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As we didn’t have much anamorphoses lately, let me show you some of the latest works by Jonty Hurwitz. This whole trend started with #Salvador Dali, where back in the old days, artists had to make all of the necessary calculations on their own, for the anamorphic image to reflect properly. Sometimes they even painted on […]

There were bunch of new anamorphoses lately, and I thought to myself what could be better than closing the cycle with a nice video showing these works in action. Fortunately, I found one. As you may observe, the images start out scrambled and skewed, but as we often explained, when a cylinder mirror is placed […]

Before we start, I have a question for you: how many of you use Facebook? Probably many of you… Well, did you know that you can get newest optical illusion from this site each day shown in your Facebook profile? Many of you added it, but some still don’t know about this. It’s simple go […]