Time Fountain Video Illusion

Hy everybody! Today I brought you two more cool illusion video clips! First one is called The Time Fountain, and gives you illusion of stopping time, and going into history. The device in the video creates the illusion that a simple stream of water droplets can defy the known laws of physics. With controlling a set of flickering LEDs, the dripping water can appear to slow down, freeze in mid-air, and even reverse in direction – Interactively! If you like this as much as I do, here is a link of building your own. Another updated illusion is Transparent Screen one. I added really cool video to the site, which you have to see! Enjoy them both, and if you like these videos so much, few more can be found on the site. Check dragon illusion, purple haze and Ames room.

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  1. Took FOREVER to load on dial-up, but very interesting to see. Love your site!! I check it out almost every day.

  2. hello, I’am under linux, and cant find where I could see all those videos (I have the same problem with our previous post)

    thank for this great site

    the film is in slow motion and the guy is just moving the sticky thing really fast DUHH!!!!!!!!…….. LOL

    1. for all you dim people saying it is footage played backward look at the top of the finger when drops going upward you’ll see splashes on top.
      it is simply timed uv drops under timed uv lighting, when you change the time intervals of either the light strobe or the time intervals of the drops you brain picks up the image and different times, like the wheel on a car looks to go round backwards at certain speeds.
      think about it, its not hard

  4. nope its not fake… and not a video trick…didn’t you read the top part… it’s illusion using strobes of light… it flashes light just in the right moment so as you always see the drops at the same place… making it look frozen… make the strobes slower and the water will look like it’s slowly dripping… make the strobes faster and it will actually look like it’s going back in time… simple illusion… but VERY cool… im impressed.


  5. maybe something to do with elctromagnetics?? i am just guessing because of the coils in the picture of the device.

  6. For all of you who think it’s fake or he’s palying the video backwards or such… it’s just ‘simple’ engineering put to a cool use; here’s the “for dummies” explanation.

    Imagine I’m at the top of a (not so tall) building with a bunch of basketballs… I’m gonna drop them to the ground one by one every half a second let’s say. Each will be dropped from the same exact spot and thus their fall will be identical.

    Now, you have your eyes closed. You open and close them for just an instant (what do you see? a ‘picture’ of a ball falling down). Then you open and close them again exactly half a second later (you see the SECOND ball falling, but in exactly THE SAME place)… you do it again half a second later (third ball in the exact same place)… get it? after a while, you’ll think there’s only one ball, floating in the air.

    Now let’s say instead of opening your eyes every half a second, you do it a little faster (0.4 secs). When you see the second ball, it won’t have fallen to the same exact spot as the first one yet; it will be a little higher. The next time you open your eyes, the third ball will be a little higher… and so… after a while it looks like you’re watching a single ball going upwards….

    Got it?


  7. It’s not fake. It is very easy to understand. The drops are falling at the same exact speed at the same exact rate. The strobe lights on the side are timed so precisely that the drops can only be seen at certain points in their fall. This allows him to time the flash of light to go off at the exact time a drop is in an exact place, so you are instead of seeing one drop floating, you are seeing fifty drops, but only when they are in the exact same spot as the last. It’s very clever.

  8. Wow some people are dense..If you read the post that went with the video you might have relaised that is the LED that make ur brain think ihey t going slow or backwards…They flash at different speeds.

  9. oh i remember this!! i remember going to the Kids Museum and some people showed this demonstration. watching it up close is even better. i remember this museum is somewhere in Springfield….

  10. It would be more cool if instead of reversing time the droplets acted as if gravity was reversed but then I supposed you can just flip it upside down to do that.

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