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By on June 16, 2013, with 36 Comments

Can you believe this is a single photograph? Yeah, I know – it doesn’t appear so at first. It takes few moments before you see what’s actually going on, right? Here’s another interesting illusion that works in a similar fashion (solution animation included!).

This Is a Single Photo


36 Responses
  1. Bob Bayn says:

    I think I’ve biked there. Banff National Park?

  2. z2d4th says:

    i cannot get it

  3. ITG765 says:

    In case anyone else didn’t get it:

    If not for the mountains and the upper part of the photo, the lake in the bottom would actually appear as if it was the clear sky.
    You’re welcome.

  4. z2d4th says:

    taken from rear-view mirror isn’t it

  5. cgimusic says:

    That is amazing. It took me a while to figure that one out.

  6. Bob says:

    Yeah the “sky” in the bottom picture is actually water

  7. Tiger li says:

    Yay First Comment. the line between the river and the mountain isn’t straight :D
    … real

  8. Annie says:

    Oh-I see it :D

  9. Penguin says:

    Haha that’s awesome. I think the fact that the two sides of the lake are so different also contributes to the illusion.

  10. antou says:

    Wow ! One of the best of the kind ! :)

  11. Elmo says:

    I have serious trouble understanding this. apparently something is not what it appears here, but I cannot fathom what it is?

  12. KT says:

    Probably a roll cloud,

  13. Anonymous Pagan says:

    This was sooooo easy to understand.

  14. Rick says:

    Looks like Glacier National Park or somewhere else in the Rocky mountains. Those of us who live in mountains would aren’t surprised by this.

  15. Carl Fuglein says:

    Very Interesting. It took me a minute to figure it out.

  16. mike says:

    thats a lake at the bottom of the mountain

  17. slogriz says:

    Can somebody point out to me what the story is with this picture? I do not understand the illusion.

  18. You’re just tricking! I can clearly see that this has probaly been photo shoped or 2 photos put together for you to say that it is a single photo. but it still looks like an adventure.

  19. nushibubble says:

    i’m still working it out… help!

  20. nushibubble says:

    WAIT! i just looked at the link of the other lake wall illusion in the description and i think that:
    where the car is driving, that blue grey part looks like the sky but its actually a sort of wall?…. why would a wall be ther? -_-

  21. James says:

    Perhaps a lake is there. And am I first?

  22. The Doctor says:

    It’s a wall. Just a very, very clean, non-vandalized, white wall…

  23. eric says:

    what illusion? just looks like a mountain… haven’t you seen a mountain before?

  24. dude says:

    i dont get it, this picture looks normal to me…


  26. Time for adventure says:

    all it is, is a big picture in the mountains or is it a big picture on the road?

  27. Rachey says:

    didnt even see the illusion until I read the comments. Its just a road next to a lake/lochan with a mountain on the other side of the lake/lochan :P

  28. MM says:

    Oh dear, only when I have make it in full size do i realize it’s a mountain, not a big wave. Maybe there’s a wall? :0 <(???)

  29. b says:

    oh i get it now

    thats awsome

  30. Faizan A says:

    Wow that fooled me!

  31. smarty0505 says:


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