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By on April 23, 2013, with 6 Comments

Here’s an interesting, yet spooky tombstone my brother stumbled upon while visiting Paris. Based on famous “Hollow Face” illusion (examples can be found here and here), face of the deceased doctor follows you around, as you’re passing-by his final resting place. I can’t imagine how one would react if he encountered this during the night, with full moon shining over the doctor’s face… Feel free to imagine! In case I haven’t fully explained the illusion – Hollow Face appears embossed / convex, even though the shape is actually carved deep into the tombstone…

Tombstone Face Follows You Around
Tombstone Face Follows You Around


6 Responses
  1. Amanda says:

    I have one of those; it’s supposed to be Jesus’ head but looks more like Willie Nelson. It has a light bulb in it and looks really creepy with the light on. Not sure where it was purchased.

  2. Yorg says:

    Cool… and scary!

  3. Clues says:

    That’s too spooky!

  4. katrina says:

    first comment! ;-) remember the pumpkin one? anyone?

  5. Katie says:

    Creepy OMG! Going to haunt me FOREVER!!!

  6. Cainmak says:

    I want this on my tombstone :D

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