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By on April 3, 2012, with 47 Comments

I’m certain that most of you illusion purists are already very familiar with the Penrose triangle illusion as it has already been featured extensively on the site. That being said, this great impossible font titled “Frustro” by its creator Martzi Hegedűs brings an entirely new angle (pardon the phun) to this classic illusion.

The Impossible Font

While Hegedűs has not yet added a download option so you can actually use the font yourself, he does show how it was created and the page also shows every letter and symbol in the font so someone else could, hypothetically, turn it into a useable font.

The Impossible Font

He even added an example of the font in action in what I think would be a great poster for Moillusions, complete with the impossible triangle that inspired the project.

The Impossible Font

What do you guys think, if you could download this font, would you actually use it? Personally, I think it’s just impossible enough that even Escher would love to type with it, were he still around.


47 Responses
  1. z2d4th says:

    yes that’s right impossible to create

  2. Tish says:

    That is definitely cool. Still very easy to read and only closer inspection does your brain start realizing that something isn’t quite right.

    • :-D says:

      how was i supposed to know that something wasn’t right!!!
      Think about it and you’ll realise that is a snippet from a song!!

  3. Walter says:

    I think this would make a great font!

  4. Gene Sanders says:

    I’d use that font regularly.

  5. Slammer says:

    That’s awesome! If he ever does put together a download for it, please post it on your site so we’ll know!

  6. Mindirella says:

    I like it! Can I download it? :)

  7. Craig Schaff says:

    Absolutely!! That would be great to do an annual report in. PLEASE someone do it! I don’t have the foggiest idea on how to or I would try

  8. Art says:

    Awesome font.ö

  9. Stevin says:


  10. merrick says:

    That’s neat. But it’s my understanding that if you use it and whoever is reading it doesn’t have it on their computer, it will be rendered in whatever font is the closest to it. What we’re seeing here is not actually the font itself, but images (jpg).
    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  11. Dave says:

    I think it’s really cool.

  12. Cheddar says:

    Dang it! This is really messing with my head.

  13. KMR says:

    I would use it FIRST

  14. why me!?!? says:

    I would like to write a letter like this.

  15. Jigille says:

    I would total use that font. There’s so much more to it than New Times Roman or Cosmic Sans (puke)!…..P.S. If I said it once I’ve said it a million time, I LOVE THIS SITE! and First?!?!?!?

  16. elmer says:

    i would most definitely use it

  17. Sergei says:

    Cool, I likes that. If I could get hold of the font, I would type all kind of messages with it. For now, I will just print out the “impossibility” message and stick onto my wall..

  18. Dumdum says:

    This looks promising!

  19. eee efff geee says:

    Awesome I love these types of illusions keep posting :D

  20. cooper17 says:

    I would definitely type with it, it is really cool!

  21. fontoon says:

    Brilliant! I would love this font to be available.

  22. Sakura says:

    Wow! Awesome! Where can I get that font? :3

  23. Lee Silvan says:

    I often wonder if (just maybe) life itself is an illusion too.

  24. READTHIS says:

    1st! I wish this was on word or something :D

  25. georgia solomon says:

    tht is sooooooooooooooo kwl and weird at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. auntem says:

    I would be one of the 1st to use it if it came out. What fun!

  27. Kelsey says:

    Cool font!

  28. Care Bear says:

    Is this the font they used to write the lyrics to “The Impossible Dream?”

  29. Nina B says:

    I would use it. Its great.

  30. Dave Bergfelder says:

    I think it is great! I would use that font.

  31. hanna says:

    wow… makes me dizzy

  32. JacLan says:

    I’d use the font!

  33. lol says:

    lol if you scroll up and down over the letters it looks like the letters are moving

  34. heavy39762 says:

    1st i think

  35. tomas says:


  36. Devam says:

    Can you have the link for this font??

  37. owen says:

    i would love to see the expression on my friends face when they find the secret to the font

  38. owen says:

    also i have first post( i think)

  39. cupcake says:


  40. Ash says:


  41. VSGK Vasanth says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!! vry nic

  42. Amy says:

    wow. i would totally use that. look at the website http://www.behance.net/gallery/FRUSTRO-typeface/2525513 – they have absolutely everything (even latin characters) except lower case letters! -.- make some -.-

  43. MommyWoman says:

    I would most definitely use this font as often as possible, I really love it! Nicely done and artfully executed.

  44. TmFark says:

    Great font. Easy to read yet trippy! I’m thinking posters/billboards.

  45. marth says:

    woah…if you look closely you can notice hat in certins words like B P R your brain picks up a different pattern o-o

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