Transforming Circle Optical Illusiom

This installation took place in France, in the Church of the Jesuits – Museum of Beaus-Arts. It appears that it’s just an ordinary circle that hangs from the wall, but the truth behind it, is that it’s made of 8 separate parts, that are few meters one behind another! When looked from a certain point of view, it appears as a perfect circle, even though it’s just bunch of parts on various location. Ohh, and by the way, the “circle” isn’t transparent at all! The images are painted on it, so it appears transparent!

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  1. why throw in some crappy adverts on the video links?? now i have some pop-ups asking if i need protection and scan my drives etc.
    i don’t think thats cool at all.
    i used to love this site… now i won’t be back


    2. I thoght the back ground was a miror, It does not really look like a circle floating in the air…..

    Obvious much?

    Pretty good at foling people though

  3. to almost all comments, you really do not need to be such jerks. it is pretty obvious that circles can’t float in mid air, that is why it was said in the text that it is an installation that is HUNG, not floating. the advertisments probably weren’t intentional, and seeing as how you haven’t the mental capacity to press an ex, it isn’t to much of a tragedy tht you( one person) won’t be visitinf this site again.

  4. I really liked these pieces of art. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the second of the set it seemed blurry but after taking a bit more time to study it if you look it seems to be a magnifying glass here instead of the shear illusion of the first one.
    Also it seems like this is a nice site and well there are certain people who should remember when their mothers told them if they couldn’t say anything nice not to say anything at all.

  5. These are just two (rather unusual) examples of work by Felice Varini, whose whole art is based on optical illusions. His work is really worth checking out.

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