15. Nibbler says:

    motif not motive

  16. Woodfur says:

    I don’t see it in the second one, but the rest, I found it even harder to believe they were real than the one that wasn’t. Did that make sense? Whatever. Especially the last one.

  17. Whoever says:

    I don’t see anything, except in the last one, the obvious fake.
    And I still have no clue what “we” are supposed to see.
    Thanks for nothing.

  18. john says:

    the first one has a unborn baby

    the second has a tiger or lion

    the third has two human faces looking at the tree

    the fourth has two humans looking at each other(on the right)

    the last is pretty easy

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