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Igor Lysenko is a talented Russian artist, who has been working as scene-painter at Drama Theatre for the past 12 years. More importantly, he specialises in double vision and “secret-paintings“. Each of the selected paintings below includes an element of surprise – a hidden motif, so to speak. Are you able to easily find it […]

Shadow art is nothing particularly new, but the way John V. Muntean sculpts his creations to form three distinct images with their shadows, is something worth checking. When his wooden creations are placed on a skewer, held up from one side by a plastic column, and then lit from above, the light cast produces different […]

I always loved Rusty’s illusory paintings, mostly because they look so nice, and all of them carry special atmosphere surrounding them. Rusty’s works sometimes include hard to find hidden stuff, but most of the time the illusion is simple and not so hard to spot at all! Yet each of his works turns out beautiful! […]

Juan Ezequiel Lozano sent in this logo as a contribution for our little community. What you see below is a logo of an Argentinian rock band named “Jauría”, which btw means pack of hounds. Perhaps this logo isn’t very complicated, yet I really love the idea! Concerning the site, I finally started being little more […]

I’m glad to notice how many of you listened to my suggestion, and implemented those little Gravatar icons which now show up next to your comment. Your comments look much more personal now, and distinguish themselves proudly among bunch of other comments. Rest of you who’d like to add a little icon next to their […]

Mysterious Dalmatian Optical Illusion

So the picture below supposedly came from an old book: The Intelligent Eye, written by Gregory R. Unless you already saw this flick before, in all likelihood it won’t make much sense. It seems as if we are only seeing hundreds of black patches on a white background. But once you spot the illusion, you […]

Those pesky flees... How can I get rid of them?

If you are a dog lover, and have your own best friend like I do – reading about Frontline will surely ring a bell. Those of you who aren’t informed well enough, well basically its an anti-flea substance that keeps your dog safe from all kind of parasites. Perhaps cat owners use it to protect […]

Help the hunter find his prey...

What each blogger experiences throughout his writing career, and what is currently happening to me is a lack of motivation and writer’s block. I’m kind of a webmaster that keeps his motivation by constantly “inventing” something, and having new ideas for this site. Don’t get me wrong – I’m perfectly aware this site is far […]