Transparent Coffe Cups

We had all kinds of transparent optical illusions before – from transparent screens, PSPs, billboards, shopping bags… we even had transparent Magazines! This time it’s something different: It’s time for.. Transparent Coffe Cups (or coffe mugs)! I think this one’s not a commercial for Starbucks Caffes, but can’t determine for sure which company made this products. Never the less, original way to advertise and be noticed. Great! If you have some knowledge about what this commercial is for, be sure to post in comments section.

40 Replies to “Transparent Coffe Cups”

  1. YoOo MaMa, that would be cool. But if they didn’t it would be funny seeing a dark skined girl with a lighter nose. Or a guy with girly lips! Complexions and genders please! lol ;)

  2. thats real cool…..i wonder if they have ages too i mean im not twenty something that definatly would look odd(btw its KRISTEN not KIRSTEN so dont get us confused)

  3. Would people please stop posting moronic things like ‘it’s a great way to advertise’ this does not need to be stated! Of course it is good advertising otherwise it would not be used. Saying things as such does not emit an air of intellect but unfortunately rather the opposite.. I appologise if (as i think may be the case) you are only a child, it is not expected of children (especially if your an English one) to have a higher level of intelligence

    1. You don’t need to be so mean, the people you are talking about are just stating their opinions. You writing a nasty comment like that make you sound of lesser intelligence.

  4. you can buy these cups at urban outfitters! google them is u dont already knwo the site… i’m not from the US, i dunno if u are, cos then u prolly knwo what it is… but ye, i saw them on the site the other day – so that might help with who makes them?

  5. hey anonymus#15! Im 11 1/2 and have an IQ of 144! And I`m partly from India, which has a pretty low literacy rate. an d thats for over 15! what do you say to that?

  6. ol,lo y you spell Coffee like Coffe Cafe like Caffe! XD nyway, tht is a great idea! I onder if I can get one somewhere…

  7. And by the way, comment number 15, where you say “especially if your an English one” it’s ‘you’re’, not ‘your’.
    Really, some people are morons.

  8. i had those cups!!!! they come in lots of different nose colours, some have nose rings and there are cups for black people too kirsten

  9. I have no clue where this comes from. I read “Plastic Surgeon ad”, “Pick Your Nose party cups”, and etc. By the way, Anonymous #15, I am 13 and am English and I have the intelligence in certain criterias of English of a college student, thankyou.

    P.S. Anonymous #15, your comment was not very philantropic either. :)

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