Toronto Building Illusion

Thanks to scienceduck, we got our first user-submitted Illusion! I encourrage you to submit all of your optical illusion material that you think we should publish here. As the title say, this one is taken in Toronto. I wasn’t sure at first if it is just a painting on the builiding wall, or is it something like billboard attached to it’s side. Jump inside this article and see another picture, this time taken from different angle. Also be sure to visit scienceduck’s homepage for more wonderfull images and optical illusions, taken by camera.

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33 Replies to “Toronto Building Illusion”

  1. does not suck.

    This is a landmark building in Toronto.

    The other side (the front) of it was used in Interview With A Vampire, so it will look familiar to those who saw the movie. Great bar (Down Under) below it. Also good patio, and all around great area of town.

    For those who have asked, it is an art installation that is mounted somewhat like a billboard would be – out about 6 inches from the actual wall. The windows in the center are real. The others are not.

  2. i agree with onepixel and l. also to dazed and confused: no, it’s a painting. u can see from the second picture because the paper thats still hanging has no shadow

  3. I’ve seen this building in Toronto. The building kind of thins out at the other side. Kind of like a triangular prism.

  4. This is on the back–or the short side–of the triangular Flatiron Building in Toronto, where Wellington meets Front and Church streets, in the theatre district. The building is just as fun from the pointy end. It’s much smaller than the one in NYC, but I think I like it more. This mural appeared briefly in Cronenberg’s The Fly, through the window of Gina Davis’ publisher’s office.

  5. Wow, this is cool. And to those of you who think this sucks, why don’t YOU try making an optical illusion then? See how easy it is is for you! If you can’t say anything nice, THEN DON’T SAY(or in this case, type)ANYTHING!

  6. This is so well done! It jumps strait at you, right outta tha wall! I wish I could see something like that everyday on my way to work. Very beautiful!

  7. its definatly painting, and it is great!if any of u have been to cannes in france(i think u all no dat)there is loads and they are really fantasically fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!

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