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By on May 28, 2012, with 20 Comments

Why is it that romance and death go so well together in art? Perhaps it’s the idea that true love is eternal, which means that even in death the lovers will stay together. Or, maybe it’s because death will eventually conquer any romance, no matter how powerful. Maybe it’s that true love will lead us to do anything for our partner – even dying for them, just like Romeo and Juliet did. Or, perhaps it’s the simple contrast of something so dark with something so beautiful.

Whatever the reason, artist Tom French is a master of mixing the macabre with the saccharine, depicting romance after romance all blended in seamlessly with skull illusions.

Tom Frenchs Skull Obsession
Tom Frenchs Skull Obsession
Tom Frenchs Skull Obsession
Tom Frenchs Skull Obsession
Tom Frenchs Skull Obsession
Tom Frenchs Skull Obsession
Tom Frenchs Skull Obsession

While not all of his illusions focus on romance and a few aren’t even skulls, but are, instead, faces, they all manage to stir up emotions from the viewer. Also, they are all wonderful works of art. For proof, just check out this gallery featuring some of his most impressive works of illusion and don’t miss this  earlier post featuring his work as well.

Tom French: Skull Gallery


20 Responses
  1. z2d4th says:

    Till death do us part

  2. eee efff geee says:

    Oooh, Creepy :D

  3. steve furlan says:

    These are great but I am looking for one that I saw while in the army in 1968. Had the skull, but if you looked real hard it was a picture of a very old woman. Or it was vice-a-versa and you could easily see the old woman but had a tougher time seeing the skull. Anybody out there ever seen it of maybe heard about it?

  4. gab says:

    wow those are amazing and kinda creepy..

  5. Jain Householder says:

    I have a really old one of a woman sitting at a dressing table looking in the mirror. I got it at a garage sale at least 30 years ago (and it was old then). It’s packed away with my Halloween stuff, but if anyone is interested in it, I can dig it out and email you a scan of it.

  6. Sumer says:

    very cool

  7. Jake says:

    ‘Til death us do party

  8. errietta says:

    looooved them…

  9. RN says:

    Clever, but the skulls almost seem to have the appearance of being wrapped in cellophane…

  10. Care Bear says:

    I love the skull illusion. I got hooked on Vanity and save every one I find. Not sure if I have the one Steve and Jill are looking for but I’ll check–as soon as I save these.

  11. birttany says:

    so cool

  12. BRob says:

    Steve & Jill:
    I think you’re referring to a painting by Salvadore Dali.
    He has all sorts of weird paintings – all very cool.

  13. iris says:


  14. April says:


  15. tan says:

    is ther anywer i can buy these prints on billboards?

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