The Flower Power Illusion

Happy X-Mas and Marry New Year… or the other way round. I understand that during the hollydays you’re not much into illusions, or at least my visitor stats claim so. Anyway, I think it would be unfair to the rest if I slowed down with my posting rate. So for today I bring you a classic pattern that causes a well known animation effect. This flower was center piece on a poster made for a Brazilian website called “Flower Power”. I’m not sure what they’re into, but for sure they’ve created one cool poster. I assure you this is a static image. When you move your eyes around it, you should see the flowers move, as if the poster was animated .gif file.


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  1. Nice use of a classic illusion. =)

    It’s weird though. If you move your face forward and backward while staring at one flower, the flowers around the periphery look like they’re moving. The one you’re staring directly at never seems to move.

  2. So simple yet effective.

    Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. Mine in Melbourne was perfect – weather, food, not too much drinking, family, music and laughs.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too. I like the flowers but I’ll probably need a few more drinks of rum punch before I’ll be able to see them move. Thank you for a wonderful year of illusions and all the best in 2010.

  4. Your article dates Dec 26th, I must of lost a day somewhere I still think it’s Dec. 25th. Anyway, I love the flowers but I see no illusion. I keep rolling my eyes over it, but all I get is a headache.

  5. I can see a little effect. Its not much but if you concentrate realllllll hard youll see it

  6. I love these illusons because of what they teach us about our vision system.

    Google “self animating line textures” (SALT).
    There’s couple of papers explaining how this and other “animated” illusion works, from there you can make your own in a couple of minutes in Gimp.

  7. This is stupid I don’t see anything!!!! If u guys want more people 2 visit your site during the holidays get some better illusions! Other wise your sit does rock!! ; )

  8. it’s interesting the effect it has on each person…how it moves for some and not for others…frankly I think it’s the black and white around the petals. In it’s curved way that helps your brain think that the flowers are rotating…but the one your staring at you can tell isn’t moving but in you periphil the black and white tricks you….truly a simple, old classic but amazing because it reminds you the old is better then the new….

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