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By on December 6, 2006, with 21 Comments

Amanda Gould emailed me very original question today: “Hy Vurdlak! Christmas is near, and I would love to present original gifts to my beloved ones. What kind of optical illusion present can you suggest? I believe this would be pretty original idea if you made some kind of list of original illusion and no-illusion holly day presents. Thank you Sir!”

I browsed amazon for a while, and compiled a list of 10 best Christmas Gifts for your beloved ones, or yourself. My main question while doing this, was: “Would I be happy to receive this?” This was motivation line of compiling this list. You can browse through optical illusion items, as well as some cool gadgets there. Inside this article is a detailed list with images of Top 10 items. How do you like my hollyday-gift suggestion list? Let’s start:

10. Levitating Golf Ball – “A fun desktop decoration for duffers and pros alike.”

9. Mirage Hologram – “Another deceptively simple device creates three-dimensional real images of remarkable optical resolution and startling clarity.” This product was already reviewed on our site!

8. Lightning Reaction Xtreme – “Combines two games in one-the original, where only the slowest gets a shock, and the new EXTREME game where only the fastest finger is safe-all other players will be shocked.”

7. Mind’s Eye Optical Illusion Kit – “Astonishing you with optical illusions as you explore the science of human perception in this fascinating kit.”

6. Katana – “Only traditional materials used for this Japanese sword fittings.” I recommend this only in decoration purposes!

5. Professional Chess Set – “Chess is a not just a game. It’s style of living.”

4. Simple Holography Kit – “Making your own holograms has never been this easy.”

Telescope – “Telescope is economical and perfect tool for viewing daytime or nighttime objects.”

2. Junior Metal Detector – “Ideal for those just getting started, this junior metal detector offers the excitement and profit of metal detecting, like finding those coins at the local beach.”

1. Swiss Knife MP3 Player – “This 1GB uber-cool MP3 player also includes a stereo FM radio with recording capability.”

  • Rachel

    how is chess an optical illusion…

  • Hotshott


    If you read above, the request was for Vurdlak to submit Illusions and Non-illusions/ideas for Great Christmas gifts… In other words not all of what he posted will be an Optical Illusion….

  • Anonymous

    Nothing on there that I would want.

  • Queen Knowitall

    Nice Telescope!

  • Lee

    They sell traditional katanas on amazon?

    thats atrocious, some sick weirdo serial killer could easily buy one. it wasnt long ago there was something in the paper about someone who was killed with a samarai sword which the killer had bought of ebay!

  • Anonymous

    So Lee, what you’re saying is that if Amazon doesn’t carry the kitanas, then aspiring serial killers could pick them up on ebay instead?

  • me

    i think lee is a little paranoid……… @(O.O)@

  • scott

    You know, It’s not like Amazon or EBAY are expediating serial killers. There are catalogs for all kinds of weapons out there, and it’s not like a sword is the only way to kill somebody.

    Anyway, the hologram machine is really cool, but the shock game is kinda creepy.

  • Anonymous

    i dont think the katana was real. it might not be that sharp. kind of like a letter opener. looks like a dagger but isnt sharp.

  • Anonymous

    How did everyone get off into serial killers. I have played the shock game and the shock is like a mild zing in your hand.

  • Anonymous

    *sarcasm* Oh, how HORRIBLE! Amazon and Ebay are selling sharp weapons! If they didn’t sell nice sharp weapons that at least kill quickly with very little pain, then murderers would have to kill people with dull objects that hurt ten times more and you die slowly!

    People, if someone is going to kill you, then they will kill you, whether with a sharp weapon from online or a dull object from around the house. Stop freaking out.

  • Anonymous

    they are not even illusions

  • David

    hahaha, I want no.8 Lightning Action Extreme XD

  • Anonymous

    Hey vurdlak are you interseted in astronomy?

  • prettyprincess

    I have played the electric shock game thing and it hurts!! 15th?

  • aura

    what’s the point of spamming a board like this?

  • Vanopelli

    Hey, Anonymous, I have a “Mirage Hologram”, and while it is not tecnically a hologram, it creates a very real looking projection of whatever is placed inside, and fascinates all who see it for the first time. Go back to your small humorless world and let the rest of us be delighted by the simple things in life.

  • Amy

    chess is not an illusion but whatever,
    but I TOTALLY want the 8th one!!!

  • Grace


  • Home is where you hang your @


  • hi

    i agree with 1st comment the katana looks awesome ive always wanted one