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By on July 7, 2006, with 262 Comments

Jessica Head sent us this set of pictures. As you see, these clothes appear transparent, while infact it’s only a paint job. Women’s underwear is painted on the outer side of skirts or trausers, giving transparent clothes optical illusion. Some of these paint-jobs are done so perfectly, I had hard time believing they were for real. When I first saw them, I’d bet they were done in photoshop or that the clothes are actually transparent. What’s your opinnion? Thanks Jessica! More pictures inside.

  • Fiona

    lol…I’ve seen plenty of these before, they’re usually done on pictures of japanese women.

    The ones I’ve seen look like the skirts have been cut open to reveal their undies, whereas these are done to make it looks like these skirts are translucent.

  • Ciani

    The pictures were apparently made by porno magazines in Japan by superimposing a photo of a woman in underwear over a photo of a clothed woman. There was an uban legend that these were real clothes with images of underwear on them that women in Japan wore, but it’s actually false. I actually fell for the hoax and wanted to buy a skirt like that for my best friend when I was in Japan, but no one there had heard of such a thing.

  • blackbeard

    if only, eh? lol, but ive seen these on snopes. theyre fakes.

  • FMC

    Obviously photoshop… or like above, magazines and so forth. It’s not real..

    The ‘obvious’ part being the fact that the legs on the ‘clothes’ and the ‘angles’ match that of the standing woman… whereas a real ‘painted one’ wouldn’t do as much.

  • kaycee

    funny and weird at the same time.

  • Davis

    Eww! They’re all like ugly and fat, I don’t even want to see an illusion of that! Gross!

  • Kitsune

    Quite obviously fake.

    Note how the alleged painted on arse and legs line up perfectly with the exposed legs. Whoever photoshopped these made the mistake of making it a little too perfect.

    Besides. Asked around for these, as did a friend living in Japan. No such thing.

  • classic73

    that is really cool!!

  • classic73

    awesome creation

  • person

    wow it actually looks like theyre painted on!!!!

  • a Person hahaha

    ew those r sooo groose ew i think im gunna vomit

  • Tim14

    OMG That is soooooo gross i think i’m going to throw up or something. Why would anyone put this on i-a-b anyways. Man u ppl are sick.

  • me

    Wow if you want someone to see your butt atleast make it look good…. these people need to get a life

  • Jennie

    That definatly looks photoshopped. the one of the larger lady with the short black hair.. the legs are open to match the EXACT position that her legs are. rather than if it were really painted on to the skirt, it would most likely have both legs straight down like the others…

    the one directly above that picture also matches the position of her leg.

    also. these ladys would have a very hard time find the EXACT pigment as their skin type. and the right width of the legs as well.

    so who ever did this, is very wierd, and as kitsune said, they did too good of a job making it perfect.

  • westoph

    Silly Asian people, what are they going to come up with next

  • Stranger

    I think its kwl how some1 can do somethin like tht. Hu cares if its 2 perfect. U lot bovard 2 look at it. Shut up complaining. Bet u couldn’t do anythin like tht. Rock on those hu think its kwl.

  • Tightman

    My god do any of you who leave comments actually read what is put beforehand? you have basically all repeated someone before you….

  • Bailey

    cute! I’d buy one! :P

  • bubble boy

    What the hell is with computer spelling these days? Did you all fail literacy tests? Come on! …Oh, yeah. Ugly women, cool idea.

  • puppy96

    I just think it is stuped!!!
    It’s just, ew!!!!

  • tiney by nature

    who’s butt is this?

  • jack

    this is hilarious i wish theyd make em all hot asses though instead of all old crunched up underwear

  • HM

    They are real… There was a thing with them on the T.V.

  • sophie_xx

    the sagginess is effective … otherwise they would look fake … its so realistic … alomost as if done on photoshop =P haa haa .. imagine the expessions you would get on a walk down the street … =P

  • PeRsOn LoL

    that is weird, descusting, and amusing at the same time………..but mostly discusting….*throws up*

  • paulie

    well, back in the 1950′s the pizza man said to me “aye u want spicy meatball u gotta work for ur spicy meatball soo i said to him ok. then i went to pupajasaepie and said hey papa give me a meatball and he replied no go get transperant panties and i think bout it so i did that and i was raped by a donkey on the side walk so i voted for carrots to turn yellow.

  • Gennie

    Well…paulie, I sure don’t want to hear about a story of you getting raped by a donkey! Anyways, I’m going to move to Japan to become a Geisha… and I want to by one of these peices when I get there, if they are real that is! Everyone wish me luck on becoming a successful Geisha!

  • Maria

    Well, I think these clothes, this whole trend is disgusting, and should be done away with! What are these women thinking wearing these kind of clothes? Do they care that these clothes take away the dignity of women? Or most importantly, offend Jesus and the Blessed Mother? What ever happened to dressing modestly and being a lady?

    May God Bless you.


  • Holly

    Disgusting? Ewwww? Some of you people need to seriously lighten up. As far as the bible bangers go, I am sure that Jesus has far more important things to worry about (like war and famine) then to be concerned if a woman wants to wear (or photoshop) a butt and underwear on to her skirt. Lest I remind you that Jesus wore a toga and they all went commando in those days because underwear was NOT INVENTED!

  • some guy you might know

    nice hahaha real? fake? i don’t know oooo mystery

  • Rose

    ummm…..why? lol

  • Ryan

    Cannot believe that ppl actually make these cameras

  • rachet

    well cummon. honestly it has to be a photo editor
    who in there right mind would walk out in public like that?

  • LuVvy<3

    Now these are absolutley ah-mazing! I wouldn’t have even known they were painted!!!

    -luVvy -12

  • Anonymous

    did not need to see that

  • mati101

    bubble boy-your right, i could hardly read some of these posts
    paulie-please shut up we don’t need to hear about it
    gennie-good luck
    maria-listen to holly.
    ok photos, a little weird.

  • PerfectPoodle

    lighten up people! It’s just for fun!
    shut up, Paulie!
    I hope you suceed, Gennie!
    These are cool pictures, but I would never ever wear one!

  • Froggy

    Are these supposed to be illusions?

  • whatthe

    mati101 said it like it is, and thumbs up to Tightman, too.
    As far as content is concerned, I think you’re all off-base. These pics are obviously of really hot, Totally Nude babes (especially the shopkeeper). All the clothes have been photoshopped ONTO them.

  • Anonymous

    Right on to Tightman, bubbleboy mati101.
    The truth is, all these gorgeous ladies were totally naked, and the clothes were all photoshopped ONTO them.

  • Megan

    we all know its called a sheer fabric!!

  • ArseLover



  • sneezleweasle

    That is a hoax. I saw it on a website I forget where. I will get the url later. Thats pretty cool though!

  • Cheese

    definitely photoshopped. the painted on part of the skirt and their actual legs are way too precise. the skirts are probably real and all, but photoshopped to look like they are transparent.

  • Anonymous

    those r funny. . . . .hahahahahaha, i’m bored can’t u tell?!?!?

  • Courtney!!!!!

    T hose women have SEXY buts!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    GOOD GOD!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com someone

    WHA HA HA!

  • pash

    All it happen in the END OF DAYS. Soon everyone will gonna DIE be ready…..

  • pash

    All it happen in the END OF DAYS. Soon everyone will gonna DIE be ready…..To die..

  • stefan

    :)) very funny

  • jb

    very Photostatted.

  • jb

    very photoshopped.

  • abdullatif

    jesseca very wonderful

  • a.k.s

    really excellent creative work and of course funny.

  • Amer Mughal

    Jesseca i like your pictures send me more in my personal email id lovely butt

  • shadowz

    even if it’s not photoshoped, who the hell will wanna wear that??

  • http://www.songlimousine.com/ Kim Hatheway

    quite funny!!

  • http://www.moillusions.com/2006/07/transparent-clothes-illusion.html SALMANKHILJI


  • alvin

    weird but proud they are dare to put on.

  • Me

    Not even close to real, look at the outline of the legs and the angle that the “real” legs make to the “illusion” legs, they line up perfectly each time, the clothes are added on as another layer in the photo then an area is made less opaque. Just a photoshop trick.

  • mayya


  • http://Shabi_ira@yahoo.com Shabi

    V.V.V.Hot And Sexyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/elgurusexual randeeeeeeeee

    oh god my sister is in this pictures lol

  • Vinu

    It is just a design on their cloth.

    But still…
    very very sexy…

  • amazing

    they are looking so sexy in these pics

  • Nasir gillani

    Its totally un natural.Humans are not animals to show their butts to others.

  • rabi

    how disgustingggg

  • Scott Hedrick

    And yet, Nasir, you looked. What’s that say about you?

  • Notmeman

    This is an actual clothing line in Japan that debuted on the internet a few years back if you were paying attention. Apparently these were a big hit in Japan when they came out.

  • Shakthi

    In years to come this will be the fasion

  • Shakthi

    Copied by all fast

  • riza

    where can i buy your creations?

  • Demetrius

    Look at the woman in the green apron. The fade from the underwear layer bleeds onto the edge of the apron. They are clearly photoshopped… and, badly so.

  • http://liberal-propaganda.blogspot.com/ Fernweher

    neat but i doubt these clothes are real. who would wear such a thing? esp the one with the wrinkled panties shoved up the butt.

  • http://www.youtobe.com skaza

    haha nice article very funny but they asses don’t looks nice :D

  • andrew

    hmm yummy

  • Obliviatus

    About the comments about humans not being animals… Well then, are we actually plants and I missed it since I was 3?! Oo

  • mones

    it is big broblim

  • http://www.junglegui.com Jungle Gui

    wow what is that ?

  • igorchik

    just wonder – streets are full with these “design clothes” wearing women… funny :)

  • http://shotgunbagsy.com/ MrShotBag

    Maybe there’s something in this?

    Advertisers could go hell for leather on the underwear

  • yazzy

    That is soo smart 2 do any1 would belive it you should try to come up with jeans great job

  • iaz

    yes its look like real, but if you see it with full concentration you can easally know that it is just painted, not real.

  • http://www.ikincielesya.com.tr jon

    streets are full with these “design clothes

  • hari

    All fake pics.. everything is photoshopped.. the last pic clearly tells it

  • krishna

    nice butt, please send me your photo

  • http://www.thepadrino.com/ The Padrino

    Nice booty there

  • SSSR

    This clothes line is perfect for the sexy rebellious teens.However would they be arrested for wearing them in the USA?

  • Sameer

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    I like so much. I Want to see more so creations.

  • Goo

    it would be cool if these were real…
    what next, transparent bikinis?



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rajeev-Agrawal/100000551380421 Rajeev Agrawal

    i want to see more picture

  • asad

    wow.. great

  • Femi Adeyemi

    It exposes the user to be raped…

  • Ichigo

    This was actually a REAL Trend in Japan a few years back, this is not an original creation by the photographer, unless they used that Idea from those clothes…However, I’m sure if you went to Japan and you look hard enough you could find a skirt exactly like those pictured.

  • hangmansnoose

    Where are the men?

  • http://www.aboutfavor.com aboutfavor

    why i can’t open the pics?

  • josh

    i think its all bs. I don’t know much about photoshop, but you really don’t have to. Just look at the women? they don’t look like rebellious teens or fashonistas trying to make a statement. Where I live at least, the average woman would probably think this is funny, but would never wear it because, quite frankly, its just asking for trouble.

  • Mubashir Ali

    Nice collection but i dont think this is real

  • http://yahoo.com Munir Ahmad Butt

    i do’t like it

  • http://yahoo.com Munir Ahmad Butt

    i think its not GOOd

  • Chris


    You can’t have a painted on picture that moves in perspective.

    It can only look correct from one angle. But these are correct in different poses, and match perfectly.

    This is a really sick, racist attempt at making Japanese people look like freaks. I hope the person who did it gets what he deserves.

  • http://gothceltgirl.info gothceltgirl

    I don’t think it’s sick or racist. How is it racist? I didn’t even notice that they’re supposed to be Japanese. I really didn’t think about their race at all. It’s just a bit of fun. Everyone should lighten up.

  • Jenna

    Wow Chris. This isn’t racist… it’s funny art. If you think it’s racist, maybe you’re the racist one. It also didn’t say anything about this being Japanese, so you’ve got issues.

    Anyway, they’re like better made versions of those t-shirts with the abs printed on them. These could absolutely be painted on. These are beautiful!

  • blessy

    duh.. its says illusion… so it’s kinda paint ouside.. argh… i have one of those… lol

  • http://www.gpscardvd.com eva

    I don’t like it too

  • http://www.moverspackersquotes.com Pradeep

    Great effort guys. good work

  • aditya

    Yes, they are done in Photoshop. But nice work

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-Vargas/1444420416 Jessica Vargas

    hahaha its amazing lol

  • Kyo

    It’s kinda funny if you ask me. ;D

  • uday


  • youguysarestupid

    To all of you who are saying it’s fake or photoshopped

    you obviously don’t know art as well as the artists that did these pictures and saying that you think it’s fake only proves your ignorance

  • Ali Nabeel Ahmed

    very funny :D

  • Yusuf

    This is not a good manner even dealing as fun,
    I do not like my sister to be photographed like that :(

  • malk

    that realy look funy dam

  • kado dodoss

    it a nice wotk by if

  • kado dodoss

    it verry good film.

  • http://repspace.com Repspace.com

    it is really nice image, like in a movie :)

  • nazim

    obviously people were photographed without their knowledge. it is product of a twisted if not a sick mind.

  • mai

    you people need to read the damn description more carefully.
    they’re ILLUSIONS. the butts are painted ONTO the clothes.
    the models are fully aware of what they’re wearing.

  • Chams

    obviously FAKE!

  • GuySmiley

    I believe this was a “fashion design”, that may have started in Japan. I saw this posted other places. It is actual prints on the clothing. If you look at it again… you can tell that the legs are only partial, so that no matter how you stand it looks fairly realistic. As to whether or not is is a good idea, that one is up to the wearer, i guess? I personally think they are too risque.

  • obvious

    Cleary! this is photoshopped. i’m a photographer and a photoshop artist. as said by one comment here it can’t look perfectly right in any angle if its painted.

    and look at the one with a green apron like dress. there’s a bright white on the edge of her green dress overexposed due to burn and dodge tool (in PS). the others are well made. that one is flawed and the editing is obvious.

    i think majority of people who know nothing in designing and photography will easily believe with the description. so majority here are dumb, those who know its fake are the smart one.

    if they’re shot perfectly straight frontal like with those abs tshirts. then i would believe, but these shots are from side (different) angles…

  • Lily

    @obvious – Good on ya, exactly what I wanted to say. Especially photo #4, whoever believes THAT’s a real “illusion” then I’m speechless…

  • http://www.moillusions.com/2006/07/transparent-clothes-illusion.html AjjK

    Not Funny

  • Abrar

    It looking Funny: But it is Realy Not Good.

  • haggaro

    badly fasion,not comfort.

  • seby

    lol r u guys dumb or are u fakeing it? i read up that some guy thought i was a fashion in china =)) its photoshop, if you want me to make some looking exactly like the email me or…. rohaker@hotmail.co.uk im 14 and i can make a better one

  • Web Search

    pure fashion, hardly sexy

  • nnoman shaik

    shameeeeeee really maaaad wot i can say about this i feeeel wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Very very funny ever seen

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    funny pictures keep it up dude

  • abdou


  • mona

    its nice but i think it is not real………….

  • http://www.sallyneill.com Sally Neill

    Cool pics loved them :)

  • Nicole

    Any woman that would wear something like that, is no woman I would associate with.

  • Yu Efo

    These clothes have been available in Japan for at least 4 years. The US, or at least this article, is way behind the times.

  • CK

    Clearly done in Photoshop. Take the heavyset girl in the shop with that green apron-thing on. There are very obvious, deep folds in her skirt, but there are no folds at all in the “painted on” underwear shot. Plus, you can see a hazy outline where the “painted” underwear begins to overlap ON TOP OF the green apron.

  • dero

    You can photoshop out clothing easily provided that there is at least a little bit showing through.
    People use the techinique to ‘shop off girls’ shirts all the time.
    The only requirement for that is she can’t be wearing a bra and the shirt has to be fairly thin.

    Applying that technique to skirts and then enhancing/cleaning up the area isn’t difficult by any means.

  • Eqbal

    there must be male transparent dress as well

  • http://www.myspace.com/arnold_corey Shadow

    Wow, you guys are IDIOTS. They clearly SAY that they are FAKE. Do any of you know how to read?!

  • Chris

    Seriously stupid people, I’m glad a few of you have sense and talent enough to know Photoshop when you see it.

    As for all the morons saying “it says fake in the title can’t you read” It says “Women’s underwear is painted on the outer side of skirts or trausers”, WHICH IS NOT TRUE, not to mention grammatically incorrect and misspelled!

    That’s the point the few smart people here are making. It’s photoshop.

    AS far as racist, you can clearly see japanese writing on the picture with the green apron, and the women are all asian, so yeah, racist. “If you think it’s racist, maybe you’re the racist one.” hilarious. did you learn that anti-logic on 4/20?

  • http://totallyfail.org hey

    Live Photoshop!

  • bijay

    i think if women will wear this type of cloths then its done.

  • Jake

    Chris, just because they all happen to be, or appear to be, Asian does not make it racist in the least. Did you ever stop to think that the Photoshop artist was Asian him/herself? Perhaps s/he live in Japan and took these pictures randomly, then (poorly) Photoshopped the images.

    Also, Japanese people kind of actually are freaks. They have vedning machines all over that sell used girls’ panties. Used. Girls’. Panties. From a vending machine.

  • Molly

    These are pictures taken from cheap Japanese Porn Magazines. It’s a fetish, not a fashion design.

  • http://ihate.com I Hate U

    these are skirts found in japan some new asian trend i saw while i was there.

  • Bob Fairlane

    I think its hot! Like flesh colored bikinis.

  • gee

    it just for fun let forget about this.

    • karim75


  • dee

    if anyone knows where i can purchase this skirt please let me know!

    • Slick Rick

      Now I’m really confused, should I stand and stare or turn my head and be a gentleman?

  • Kuma’z Mbolo’z

    mm!just for fun! i like itz

  • kee

    it’s just so it looks ASIF they are wearing something under their skirts

  • Rayan Dekey

    There are not transparent clothes it is eyes illusion…

  • Sanjeev

    Its just amazing modles should be sexy.

  • http://redz85.com Redz

    LOL those pictures are fake for sure …. photoshop freaks.

  • Jodi

    If you look at the bigger lady with a green apron or somthing it looks like thats been photoshoped, if you see where the right side of her apron right bt the panties, its white, the color of her panties??…hmmmmm

  • zo6

    so gullible. just like “chinese sperm bank”.

    you’ve just stumbled upon one of the many wide varieties of japanese porn fetishes.


  • Nthabi

    Im loing the skirts,pls let me know where to find them….

  • hashimveeri

    I think if you will do your business you can not differentiate whether a lady has weared transparent cloths or not.It is her choice to wear what she likes. we should not bother or create problem for others everybody should do what he or she wants it. I agree with Rayan there are no transparent cloths it is eyes illusion

  • C

    I first seen these a few years ago, on some slightly scummy website or in a forwarded email from an annoying family member who sends all sorts of cute hoaxes. It was said that these skirts were all the rage in Japan. Oh, wacky Japan! I’m pretty into the culture and I’m experienced with Photoshop–these are fake. Fake, fake, fake. Some Western designer HAS imitated the look later, though.

  • http://www.pixhome.blogspot.com kissmo

    Really Funny….They look nice too…

  • NEgrah Woods

    I love the fat ;lady. Negrahs be lovin the humps/.

  • anonymous

    it’s actually just a picture on the skirt

  • Lingam

    These are actually photos taken with the now-discontinued Japanese “night shot” cameras that could take pictures through some clothing. They were discontinued for obvious reasons.

  • http://ceksi.blogspot.com Seksi

    i like this… :)

  • Melo

    It’s not photoshop.
    I have one of those skirts.. And it’s a picture.
    Well it was a skirt but my friend and I cut it up to stick on Pants..
    So fun =D

  • Neil

    These garments are cool, but when human beings see images of pornographic material your mind is automatically switch to pornographic thoughts. You only have to read other men’s post to see they wished they were really see through.

    Which is a good and bad thing, firstly no one can tell you what to wear so it’s your choice. If you want everyone to think of you sexually then these are great, perhaps a girl has a crush on a fella who only sees her as a friend.

    However this is not directional and all men will be looking at you in this way or at least have a brief sexual fantasy about what your ass looks like. This could lead to violent acts of rape, it is the equivalent of walking in front of a rapist in your crotchless underwear. You just don’t know who they are until it’s too late.

    So my advice would be to save these clothes for the bedroom and around the house like any item of sex clothing. Unless of course you want to use your feminine whiles to get a raise.

    A female layer taking off her coat in court to reveal one of these skirts could very well break her male opposition haha.

  • http://www.topspeedscars.blogspot.com faraz kahn

    woh ,
    wao wonder full .. pictures

  • Me

    Well, maybe the rest of them are painted skirts, but the one with the blue dress and green apron, I must point out that the crease in the dress disappears where the photoshoped part begins….

  • http://www.magicjackinternetphone.com TWed50

    Where were these when i was a young guy? DAM!

  • Korfax

    It’s a photoshop technique called x-raying, when you take a picture od someone wearing thin clothing and play with the filters and lighting in photoshop to make their underwear stand out and the clothes seem transparent. Who told you they were a type of clothing that was painted to look like that? That’s absurd.

  • Rumana

    disgusting….How can they wear something like that…!!!

  • bl

    Actually cloths are painted not transparent .

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    Oh come on, Its not illusion. They are actually wearing a Transparent Skirt..!!

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    These photos are cool, i like it

  • Narubiq


  • sajjad

    just Fake and ??????

  • Max

    that is a geek thing… there’s no more commonn sense and decence..

  • Syed

    funny pic…. It illusion

  • http://arpasuyu.10tl.net Dreamer

    They are actually wearing a Transparent Skirt..!!

  • http://www.isrean.weebly.com Akaash

    Nice illusions

  • shaggy

    man this is awesome

  • trevor

    you have got to be kidding me

  • http://facebook.com jolly

    “JUST FUNNY…….!!! hehe……

  • dennis

    I can tell in one photo that it is an illusion because the woman is wearing pantyhose….but you can clearly tell that the “paint job” portion of the photo reveals no pantyhose over the undies

  • dennis

    ……….oh yeah….carrot top is a douche bag

  • http://celebrity-live.blogspot.com/ Alina

    That’s photoshop! Doh…

  • Peter James

    Haha, thats funny pics… :-)

  • http://www.morning-health.com Morning Health

    That is funny..
    if anyone knows where i can purchase this skirt please let me know!

  • starman1r

    how bazzar.its wonderful though.

  • aashik

    this ia asowem

  • aashik

    n funny 2

  • RaulJones

    Some of you people wouldn’t know Photoshop if it crawled up your ass and ate your stinkin’ liver.

  • Asker Şiirleri

    of courage to wear them …

  • Whatever

    C’mon, are you people really that dumb? These photos are all done in photoshop. It’s not painted on the skirts in real life. How do I know for sure? Look at how perfectly the legs line up in every case, and the bodies are perfectly in line with the image on the skirts/clothing. There is not a doubt in my mind that these images have all been created in photoshop.

  • MeBsomeone?

    Um that little girl on stage should not have a slut skirt!

  • http://innovativepassiveincome.com JadeDragon

    Totally photoshopped and well done at that. Just a good artist with too much time on his hands. Like someone else said – Japanese fetish.

  • isha

    AS I have watched the obove creatures ,i can conclude that they are just but passer-bys of the world. they come at once and disapear. so my collegues, dont be shaken if you spot such wonders. ok good by

  • Phil

    Call us what you want, Butt everyone likes to see some Booty!!!

    • happydoodle

      thats sick

    • anonymous

      you’re sick!

  • boosh

    its photo shopped.

    the legs line up to the “illusion”.
    if it was a desighn i dont think it would be aligned to the person.

    • MeghanMind

      Actually many years ago in Japan they sold skirts with a print ont them that made them look see-through. They became very popular for awhile. These pictures probably are just women wearing those skirts.

    • kitty

      you’re right, even the woman with the orange skirt. her picture was taken from the side, if it were a paint job it would be a front pic of the booty xD

  • http://kareena.posterous.com/ Kareena

    I wouldnt want to be seen in these. But they look cool though!

  • http://www.dolomiten-suedtirol.eu Mr. Plose

    fantastic show….

  • KimHoang

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    Is difficult decided truth or trick, I think is fophoshop work, I have been in Japan this summer 2010 and I never seen it.

  • http://air-war.org CHOPPERGIRL

    Yeah, fake, the legs line up and the skin tones match too perfectly, and the form of the butt and angle of view of it matches the angle of the photographer.

    There very well maybe be a style like this in Japan, and skirts like this available, but these are not them, as the real things would look no where as perfectly matched to the girl that was wearing them. Not if they were bought generic off some rack. Maybe if you had a custom air brush artist do it specific to your body, but that still does not account for the camera angles being too perfect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Koki-Akter/100001875878231 Koki Akter


  • curtis

    Totally fake. Yeah, the angle matches the angle of the photographer. The apron one is definitely a bad photo shopped image. The pleats or wrinkles don’t follow through to the “fake ass.”

  • Yeah No

    This is an ancient set of photographs. They used to paired with the “Japan invents invisible clothes/x-ray vision” gag articles. No painted clothing involved. Just photoshop.

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    Is there an Islamic market for these? I mean, women could cover themselves up according to religious teaching, and be sexy at the same time!

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    is very bad

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    TO fray… Here in NY we already see men like this in the street.. with their pants sagging showing thier boxers and what not!

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    • John

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    The Snopes article linked above explains more (Regardless of Johns opinion, Snopes is a perfectly valid place to source bunk rumors) about what these are really about.

    • Uchiha Kitten

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