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If you remember, few years back we had a Pixel Challenge titled “Our Brain is Truly Wonderful“, where our remarkable ability to recognize faces was showcased. Today I bring you more blocky faces and paintings to tease your optic nerve with. Your brain’s power to decipher these ultra-low resolution images may seem miraculous at first, […]

An interesting illusion was composed by Tom Interval, who decided to share it with you guys. Tom runs an official blog for Houdini Museum which includes some pretty cool stuff, like this illusion for example. Inspired by our recent “Two Face Illusion“, he cut the portrait of Harry Houdini in such way that you can […]

Franky stumbled upon this funny-looking portrait of Beatles member John Lennon. As you see it’s composed of nothing but a flat surface, two filled mugs of coffee, and carefully arranged coffee beans. What do you think of it? While I was researching for a background story, I’ve stumbled upon another similar portrait (which can be […]

Latest issue of Clase Premier magazine, a monthly publication distributed to first-class passengers of Aeroméxico airline, has featured this optical illusion portrait made entirely out of food, plates and dining utensils. The setup was made by mexican art studio Golpeavisa, featuring a mind-blowing portrait of danish chef Rene Redzepi, who is a renowned noma restaurant […]

Months may have already passed since Steve Jobs passed away, but as long as Apple survives thanks to the man’s brilliant innovations, his memory lives on. Just in case there were any doubts about Mr. Jobs’ legacy though, fans have been working on their own ways to immortalize the late CEO. From action figures to […]

portrait illusion

Check the photo on your right. It was done by a flickr artist who goes under the name of kennysarmy. What’s so weird about this profile photo, is that it isn’t profile at all! Actually it’s a portrait of kennysarmy, and the picture was taken with camera standing right in front of the author. I […]

Suzanne Daly contacted me with an impressive collection of anamorphic drawings. Most of them we already had showcased on this site, but there were few interesting ones I’ve never encountered before. One of them I’ll feature today. Can you help me by recognizing the portrait reflecting on the metal cylinder? The interesting thing about such […]


Today’s optical illusion was created and submitted by Terence Rosoman, who pointed out that things aren’t always as clear as black and white. At first, we only see bunch of different-sized black dots positioned on a white surface. But Terence gave us a big hint!  In order to properly see the hidden picture, we should […]