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By on February 21, 2010, with 114 Comments

Glad you liked those Escape The Room games I posted! There are many more to come, in days to follow. Mainly because you requested so. At least this what the ratings in our previous post are telling me. I feared many would object to non-illusion orientated material, but I’m glad I was wrong. But now we should return to our main course. I have prepared something interesting for today. As simple as it may be, this photo managed to trick me. Probably because I tend to overlook the details, always concentrating on the “big picture”. This probably makes me superficial at observing things, but there isn’t much I can do about it. I’m sure you’ll see it quicker than I did, but just in case you don’t – there are hints all over the place. Check the file-name, tags… and if all this doesn’t help, would I make your life easier if I told you that the poster bellow was actually an ad done for Disneyland? Yeah, trivial – I know…


  • HEY!

    the guy only has 3 fingers and a thumb!!

  • Michael

    first :))

    thats so easy i spotted it straight away!! There’s only 4 fingers on the hand :)

  • BG

    Three fingers and a thumb. Your Disney hint gave it away!

  • Facebook User

    it only has 3 fingers!

  • FrankandJoe3

    there are only 4 fingers! ha! my little brother and I saw it at the same time!!!

  • coolcatbad40

    this is so cool but grows

  • I’ve been staring at this for 30 minutes trying to figure out what the illusion was because I didnt know the three fingers was part of the illusion. I thought maybe the figers were thumbs but the joint at the end is too short.

  • meh

    i know wat u mean scott g, but look, those fingers have 2 joints after the first knuckle. a thumb only has 1

  • watever

    A finger is missing.

  • Marcus

    Well, everybody says “he’s got only three fingers!”
    Now, since when did the thumb stop being a finger..?

  • egdirbr

    lol, it took me a second. Very subtly done, nice realism.

  • Don

    Ok i’m still stuck in the room from yesterday..

  • Kidsrock12347

    Omg this is to easy it only has 4 fingers…..i would love to see much harder to figure out illusions

  • jdot

    Umm… I’m confused… Is the fact that there are only 3 fingers actually the illusion in and of itself?
    What’s the illusion in that? The photograph is actually only showing three fingers, I can’t see anything that is tricking my eye… I just saw 3 fingers and accepted it and then went searching for the illusion..
    Am I missing something? What’s the illusion?

  • Facebook User

    i don’t see it… except there are only three fingers visible and smallest finger is hidden inside the fist (thats quite visible)

  • Darren

    Those are actually feet. The one foot is seen from the side with the other foots toes are wrapped around it. Im sure of it…

  • me

    it took me like 1 minute to realise the hand only had 4 fingers XD

  • Thank you for all your hard work. I loved escaping the room and this one had me stumped for a few seconds as well. I love this app!

  • the man

    I am still in the room, does it mean I’m going to be stayed in there forever?

  • josipa

    I still dont get it. what is the illusion? the fact that this hand has only four fingers??

  • Kris

    LOL I stared at it for like 10 minutes, thinking there was something hidden, bcs the 4 fingers seemed too obvious… until I read comments… it’s Mickey Mouse’s hand!!

  • Mg



  • ghjkil;

    lol huge fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No one,

    Haha that is just weird! But cool…:)

  • Cinthia

    Woah, have you noticed that most cartoons have only 3 fingers?! That’s why it was an ad for Disneyland! hahahaha realy smart and funny!

  • Janice

    Woot I noticed it before I read the blurb! I’m proud of myself.

  • v

    The thumb is a phalange so it’s a different type of finger – probably because it opposes the other 4 (or3(.

  • Pel

    I don’t think of this as an illusion, but just some clever Photoshopping. I saw the missing digit instantly. From the way you described it, I thought maybe the hand/fist would resemble a Disney character’s face or something. Good, but I don’t think photoshopped things should be considered an illusion :P

  • tinkerer

    4 thumbs!!!!!!!!! :)
    saw it right away!!!!!! :)

  • David

    Right Kris – Mickey Mouse’s hand (paw??) – without his gloves on!

  • AdB

    No illusion to this, just some photo shopping
    And some bad quality as I may say so
    Very cleary to see the middle finger has been removed, you can easaly spot a cut line between the forefinger (1st) and the ring finger (2nd)
    The cut line runs in a curved line to the lower end of the wrist
    so the ring finger and pink are simply tilted counter clockwise to fill the place of the middle finger

  • Katie

    I had to read the comments to get it…
    It’s really cool…and i feel stupid for not thinking of it before!

  • Tom

    this isn’t an illusion … it’s just Homer Simpson from an alternate universe

  • Scott G.

    I see the main trick, but I wonder if the folded digits are thumbs as well, or if they just look that way b/c of the way they had to edit the image.

  • Gillian

    Anyway they say the dude has 4 fingers and 4 me it is only hiding the last finger and i can do that.Really!!!!!!!!!!

  • For Marcus

    For Marcus,

    The thumb was, and is, and will always be NOT a finger. This is because the thumb only has one joint, whereas the fingers have two.

  • Wow theres only 4 fingers on the hand….it got me at first but 5 seconds later i got it so come on you can do better

  • ” T “

    Nothing’s wrong with it… OH WAIT. Yeah. Of course. It has 9 extra fingers!

  • Wolfman2200

    You know, if you stare at the picture long enough, the stripes turn blue. ;) LOL! JK!

  • heck, at first i thought this was a colors darkr on the other side thing then it hit meh!

  • imri

    i get there’s 3 fingers and a thumb but what does that have to do with Disney land?????

  • Rahul Yadav

    well what crap it has all the fingers the pinki is twisted inside and he hasd coverd it with the other 3, its nosense!hahahaha realy smart and funny!

  • Errol

    Three fingers and a thumb!

    BTW, the thumb has never been, and will never be a finger.

  • v

    Where’s the illusion? People are born with different configurations (commonly referred to as birth defects).
    My poor Mickey! My poor Mickey!

  • v

    What’s the illusion? An illusion is usually referred to as seeing something that isn’t there – as with the rainbow or the dots at the intersecting lines – Is there something I’m missing here?

  • Justice193

    the thumb is technically a finger, but because of the number of joints, and the fact that it is opposable, scientists consider it to be more than a mere finger, and so not calling it a finger is acceptable, but if you want to live your whole life using your thumb like it wasn’t opposable, by all means, call it a finger.

  • HKWongalong

    Has no body picked up what the significant of the three fingers and a thumb means for Disney?

    Think MOUSE.

    great site btw, now back to getting out of that darned room

  • chris

    Lol, Rather than notice the illusion, I actually spotted your spelling error with the word bellow. Good illusion by the way. Keep it up !

  • Billy

    I dont`t get it..
    I noticed the 4 fingers only right away, I know someone who only has 4 fingers and i`ve seen someone with 6 before

  • Anon

    First thing I noticed…

    Yeah, very trivial.

  • Joe

    only 3 fingers.. not really an illusion.

    • jorjeea

      AND 1 THUMB 8D

  • rd

    Here is a suggestion for you. Post one question associated with every illusion you post. Every illusion is like a puzzle, and you want to state clearly what the puzzle is. For example, “This picture was created without any photoshopping; it is a real photo. How was it done?” Or “What is this object, in reality?”, “What is wrong with this picture?” Put this question in bold, to separate it from other small talk.

    That will clear things up a lot and prevent confusion about what the viewers are supposed to be able to tell or do.

  • Rick Haviland

    Three fingers and a thumb. To simple???

    • happydoodle

      ya i noticed the three fingers — and one thumb! ;) — right away, too easy. i saw it then kept looking cuz i thought it was something different, since that was so easy.

  • nic

    i was looking for something for about 10 mins, i got so annoyed that i only realised that he only has 3 fingers and a thumb when i read the other posts.
    maybe thats just cause im not very good at spotting things tho. :L

  • Luigi Antonio Raw

    I noticed it straight away before reading any text and then when I read about it I was expecting to see more.

  • harry

    does the little bump on the middle/right side of the pic mean anything?

  • my arss

    i never noticd that

  • Joe Black

    For all of those people who think the Thumb has less joints that the other finger, curl your thumb in and count the joints. You’ll find three just like any other finger. The first joint is deeper in the flesh, because it connects to the hand differently, but it’s a thumb joint nonetheless. Look at an X-ray of a had sometime . . . three joints!

  • DJK

    Mickey Mouse only has three fingers and a thumb.

  • Callie May

    I got distracted by the ripple in the wall paper and didn’t notices the fingers till I left the room and came back

  • Facebook User

    I looked and i looked and i looked i saw the hand lol

  • trebam

    So this fellow has a double jointed little finger… COOL illusion by the comments I read above!

  • The~Man

    Does he have three fingers or something?

  • Quangdao

    Donald Duck!! Turn your heads clockwise 90 degrees!

    • Anonomous

      Sorry, but it’s just a three-fingered thumbs up.

  • Samantha

    Oh that’s annoying. I saw the three fingers right away and spent ten minutes trying to figure out what in the hell the illusion was.

  • Cynthia

    Looks to me like they are all thumbs

  • Delenn Deszcz

    Wow. That was kinda confusing 4 a second.

  • Louboutin Shoes

    Wow. That was kinda confusing 4 a second.

  • Mitschka Advisory

    It took me a while! Thumbs up from Mitschka

  • Mandy

    I’m usually easily fooled, but I spotted this one immediately.

  • Not an illusion.

  • mark d

    what a load of rubbish. not an illusion, more a picture of someone with only 3 fingers.

  • !!me!!


  • i think the author needs to understand the meaning of the word illusion before posting it just to get cheap publicity.

  • Just Me

    I think the illusion is that the stripes on the wall distracts you from the fingers.

  • Lizzie

    The paper got me

  • Violet

    Slightly-less-bothered ditto of what Samantha said above.

  • Are you people serious?…cuz that’s the first thing I noticed about the pic…I just spent 10 minutes crossing my eyes, tilting my head and squinting trying to see what I was missing….The optical illusion couldn’t be something so obvious as three fingers! It’s not the fingers….

  • i can do that little bit

  • Dolphin

    Big hint:He says it was an ad for disney land!!!

  • christian louboutin

    i can do that little bit

  • samir

    don’t post stupid thing like this in future it waste our time or either mention what the illusion is so that we can see what actually you wanna show.

  • JunO

    He was simply hide his pinky and covered it with another fingers
    I have try this and simply works!

  • Anonym

    I can’t believe I spotted the three fingers plus thumb right awyay, and then I lost like 10 minutes looking for some “illusion”.
    I did notice it was Photoshop though, because the palm of the hand seems to have been ‘patched’, but I don’t see any “illusion”.

  • SHYzone

    Poor kid!!!

  • xao

    who’s hand is it?mickey or donald?

  • Tamour

    The Illusion in this picture is the relation ship of the hand with the cartoons remember cartoons have only 3 fingers….. the hand resembles it and shows the relation of humans with cartoons…

    • Anonomous

      Huh…, that’s a very nice explanation!

  • cw

    It took me about 5 whole minutes to see that there were only 3 fingers. Granted I wasn’t concentrating on the pic the whole time. I have a lack of detail orientation, too, and I’ve conceded that this is the way I am. lol

  • Denise

    The illusion is that his pinky finger is tucked under the other ones so it just looks like he only has 3 fingers. Try it yourself, it’s a convincing illusion.

    • Nathan

      Its a fat person, so its just the fat folding over It happens to everyone, but its very noticeable on fat people.

  • Mitcha

    Che… I noticed the fingers straight away.

  • Innuendo

    I can see a digital seam on said hitchikers hand

  • andrea

    An illusion would be if if he had all five digits but it looked like only four. boooooring

  • brown poot


  • brown poot


  • andrea walkers

    brown poot why did you poot?

  • brown poot

    I dont know

  • andrea walkers

    brown poot why did you poot

  • brown poot

    cause I’m in my bath tub

  • NJ

    and he called that an illusion? O.o guess he don’t even know the meaning of the word “illusion”. boooooooooooorinf

  • Aisling Eileen O Carroll

    whats the illusion?

  • Hi there!

    Here are my ideas about this illusion…

    1-This fat pinky cant be hidden
    2.Can’t there be two hands?
    3.Why are the stripes there?

    good illusion if it is…

    • gigi

      you forgot to say theres only 4 fingers

    • skippy

      the stripes r on the wall because that’s the background. omg.

  • @gigi no pinkie 4 fingers

  • Jim

    I really am Pissing Myself Laughing!

  • the kid has 4 fingers

  • Janet

    I was so busy staring at the “thumbs up” that I didn’t notice the 3 fingers until I went back and understood the first puzzle and returned to this one.

  • CWThomas

    This little piggy went to market,
    This little piggy stayed at home,
    This little piggy had roast beef,
    and this little piggy had none,
    and this little… Oh, I’m out of piggies. Now I’m an angry bird.

  • Jane

    I have a cousin that was actually born missing fingers and toes. If she saw this, it would probably upset her. :/