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It’s been a long time since last time we featured one our “Spot the animal” puzzles. At one point in time, Gardner’s hidden animals over-populated this blog so much, they started popping out with each “Random illusion” button click. I swore to myself then, I’m done with them forever. Don’t get me wrong – there […]

I just had to share this sweet chocolate animation with you guys! I know that missing piece puzzle was recycled so many times by now, but I’m sure you’ll admit it’s fun to see something so simple yet so amazing. If I were a food company, I’d apply this principle immediately to generate some extra […]

Here’s one that has me puzzled for days! Even though we successfully cracked both the Mad Professor and Irish Leprechauns puzzle, I can’t seem to understand how this one works. As a reminder, these sort of vintage puzzles were quite popular back in the old days. They originally came sliced in multiple pieces, and could be put together in different ways, where each setup […]

As seen on Deceptology blog, company called Quaker Oats published an interesting advertising booklet way back in 1895. This vintage booklet contained 25 nursery rhymes, but more importantly there was a DIY optical illusion puzzle printed on its front cover. Might be interesting to know this item is now sold as vintage collectable (also known […]

If you ask yourself why I have decided to feature some “ordinary vintage photos” on an optical illusions blog, think again. Work below is just a fraction of Spanish artist Paco Pomet’s portfolio. If you inspect the photos more closely, you’ll soon realize they’re in fact stunning oil paintings that are “just” a reproductions of […]

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Simplicity and confusion don’t often go hand in hand. Here’s a confusing puzzle, also known as Confuzzle, that can be made in minutes. Although this puzzle  involves simple geometric principles, it is surprising and even baffling for some people. In short, it’s a quick and easy toy you can prepare yourself in minutes, that is […]


Item now available in webshop Purchase It! Some of you may remember, how few months ago we’ve posted a peculiar illusory toy, named Dice Mirror. After seeing such an amount of positive reactions, I decided to share another interesting puzzle which is also available to wider public. This one is called Preposterous Puzzle, and logic […]


As we already once said, Donald “Rusty” Rust is an artist with a repertoire as extensive as his talent. Most of you will know him for his magnificent Hidden Tiger Illusion from our archives. This time Rusty painted another optical illusion, and once again your assignment is to try and spot the hidden tiger. Don’t […]