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By on August 7, 2009, with 30 Comments

Probably you read me by now… As hard as I force myself to put new illusion each day (mostly because of the widget’s name “Optical Illusion of The Day“), you have to take into account I’m still on my vacation. Thus in reality, new post is written up every 1.5 to 2 days. I hope you’ll live this through for few more days before I return home. Anyhow, today I’m giving you this monster gallery of Liu Bolin’s art installations. This month, one year ago I posted 9 photos of Liu Bolin’s incredible camouflage artwork. It appears that in the meantime Liu was very active, so today I bring you 10 new photos of his disappearing attempts. I know how some of you don’t prefer our galleries, but trust me – this is the best way to bring page-load time to the minimum, and lower the cost of our bandwidth (more pages, more ad impressions). Please reply which camouflage was your favorite!

The Invisible Man: Liu Bolin

Liu Bolin is able to blend into any surroundings - no matter how complicated they might be!

Liu Bolin’s Camouflage-artwork Gallery


30 Responses
  1. Magilicious says:

    The one with the police officer is pretty cool but my favorite has to be the one with the guy standing outside some kind of palace and his head is inside the kind of picture frame

  2. patar says:

    hi! :) lol, this is hilarious!

  3. Jessi says:

    I like so many of these, but the one next the cannon and the ones where the invisible man are being held by guards the best.

  4. Michael says:

    The weirdest thing about this illusion, is that I was looking at it just yesterday. :)

  5. Emma says:

    I like the see through ones with 2 people. And the stone steps. =)

  6. michelle leonards says:

    hahah luvin it!! Hhaha at first I realy thought his legs were invisable but saw it was just a simple illustion of paint.

    ***If you squench your eyes and look at it from a small distance it starts to look like the statue’s legs are invisable.

  7. michelle leonards says:

    Wait is that a real person?????

  8. my favorite is the graffiti one… pretty cool, all of them…

  9. Joanna says:

    They’re all very impressive. I can’t imagine how the artist achieved the detail needed. I think my favourite two are man-on-the-arena-steps and man-in-front-of-building-rubble. Although I’m also amazed by the invisible-partner ones.

  10. popesantaxiv says:

    I think the ones in which you actually have to search for the man are the best–like the ones with the stairs and banisters.

  11. Ayla says:

    I looked through the Liu Bolin’s Invisible Man album and my 3 favorites were Grafitti, Pillers and red text.

  12. Alice Lewin says:

    Wow, these are cool. So difficult to choose a favorite. For me it’s a toss-up between the one with the two red piller boxes (phone booths) and the last one with the staircase. I only choose the red piller box one because it brings back memories of when I lived in the UK as a child.

  13. Well, Vurdlak, you haven’t lost your touch even if you are on vacation. This series of invisible men are terrific! I cannot choose which one I like best because they are all awesome. Thank you again for giving me such pleasure.

  14. Zachary says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    I would actually prefer less content to the gallery format. I just skip articles that use that format.

  16. Spider says:

    Awesome! Incredible artist this guy, Liu!

    The best is definitely The Wreckage. No contest! He really disappeared into the surroundings! Amazing! The other good ones:
    - The Invisible Man (prisoner)
    - The Invisible Man (with the other guy shaking his hand)
    - The Pillars
    - Stone Steps 2

    I think those are my top 5. The cannon was very good, but the head wasn’t green enough. It looked best when he succesfully avoid as much shadow as possible on himself.

    These are excellent, Vurdlak! KUTGJ!

  17. Spider says:

    Sorry, it was supposed to be KUTGW, as in “the good work,” not “the good job.” I’m new at this. Still trying to keep up with my 8 year old son. LMFAO!

  18. Donna says:

    Most of them are not that impressive, but I like wreckage, the one where the metal roof is falling down.

  19. yummy says:

    Is it odd that they are all the same position??? Like, uhm, it could be the same picture edited over and over again…..

    Vids or it didnt happen!

  20. Susan says:

    Hi there,
    Who does the painting on Liu Bolin? Someone said he himself. I do not believe it cos the precision of lines and colours is impressive. I find it difficult to believe he did it himself. Please confirm…. I am curious and impressed even if it was someone else’s work. Liu Bolin does well in blending. Thanks.

  21. Alicia says:

    There is a photo of the photographer painting a guy in front of the graffiti wall in this link..


  22. littleladygoldie says:

    i wouldnt say he’s invisible… something like not so conspicuous guy…

  23. fred says:

    this is dumb he isnt really invisible

  24. tacos says:

    it`s not invisible if you can see it XD

  25. joe says:

    i agree with fred

  26. coolkid mcawesome says:

    hes easy to see but its a cool optical illusion

  27. shannon says:

    this guy is sooo cool! lol

  28. Clsjh Horowitz says:

    These are all just so AWESOME!!!

    So hard to choose, so top 5 in no particular order…

    Cartoon Wall
    London telephone
    Tiananmen square
    Stone steps (may be the fav)

    Thanks for posting them…

  29. Liu Bolin has been doing his Hiding in the City series since 2005. It started as a political commentary on the tensions between the Chinese government and their people and the identity an environment gives an individual and vice versa. Liu Bolin will be exhibiting at Eli Klein Fine Art in New York from June 29 – August 28, 2011. Eli Klein Fine Art represents him exclusively in North and South America. More images can be found on http://www.ekfineart.com.

  30. Harper says:

    The ones with people standing behind him are the BEST!!!

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