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Psychologist Richard Wiseman posted this Ponzo illusion, telling us all three cars are of the same size. Ponzo illusion, first demonstrated by Italian psychologist Mario Ponzo in 1911., suggests that the way we judge an object’s size is highly dependent on its background. Just browse this site’s #Relative Sizes category and you’ll see many examples […]

Body Paint Car by Emma Hack

Just like Trina and Ryan, who body-painted those hot motorcycles last week, Emma Hack came up with something even more peculiar! She imagined a car that had been involved in a small crash, then built it by painting and positioning 17 naked men and women down to the smallest detail. Recreating a “perfect car” perhaps wash’t […]

Heeey! Haven’t we already posted this in the past? Seem so, apparently someone was so influenced by Rob Gonsalves’s “Ships and Arches” illusion that he decided to make a homage to the artist! Or perhaps it was Rob himself who did it! Anyone willing to share more information? Anyway, the picture is different, yet the […]

Erik Johansson… Hm, now why does this name sound so familiar? Let’s see if our post tags can be of assistance in situation like this one… I knew it! If you check the #Erik Johansson tag, you may discover he had created that marvelous chalk drawing in Stockholm’s square, one we featured not so long […]

Ellen (erwtj3 from previous post) pointed me to another funny optical illusion. I definitely agree with her evaluation how this probably isn’t the best illusion around, and even though quite obvious, it’s still one in a million shot. What it depicts is a gigantic baboon bearing down on the packed car, angrily pounding his clenched […]

Back in February, I promised I’ll post another one of them marvelous animated submission E. Dubya aka elvisweathercock created. Have to admit I completely forgot about my promise, but I believe it’s never too late fixing these kind of errors! So here you go… see what Crazy Car (one we already blogged about) looks like […]

Can’t say I expected that many of you BEING WRONG regarding our previous post! It seems only a fraction of our visitors managed to isolate the correct answer. Anyway, to conclude the test I posted the solution, and now can officially say that the correct answer was: circle no.3. But let’s quickly share the newest […]

One of the categories that is undeservedly neglected most of the time is our Transportation category. Few of our best illusions (containing transportation vehicles) have been included there. It’s just that I completely forget about this category more often than not. What’s done is done, but this doesn’t prevents us from at least trying to […]