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By on January 26, 2009, with 32 Comments

Terminator 4: Salvation Optical IllusionI have received two submissions of the new Terminator Salvation movie poster. While the second submitter (David Kossin) sent me the photo you see on the left, even more interesting submission was made by Adnan Mansr over 2 months ago. I can’t believe how it managed to slip through my approval list back then. Hope the justice has been made to both of you, and that our audience will love these. You can see the flash animation after the jump (inside this article, if you’re reading this of the main page). The only problem is that the animation is 3 MB big, so it may take few minutes for it to load if you are behind a slower connection. The illusion itself doesn’t need much explaining. I bet 99% of you are already familiar with Terminator figure, originally acted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The aerial photo pictures Los Angeles in the near future, but what is more interesting, is it’s resemblance with the face of Terminator. Please comment your experience with loading of the animation inside.


32 Responses
  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done :: JP

  2. Kevin says:

    Very cool!

  3. Anonymous says:

    um not very hard
    i thought i was going to have to look for something in the face and city
    but i guess that was the illusion?

  4. andrew_1967 says:

    tried to capture this with Real Player, but only half will play back.
    Anyone found a link to one I could save?…. Awesome!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    whoa! i hope they don’t do that to my town!

  6. yuritepetl says:

    Yeah! love it… can’t wait to see the movie XD

  7. spumici says:

    thats awesome

  8. Jenn says:

    I like this picture. It remains me to a collage I made a few years ago with global views of towns. I hope to see more :)

  9. Kevin says:

    I saw the skull and wondered what the illusion was. Then I noticed it was a city

  10. Shane says:

    I don’t get the city, what is the illuion?

  11. Anonymous says:

    its not a terminator face its a skull and another one that is wickedly awesome

  12. Anonymous says:

    cool illusion…but most of all cant wait for the movie!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    The illusions is that the city after the meteors(?)smashed or what happened to the city, is supposed to look like the Terminator.

  14. Dee says:

    Yes, I saw the skull first and then the city – like an illusion in reverse!

  15. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t know “but what’s with the city”, then just hit reload ^-^

  16. Anonymous says:

    Then I am the one out of hundred that had never heard of Terminator…
    Quite macabre illusion. Don’t like it very much.

  17. Adnan Mansur says:

    Thanks Man! You’ve just made my day!! I thought it was never gonna see the light of day…

  18. Anonymous says:

    animation loaded fast and fine…cool

  19. Heijru says:

    um………………………….. er………………………. IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! lolz

  20. Anonymous says:

    very nice i like send this to badheart29@yahoo,com plz

  21. Leonard says:

    On my slurpee cup :)

  22. dragon fire 3000 says:


  23. Someone says:

    wow! better than the poster! they should’ve put this animation onto the billboards instead!

  24. Alexandra says:


  25. Furno says:

    AWESOME Illusion! Really like the music that went with it! Really like the use of a city becoming THE TERMINATOR’S FACE!!!!

  26. Furno says:

    If that doesn’t happen in 2018, I’m gonna party!!

  27. Shadowblade says:


  28. Shadowblade says:

    How did he do this?! It’s awesome!!

  29. Shadowblade says:

    If this doesn’t happen in 2018, I’m gonna party!!!

  30. Christopher Jarvis says:


    If it doesn’t work, ppl, refresh, if it doesn’t work, check Flash player and again, right-click and click Play.


  31. Bandit says:

    1 thing i really hate about any web site is when they automatically play sound/video w/no warning. ESPECIALLY when they take nearly 100% of the CPU.
    there should be a “play” button instead of being auto-play.
    another thing that i think could be changed about this site is the constant refeshing. i REALLY noticed on this page. I had to step away from the pc for a while & there was this loud “by then it was noise”.

    i love this site…. except for those 2 things. i hope they can be addressed in the near future. i know you work hard on this site, …. keep it going….

    thanks for letting me share

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