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By on June 28, 2011, with 15 Comments

Thanks to Andreas P. now we have whole new series of Liu Bolin and his “Invisible Man” – Dragon Series installation to showcase. If you lived under the rock for the past year or so, you missed some incredible camouflage body-paintings from mentioned artist. As we already stated once – Liu Bolin, (a master of camouflage) hopes to portray the richness of Chinese culture and history through his work. He achieved some pretty unbelievable results with this one, if you ask me…

The Invisible Man: Dragon Series
The Invisible Man: Dragon Series
The Invisible Man: Dragon Series

You’ve probably seen most of Liu’s camouflage installations, but just in case you missed some – click on the image below and browse our #Liu Bolin archive:

The Invisible Man: Dragon Series


15 Responses
  1. TwistedTool says:

    I’m glad that I brought up these, cause they are trully amazing!

    Congrats to Liu, he is really incredible!

    Vurdlak, keep inspiring us!

    Andreas P. aka TwistedTool ;)

  2. PromiseMe says:

    That’s so cool!

  3. ANONIMO says:

    wow… increible

  4. Slammer says:

    This guys is just amazing. He has sooooo many good camouflage pictures. He’s just incredible.

  5. voigt_meister says:

    Liu is just standing there. The real artist is the one that is painting him!!

  6. tom says:

    cool … I think this is the Nine Dragon Wall in Beijing … I’ve been there, and it’s awesome, but this guy takes it to the next level

  7. HaloDUDE80 says:

    im gonna try 2 get the first comment next illusion

  8. ZL123 says:

    Invisible! I mean, incredible!

  9. paul dagweir says:

    The real geniuses are the artists who paint him while he stands there doing nothing.

  10. wow! at first glance i thort.. wat? this isnt an illusion! but wen i looked closer i cud strt to see his jacket, i was jus blown away! amazin, truly amazin xxx

  11. Mia says:

    The last one is really good! Would like to see some new types of illusions on the site though.

  12. Care Bear says:

    It’s very attractive and artsy and all that, but what good is being invisible if you can’t wander around and freak people out?

  13. Fornost says:

    Wow, great !

  14. Grace says:

    Wow!! Who painted him????

  15. Wow… very high class art..

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