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By on May 23, 2006, with 55 Comments

Yeah, I know it would be cool if they produced such a small mobile device, sadly this is just an optical illusion of a small Sony mobile phone. I don’t know what is the type of this phone, but I sure know how they acchieved this effect… what about you, can you guess it?

Tiny Sony Mobile Phone


55 Responses
  1. th says:

    I think that the hand is not actually on the table, but is closer to the camera than the phone.

    • Liana says:

      Yea. The hand is raised closer to the camera, therefore making the hand look bigger. (I don’t try to correct you, i just reply to the top, so people will read this!)

    • nonya says:

      same here

    • Stephsmudder says:

      you can see it in the shadows. if it was on the table the hand would have a shadow similar to the phone. but the hand doesnt have one at all

  2. James Physit says:

    The light through the fingers gives it away, if his hand was on the table, there would only be shadow.

  3. p. says:

    the hand is on a computer screen

  4. nick says:


    its called resizing the image

  5. Fivos says:

    Forced perspective! Its what the first poster said.

  6. Hai says:

    fivos’s right

  7. biclops says:

    shrink ray! or what the first guy said

  8. annie says:

    the persons hand is obviously not on the table, the phone is and the hand, like the first person said, is much closer to the camera… duh, it doesn’t even need to be photoshopped

  9. loser says:

    hand is closer to the camra…

  10. LOL says:

    i dont get it, its just someones hand by a small phone, there is nothing to get

  11. Mega Man says:

    lol just kidding

  12. Video Games 10 Hours ADay says:

    WOAH! AMAZING :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)COOL! AMAZING! u can tell that it’s fake tho:-)lol

  13. Rawr says:

    He lifted his hand off of the table until he got the result.

  14. bob says:

    that’s pretty cool.

  15. ***Zeina*** says:

    Thats easy, he just lifted his hand higher above the table, instead of on the table where the phone is. Its like when people stand farther away, the look smaller.

  16. !Megan westside thug. says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    Or his hand is on a glass table and the phone is one the floor…think about it ;)

  18. good speler says:

    guys, its obviously a shrink ray.

  19. David says:

    that man obviously just has a massive hand!

  20. brian says:

    The guy’s hand is closer to the camera and they eliminated the shadow of the guy’s hand. Done very nicely.

  21. F4RB3YONDM3T4L says:

    The hand is closer to the camera. It’s a depth perception illusion.

  22. Anonymous says:

    his hand isnt even touching the table

  23. Anonymous says:

    duh this is sooooo easy the guys hand is above the table and the real sized phone is on it genius

  24. Anonymous says:

    the hand is not on the table and the have muliple lites in the room

  25. a05aafzul says:

    he might just have really big hands =]

  26. m4rek says:

    The lighting is what makes this one work well. The most prominent light source comes from above-right, and slightly forward. This casts the hand’s shadow to the left and towards the bottom of the shot, partially hidden by the hand, and just out of view of the shot (which was undoubtedly cropped for this very purpose).

    /*The hand is above the table, while the phone is on it – just so you understand that my post is based on this (assumed) fact*/

  27. DaGni DoOms says:

    oh its probally real i have seen phones that size

  28. jojo says:

    This is a pc screen wallpaper and the hand is above the screen !!!…like duh???

  29. Me says:

    OMG that is stuoid its just like a phone on a piece of paper its supposed to look like a floating phone but those dummys failed…!

  30. Me says:

    I get it now, its supposed to look tiny but the dude just held his hand far away from the table, it looks really fake.

  31. Shawki Bsat says:

    it is like the first one said, that the hand is closer to the camera than that phone is, the phone is on the table while the hand isn’t for one reasons that between the 2nd and the 3rd fingers from the rights you can see that the white color of the table is seen, while if you really put your hand on a table between your fingers will be black!

  32. Shazbot says:

    It is a 15 foot tall mans hand.

  33. fefe says:

    Sony J6 ftw!
    I so miss it…

  34. Speak Your Mind says:

    ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Phone’?


    ‘Honey, I Blew Up my Hand’?

  35. i think the hand and the camera are farther to the cellphone

  36. Grace says:

    Everybody knows how this was done, but funny neverless

  37. Lexy says:

    omg this website is soo cool

  38. mark schaefer says:


  39. jenya says:

    I actually used to have a phone half that size

  40. Steve Ballmer says:

    Did you ever so hard you ended up in another zip code?

  41. Chris hinsley says:

    They photographed the phone from a distance over a white background and then placed a hand just withing focus before snapping the picture. Thus the phone looks really small and the hand looks really big

  42. Chris hinsley says:

    I feel real stupid right now for posting what everyone already knew…


  43. xxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Small Richard syndrome.

  44. idontcare says:

    it is totally real

  45. Robert Anderson says:

    DUH. Guy has a big hand!

  46. BunnyGirl says:

    Oh, come on, people! I’m 11! Even I know this! He put his hand farther from the table or whatever the phone’s on, and closer to the camera! DUH!

  47. Akire says:

    Any idiot could do this without photoshop

  48. hayna says:

    easy found it straight away!!!!!!!!!!

  49. fukfuk says:

    i already got that phone! mum broght it for me b’day it only cost 1$

  50. jblev713 says:

    it looks like a Panasonic G55

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