Transparent PSP Billboards Spotted in The Wild

Friends of mine have sent me these transparent billboards for Sony PSP they spotted online. Have you had the chance to see them live anywhere in your neighborhood? Even though they work only from certain point of view, I think they are marvelous, and catch consumers attention. We really didn’t have much transparent illusions lately, so this comes refreshing. What kind of illusions you like the most? Which type should I post next? You tell me, and I’ll deliver. It really took me by surprise to see over 150 comments for yesterday’s post. You are doing great job, please keep it so!

52 Replies to “Transparent PSP Billboards Spotted in The Wild”

  1. Creative ads.. too bad they are not real billboards.. You can tell from the last image, they forgot to erase the white in side the bottom left corner

  2. I like these:) I like them as illusions but… What’ve they got to do with PSP really!:Pheh… nice though still! :)

    – I guess its showing how much of screen can be used/is the play area… like how big it is, using up most of the PSP’s space, ie. making the most of it.

  3. wohhhh cool!!!!

    I love your website and every time i come at google i see the ne ilusion but this one is the best billbord ever

  4. Hey Vurdlak, great illusion, I would love to come across those billboards to see the effect live.

    Slightly offtopic: Just wanted to say thanks for the site. It is the one and only site I visit daily, and as far as I’m concerned, you shouldn’t change a thing.

    PS: every post I look for the last comment to say that they are ‘1st’: yesterday it was #166!! Good work guys… although I imagine slightly annoying for Vurdlak, who has to read them all ;)

  5. I think they are overlaid … The posts don’t seem to work right. They may be concept images. Cool idea – I’d like to see real photos of people who see them!

  6. I l♥v Spider-man he rox!!
    im getting a few pics put on this website soon!! i cant wait!
    these are cool

  7. To answer your question, I really like the the type you just posted. My family and myself were blown away by the unintentional old time “spooky” photo a little while back. Keep up the good work.

  8. The thing is they are not real, take a closer look, none of them is actually built in Real World, but they are really impressive.

  9. A note to all the people who say, “It’s photoshopped!” or, “It’s fake!” DUH! We know that. The point is not the fact they the illusions are showing us something REAL, but showing us something that CAN’T BE real. Your complaining is like saying “Escher DREW those illusions. They’re not real. This sucks!!!” So what if they’re not real? Who cares? They’re just cool pictures. Get over yourselves.

  10. Comments #2 and #15, you don’t know what you are talking about! They are exactly what it is said they are…transparent billboards. How narrow-minded that since YOU don’t understand it, or haven’t seen it, you accuse others of fakery. YOU are wrong! I agree with Louise. A lot of work goes into this site and is greatly appreciated. It always breaks up a very monotonous day at work. (And, yeah…who cares who is first?)

  11. These are not real billboards. There is no shadow of the actually psp in any of the photos even tho there should be in at least two of them.

    They are great advertising ideas non the less and very cool looking.

  12. As usual you have out done yourself! These are great! I’ve never seen anything like them, but I wonder if I would care for them if I wasn’t standing directly in front of it to see it properly.

  13. For those who say it’s fake, for all we know, the spider man, ATVs, Sniper, and Spaceship could be stickers, we don’t know.

  14. no one has ever seen them in real life because they are fake, as some one above me pointed out the last 1 wasn’t properly cleaned, and the sniper proves its fake too because NO ONE would have a billboard on their roof. Very cool idea none the less.

  15. I can’t say for sure with the first one (though I am going to lump it in) but the other ones are fakes. The sheer SIZE of the billboard in #2 is cost prohibative and there’s no support structure for the ends.

    #3, as it is it would collapse the roof.and the perspective to enjoy it is only if you’re 20 feet in the air in front of the thing (Seriously, who drives by a house at that hight????)

    #4 is the same as #2. Odd placement and support for the board itself is not enough.

    Bad set of optical illusion. Good use of Photoshopping

  16. Enough with the “first, first, first” already. It got old about 1,000 times ago and has nothing to do with these illusions. Plus half the people that say it arent even the “first”.

  17. please dont post this as i just wanted to drop you a it just me or are most of the recent posts coming from people wo are about as smart as the goat rapin, sister humoin rednecks? i honestly dont envy all the lame posts you have to go through to figure out what to post and what not to…specially with all the “photoshopped” and “first comment” crap…all in all thougth..your site is well laid out and very easy to get around on. also…as far as the more adult themes….you could set up an adult section with a waiver that the person has to click to say that they are 18…anyways…gotta jet…got an appointment for my cancer doc!

  18. ino how they didi dat, they loaded pictures onto there psp
    and then further took picstuers wen the psp was lined up with the achle picture dat was dere

  19. nice, i like the last two.


    this year, dont forget to put CHRIST in FRONT of christmas… :)

  20. I like the satellite-forest one.Even though I have never seen this anywhere,I have seen some interesting billboards before.

  21. They’re actually concepts for an ad campaign. So, yes, they’re fake. It was an idea, that’s all.. Doesn’t stop it from being pretty cool, though.

  22. to locke: their just billboards!!!!!! the atv’s,spiderman,ect. is just probaly cardboard stuck to the side of the thingie. (thingie is psp.) i <3 the idea and the billboards. I think there REAL.

    1. Yes, they are billboards, but I believe you don’t understand exactly what the billboards are! They are AWESOME because they seem to be TRANSPARENT (SEE THROUGH) with the Spiderman, Sniper, Dirt Bikes, & Star Wars Craft added to the picture of the Illusion of the Background.

      I did my best to explain why these billboards are so dang cool.

      Love them!!!!!!!

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