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    1. Yea. The hand is raised closer to the camera, therefore making the hand look bigger. (I don’t try to correct you, i just reply to the top, so people will read this!)

    2. you can see it in the shadows. if it was on the table the hand would have a shadow similar to the phone. but the hand doesnt have one at all

  1. The light through the fingers gives it away, if his hand was on the table, there would only be shadow.

  2. the persons hand is obviously not on the table, the phone is and the hand, like the first person said, is much closer to the camera… duh, it doesn’t even need to be photoshopped

  3. Thats easy, he just lifted his hand higher above the table, instead of on the table where the phone is. Its like when people stand farther away, the look smaller.

  4. The lighting is what makes this one work well. The most prominent light source comes from above-right, and slightly forward. This casts the hand’s shadow to the left and towards the bottom of the shot, partially hidden by the hand, and just out of view of the shot (which was undoubtedly cropped for this very purpose).

    /*The hand is above the table, while the phone is on it – just so you understand that my post is based on this (assumed) fact*/

  5. OMG that is stuoid its just like a phone on a piece of paper its supposed to look like a floating phone but those dummys failed…!

  6. I get it now, its supposed to look tiny but the dude just held his hand far away from the table, it looks really fake.

  7. it is like the first one said, that the hand is closer to the camera than that phone is, the phone is on the table while the hand isn’t for one reasons that between the 2nd and the 3rd fingers from the rights you can see that the white color of the table is seen, while if you really put your hand on a table between your fingers will be black!

  8. They photographed the phone from a distance over a white background and then placed a hand just withing focus before snapping the picture. Thus the phone looks really small and the hand looks really big

  9. Oh, come on, people! I’m 11! Even I know this! He put his hand farther from the table or whatever the phone’s on, and closer to the camera! DUH!

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