The Fringe Poster Treasure Hunt

Except from saying how much he loves our blog, David T. sent us this interesting illusion (well, “hunt and seek“) poster from the tv show called “The Fringe”. Apparently FOX states it’s not just a poster, it’s something more like a real treasure hunt! This “Fringe” billboard for second season of the series contains hidden objects from the show’s past and future mythology. All in all – 16 altogether. The use of the hole adds a strong element of mystery. I’ve heard one amateur critic described this poster as “a Photoshop disaster.” But on the marketing side, any ad that keeps you staring at it while giving you reasons to watch the show is well done. When we finish spotting all the 16 hidden mysteries in this one, you can try and solve previous Fringe poster. FOX says there’s actually a hidden word in last year’s “Fringe” poster (located here) that nobody has ever noticed, which hints at a plot element not revealed until later in the season. Not easy to find. If somebody finds the correct word, please comment. I’d like to start this game with revealing what I’ve found in the below poster – just above the words “New Cases” there is a face that appears to be screaming… please no more than 2 answers per comment.

It's not just a poster, it's a treasure hunt!
It's not just a poster, it's a treasure hunt!

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  1. There is a rabbit on the very edge of the left side of the poster near the bottom in the bushes, and in the leaves on the bottom left is a queen of hearts. Both along with the hole is a reference to “Alice and Wonderland”. How deep does the rabbit hole go?

  2. The picture that you have posted is not the whole thing, and the reason I even thought that it might not be is the fact that at the very bottom, right side of the hole it looks like finger prints but only three of them. I googled this poster and I found the whole picture and it actually the five fingered, one thumb hand print. I also found all 16 of the hidden treasures, if you need them just ask!

  3. (my girlfriend and I are Fringe fans)

    I see the bald man in the shoulder of the guy. It wears a hat, so everything seems to be related to the “Alice in Wonderland” thing. the white rabbit, the queen of hearts, the man with the hat, and the hole.

    Maybe the white lilly on the grass has something to do with it, too?

    Please, Anonimous, would you mind to tell us where was the message in the first season’s poster?

  4. Also, if you are a “Cloverfield” movie fan, you will notice that Walter is drinking a SLUSHO drink, which is a viral marketing drink that has also made its way into the television productions of Alias and Heroes.

  5. well the building next to the right hip of Olivia is the Massive Dynamic building. ANd you can catch the observer just beside peter’s left shoulder

  6. Not sure if that is the queen of hearts… it looks more like a tarot card with a skeleton on it to me. There’s a man in hat and tie appearing in the background, to the right of Joshia Bishop’s shoulder (the character who is squatting.)

  7. It’s impossible to see those hidden objects because the poster is too small and dark. I saved the image then opened and magnified it with Windows Picture Viewer. Now I’m able to see more objects.

  8. theres a butterfly that looks like a leaf at the top, theres a cloud shaped like something i cant really tell what it is on the top left… theres a guy coming at their direction from behind, theres a rhombus on the leaf falling in front of her left leg. there may be something written in the cracks on the floor, in the grass

  9. there’s 3 yellow lights, and a random butterfly on the top of the letter g. The butterfly with the leaves look like an “s” but thats just my head categorizing :S

  10. behind the man on the left’s right shoulder there is a person in the distance. Also above “possibilites” there is a butterfly. theres much more (I’ve found about 12) but you said only 2, so…yeah.

  11. The “Watcher” is behind Peter’s left shoulder, and the yellow aspen “leaf” in front of Olivia’s leg has a “triangle” on it.

  12. LOL the guy on the right is drinking SLUSHO! JJ Abrams made up drink. Found in all of his shows (i.e. Heroes, Lost, and more) and movies… (viral marketing for Cloverfield) and the up coming 2012…

  13. I found the hidden word on the old poster. Halfway between the letter “R” and the scalp, in the hair, are the letters LA – and possible a letter or two before or after. FLAW? LAW? LAX? Can’t quite figure it out, but then again, I’ve never seen the show.

  14. in the tree at 9 o’clock is a cross. And on the leaf in front of her left leg a triangle appears.
    have no idea what either one may mean.

  15. Apart from the rabbit and the playing cards.. I see a face screaming n the clouds and a moth or butterfly above the G. I don’t know if that has anything to do with anything. x


    A: White Rabbit with Bell (as in William Bell – confirming our previous parallels between the elusive Bellie and this pop-culture icon).
    B: Leaf Glyph
    C: Six Fingered Hand Glyph
    D: Slusho Drink (”Drink Me” )
    E: Daisy Glyph
    F: Queen of Hearts Playing Cards (Another ‘Alice’ reference)
    G: Smoke Face Glyph
    H: Butterfly Glyph
    I: Seahorse Glyph
    J: The Observer
    K: Massive Dynamic name and logo on top of building
    L: Frog Glyph
    M: Blue lights (I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t include this)
    N: Apple Glyph

  17. there’s a man over the right shoulder (his left) of the guy kneeling. There’s a butterfly above the letter I in imspossibilites. The zipper pull on her jacket is a seahorse. There’s one daisie by the rabbit,

  18. Okay, I see the rabbit and the queen of hearts. I’ll accept your explanation, since I’ve never seen the show. So is the butterfly above the G in FRINGE a reference to the caterpillar and thus the same thing?

  19. i founded some “treasure” but i can reveal just two of these, so i’m gonna say the harder i’ve found. There’s a half of an apple on the tree on the left… it’s located at 2/3 of the image about; it is really small but is there if you look carrefully at… There’s the bold man with the hat too on the back of Peter Bishop… have fun :°D

  20. I see some carvings on the branch of the tree on the right. The bottom carving almost looks like a tree frog.

    I think some of the poster is cut off in this picture too. In the bottom right you should see all of a 6 fingered hand.

  21. Oh…

    Flower – bottom right hand…seems a little out of character for the fall scene.


    some guy off in the distance over the left shoulder of the guy kneeling.

  22. I’m seeing a moth either a moth or a butterfly above the G… maybe the mothman prophecies. And also a face in the clouds above the R… not sure what that could be.

    Aside from the Rabbit and the playing card that’s all I see at first glance. Will need to look into this more when I’m not playing hookie from work ;-)

    Interesting post!

  23. The leaf in front of Olivia’s left leg (just above her ankle), has a triangle/arrow on it.

    Olivia zipper dongle is a hook, which I find odd.

  24. Right above the word “Impossibilities” There is a butterfly. Behind the left shoulder of the guy squatting there is a person standing in the background.

  25. Uhh, I’m not sure if this is right, but I can see the zipper of the womans’ coat is actually in the shape of a seahorse..Anddd, there’s a man with a hat on in the background, near the left guy’s shoulder/arm. I’ve always wanted to watch this show, but I always kept on forgetting. :( I also found another one, buuut, rules say only two. Hopefully someone else gets it.

  26. Bottom left corner there is a photo but the image quality isn’t good enough for me to see it properly after zooming in. It looks like it’s a person or scenery (yes I know pics are mainly either but it’s as specific as I can tell.) Also below the rabbit is a white flower growing among dead leaves. Same flower that the show uses during it’s commercial breaks just like the screaming face that Vurdlak found. By the way nice find.

  27. Below the bunny and above the card there is a solitary daisy. Also above the big “G” there is a butterfly on the branch. Perhaps a frog above the word “endless”?
    I may just be throwing out vague guesses here, but I think that below the big “F” there is half a silhouette of a saxophone where the bush ends. Maybe that’s a bit too obscure though…
    Also it looks like there is a shape of some kind of animal (horse?) in the distance between the kneeling guy and the woman. :s

  28. As for the word in last years poster I see a couple spots the may indicate a letter, but I think it is just here hair.

    I played with the levels in photoshop trying to get something to pop up but I didn’t have much luck. Maybe, someone else can play with it in photoshop and have better luck.

  29. Also I’m sorry but I MUST make this comment since I just noticed something now. Over Peter’s left shoulder (the young man) you’ll see the OBSERVER. Fans of the show will understand my excitement and sympathize with me. Sorry for the double post by the way.

  30. Sorry for the double-post, but I’ve just noticed that there are also some carvings on the lowest branch of the tree on the RHS.
    and the branches at the top on the LHS look like a spider’s web.
    I’ve never seen Fringe before so I have no idea what any of these hidden symbols mean in relation to the storyline :P

  31. Josh nice finds. The RHS tree branch has a frog on it (Fringe material) and while I couldn’t find the spider web you spoke of you pointed me into the direction of the half cut apple(also a Fringe symbol) on the bottom of the branch that is on the F in Fringe.

  32. If you watch Fringe, you’ll be familiar with the ‘glyphs’ that appear throughout the episode. The screaming face that Vurdlak mentioned is one of them, but there are more of them in this poster.

    The leaf with the equilateral triangle in the middle is one of them (between Olivia and Walter’s legs).

  33. i see a snake coming out of the hole to the right under the red leaf? i see other things as well that other comments include.

  34. i see a face on the right side trees probably close to being parellel with the girls neck maybe a bit under and its kind of a small head

  35. I have noticed that there is orange light’s above the ‘N’ and ‘G’ in similar orientation to the first series poster. I don’t know if that has anything to do with series or not, cause I have never heard of this series before.

  36. face in the clouds, butterfly in the sky, hieroglyphics on the branch, an object in the sky just under the R, what looks like a bird with no head above the I, an observer, a white flower, a rabbit and a card oh and a claw mark

  37. I know!, Its a skull!: lady’s pants form the nose, the two guys are the eyes and the hole looks like theet… the sky is the head… is that the answer?

  38. oh this one creeped me when i saw it… the guy that is knealing down, there is a guy near hes shoulder… in the background… i also see a…ummm i guess maybe the sidewalk is one.. like yer i dunno (:!!OMG THE FLOATING LEAF IS ONE!! THE ONE NEAR THE GIRLS RIGHT LEG!! i no this because on the blu ray dvd cover it has the exact same leaf on it… as well as the sea horse and the frog… happy blogging

  39. If you look to the right of the “E” in the word FRINGE the middle cross of the letter points directly to a leaf with a cross on it.

  40. does anyone notice how the lady’s light looks like she’s holding a dagger and the point of it is the end of the her light. or he zipper line could be a sword of some sort again with her holding the hadle of the blade/flashlight.

    and on the beige guys ovecoat. where the buttons should attach it looks like the at&t logo. ive never seen the show but perhaps at&t helps fund it…. it most def looks like half the logo on his coat.

  41. There is a picture on a leaf in the bottom left and a rabbit in the bush on left and a flower between the rabbit and picture. I know these are the obvious ones…

  42. This isn’t the complete photo. In the bottom right corner below the hole is a 6 fingered hand print. There is also the word “fire” in the trees to the right hand side of Walter’s head and up a little bit.

  43. Anyone see the seahorse?
    It’s on Olivia’s zipper :)

    The twigs on the F seem to say hj and possibly R

    The rabbit also looks a bit like a part buried skull.

    The leaf on her leg has a triangle on it.

    the cut apple is really tiny: start from the top of olivia hand and go straight left – you can see it hanging in the tree on a twig.

  44. okay,this is so weird! I see three fingers engraved in the cement; kinda lke when someone gets dragged from someone and their fingernails leave 5 long lines….it is by the lower caution sign

  45. Idk about anyone else but it looks to me that there is a zombie like figure formed by the branches on the bushes on the left side

  46. Not sure if these have been mentioned – probs have. a rabbit in the bottom left corner as well as a playing card in the bottom left corner.

  47. I see so much in this! I see a face to the write of the “e”

    The man kneeling down, theres a guy behind his right shoulder. The bunny, the playing card.

    The girls, zipper is in a weird shape on the jacket. Theres a daisy. The left next to the girl floating there, has a triangle on it. The beautiful, and if you look to the right of the man drinking the slushie, you can see a frog carved into the tree

  48. Apart from what has already been said, i see a black and white photograph in the lower left corner, a butterfly above the word “impossibilities”, a person in a suit behind the guy sitting and three small yellow lights (which i dont find very suspicious tho)

  49. oh and also just above the man behind that crouching guys shoulder there is an airplane. looks like it might be crashing into one of those buildings?

  50. multiple ppl say they see a picture in the bottom right corner by the whole but to me it looks like a king or queen or jack of hearts

  51. The thing by the hole is def a queen of hearts. On the yellow leaf by the girls left leg there is a picture of what looks like a triangle with something at the top. The tree branch below and to the right of the E in fringe seems to have symbols on it.

    1. i found 2 faces, the 1st is above the word new, the second is harder to spot but it’s next to the man crouching down and it looks like a bearded man!

  52. Notice the freshly peed stain on the female pants.

    If you invert the picture into negative then polarize it. Then flip it upside down and flip it again horizontally. You can see the hidden message.

  53. I found something. if you look really close at the chick’s forehead, you can see she doesn’t have a fringe at all. her hair is parted, and she has some sort of skin-like stuff on her face.

  54. WOW that is not a brain in a cup, that’s a cup of Slusho! – JJ Abrams’ (the director) signature fake drink brand. It has been sighted or even featured in Lost, Fringe, Cloverfield, Star Trek, etc.

    The point of this poster being a sort of I Spy is really for fans of the show.

    Things like the Queen of Hearts, seahorse, frog, butterfly, daisy, that particular leaf on the right are repeated visual elements/clues throughout the show. These, combined with the yellow glowing dots throughout actually form “glyphs” that correspond to the alphabet and spell out words on the combined commercial breaks.

    It’s not an illusion, just fun for the fans.

  55. i see them all the hidden stuff like the observer behind the dude who is kneeling down. and the 6 finger hand print at the right hand bottom on the screen on the pavement. theres more but u dont feel like typeing :P

  56. I just gotta say, my computer is bad-ass and by the look of some of the comments here, yours are not. I see all 16, but here are my two allotted answers:

    1. The Queen of Hearts. No, that’s not my guess. Not only is it the Queen of Hearts, but it’s sticking out of the upside-down neck and head of a dead bird.

    2. A Wizard. Between the Queen of Hearts/Dead Bird and the Caution tape is an orange-yellow leaf on the edge of the hole. If you think of the leaf as a fire, just above the fire is the wizard’s face and shoulders. The crack in the ground is his hat.

    Like I said, I have all 16. Personally, I think there are even more.

  57. I found all 16. Personally, I think there are many more. I guess message me if you want a list and I might get back to ya.

    As for my allotted 2 guesses:

    1. THE NECK AND HEAD OF A DEAD BIRD UPSIDE DOWN-It’s what the Queen of Hearts in the lower left is sticking out of. Not a leaf!

    2. A WIZARD. Between the Queen of Hearts/Dead Bird and the Caution Tape is an orange-yellow leaf perched on the edge of the hole. If you imagine the leaf is a fire, then the wizard’s face and shoulders are just above the orange fire, and the crack is his pointy hat!

    Man, I’m dying to list all 16, plus the other stuff I see. Couldn’t I just list the images and you guys have to find ’em on yer own? Hm. *sigh* Ah, well.

  58. i spy w/ my lil eye between the E and the old dudes head on the FAR right on the edge the light passing through the trees makes a head with a 70’s hair cut ROFL

  59. there’s a guy behind the guy that is crouching down and a six finger nand print at the right side bottom of the picture at the hole.

  60. Guys. Look this up. You’re just supposed to find the glyphs among a few other things. If you’re a Fringe Fan, you would know what you’re supposed to be looking for.

  61. I’m sure that there is a number 3 in grass by the man’s leg at the right corner. and an other face by the screaming one.

  62. The word you’re looking for in last year’s poster is “Observed”. It’s hidden very very tiny in her blond hair (toward the bottom right)

  63. Ok. The “dead birds head”.. is not a dead birds head. If you google the new poster and find a picture with high res and great quality, you can enlarge it and see its maple leaves with a queen of hearts in it. There is no wizard with a “flaming beard”. and thats not a plan crashing into the building, its a leaf lol.
    Did anyone even notice the frog on the tree, the half of apple in the other tree, the delta sign on the leaf on her pant leg,The seahorses as part of her zippers on her jacket, the name of the building in the background (Massive Dynamics) ??

  64. The guy in the background is the “observer”.. and they are trying to make the poster theme “alice and wonderland”…. that’s why there is the white rabbit and a hole.

  65. I see out line of a skull.
    The big hole as a “mouth”.
    the open space between the lady’s leg is a “nose”.
    the gray clouds behind them as an “eyes” on each side.

  66. I saw a person between the girl and the man in the left.
    they eyes is block with a lef, the hand want to touch the foot of the men in the left.
    and I din´t see the word :(
    Y saw the skull if I put the image far away from me.

    1. the old poster is a picture of a werewolf, either side of the neck are its eyes the hair is the beard….

      the new poster i have no idea lol loads of clues that people have mentoned but its not enough like the rabbit and theres also a big brown elephant to the left of her ass

  67. There’s a rabbit with a flower in the left, and if you zoom, you can see a guy coming towards them (behind the guy in the left)

  68. The hidden word in the other poster is “Observed”.
    It’s in her hair, on the right side of her forehead, but it’s still above her head, from your point of view. Look closely, it’s in cursive. There’s some type of light, and above that is a small section of bubbles. Right beside those bubbles, the hidden word can be found. It’s pretty close to her head. I’d suggest zooming in in order to find it.

  69. Her jacket zipper is actually a keychain seahorse, on a branch in the middle-left area there is (what looks like) a cd, the bunny, card, butterfly and man behind the man on the left (which are more obvious), the cloud at the top is a face (coming out of the branches towards the floating leaves), the flower near the bunny might have some significance (although that is probably a stretch), if you zoom onto the very middle-top section of the hole it looks a lot like a face.

    And here are two that you must use your own program to zoom very very far on. If you zoom to the F in FRINGE, there is (what looks like) a license plate, or maybe just a series of letters and numbers. PSE…etc.

    Also, if you zoom very far in to just left of the main branch (which is left of the F) there is an unmistakable face in the leaves. You may have to lighten the photo as I did in order to see it clearly.

    I hope that helped a bit!

    1. The thicker part of the “main branch” on the left side of the picture that you mentioned appears to be a baby doll leg. Does anyone else agree?

  70. There is also a noose! In the top right section of the trees! You must lighten the photo in order to see it more clearly but it is definitely there.

  71. This image actually isn’t the full one (its missing about 1/4-1/2 inch on the boarder), there is some cut off at the bottom which showed a hand with 6 fingers (one of the scenes shown before a commercial); the other images shown before commercials are shown in here as well (The apple, the seahorse, the butterfly, the leaf with a symbol on it, the tree frog, the screaming face, the flower). Then, in the background, you have the Massive Dynamic building, and the Observer.

    Walter’s hand on the his slushee cup is in Spock’s “Live long and prosper” pose (I don’t know the name for it, sorry), since Leonard Nimoy plays a character in the story

    There is the bunny, a playing card (Queen of Hearts), and something next to the bunny in the bushes, to the left, it kind of looks like the face of a stop watch, not sure though.

    there is obviously a giant hole in the foreground, in the tree to the right of the image, in between the trunks with some branches, it looks like a face, but it could just be an optical illusion.

    there is a leaf on the left side of Olivia, next to the trees and just above the buildings that looks kind of funny, almost like its a type of airplane or something of the likes

    I believe that is 16…

    I also zoomed in and lightened the image, respectively, and I can’t find the noose or the number/letter combo that Megan had mentioned.

  72. Okay, there is a card next to the hole, a rabbit and flower in the bushes. I see the butterfly right above the Title, but that’s all I see. No word…

  73. So as i was looking at the page, i noticed that in the red bush on the bottom left, there was an L/I next to an 8. What do u all think of it? Does it mean something?

  74. On the leaf which is blowing between the woman and the standing man there is an equilateral triangle etched on it.

    There is a face in the trees far right of a shouting man looking into the picture. His face is made up of the sky and his outline is the trees. He may also be blindfolded.

    Immediately to the right (as we look) of the standing man’s left forearm (his actual left) is a dark humanoid figure.

  75. I noticed a lot of things, which if you look at the other comments, you can also find, but other than the seahorse, butterfly, blah blah blah, I found SOME things.

    Obviously, the Queen of Hearts, Bunny in the bushes, and Large gigantic hole(The most obvious)

    Are all making references to Alice in Wonderland. Someone else mentioned the hole and rabbit, but failed to mention the Queen. I noticed a slight shadow of a butterfly on a leaf in the grass in the right lower corner. Don’t know if it’s just me, but I see it.

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