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By observing the smaller animated #gif on your right, you may fall under the impression that all of the dots rotate together, simultaneously forming a spinning circle as they move along. But look what happens when we map their trajectories, and make their paths visible! As you can see, (as can be seen from the […]

Phenomenal optical illusion was just sent in by Melanie. Even though she can’t be sure about the author and its origin, Melanie noticed how the hole animated #gif seems to rotate (when observed as a whole), which is just the opposite from when you observe each and every individual dot by itself. Crazy, isn’t it? […]

Usually when I skip few days of posting stuff, I tend to blame it on bad internet connection. This time however, it was just me being irresponsible – mostly relaxing and enjoying my summer vacation. I just hope you won’t take it against me. Continuing with old-school optical illusions, here’s another simple one – concentrate […]

Here’s an excellent “wavy” animation discovered by Till Hartmann. It’s a great illustration of a collective phenomena. When you observe closely, each dot travels along a regular circle-path. Since most of the circles are mutually out of phase, they form illusive waves floating steadily across the screen. Things like this happen all over the place; just […]

Here’s something that started popping out all over the net lately. Below optical illusion animation takes some time to fully load (2MB #gif file), but when it does, all you have to do is blink fast and repeatedly – and when you do, beautiful mandalas shall emerge! If you never heard of it, Mandala is […]

In order to successfully run highly popular blog such as this one, one has to make early peace with the fact he can’t make everyone happy at all times. There just isn’t that many different old-school illusions to keep your interest (without recycling) – so I have to become creative here and then. Sometimes I […]

Let me tell you a little secret, one I already hinted in my earlier article – I wrote this post on Christmas where I also attached a timer to it, so that it auto-publishes while I’m still away enjoying my vacation. I always considered this similar to cheating, so to ease my guilt let me […]

Watch this circle jump to life as soon as you tilt your head, and move your eyes across the image. Does the circular middle section appear to separate from the rest of the figure? Does it appear to be at a different depth or even move? So what is going on around here? Well, Ouchi […]