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By on October 31, 2006, with 29 Comments

Try figuring out what is the illusion with this seemingly ordinary dinning table. Think a little harder! If you think you found the possible solution, jump inside the article, and see the solution. Marvelous :) Other similar illusions you might like: Kissing a Sphinx, Olivio Barbieri, Office Pranks, Relative Nuns… and more here.

Table and Stools
Table and Stools


29 Responses
  1. alcstarheel says:

    That one was pretty easy. The bowl’s reflection was a give-away.

  2. Cobalt says:

    unfortunately it looks too much like a Table in a Tea cup for its own good…

  3. Diego says:

    True…the reflection gives it away

  4. Eshita says:

    It was easy…

  5. V00D00 says:

    So what’s the illusion? I found it extremely obvious that it was a miniature set.

  6. Foxx says:

    I thought it was a drawing or somthing. Therefore, i could not see that it was a miniature table and chairs in a bowl

  7. annonymus says:

    whats the point it being called an illusion if its a miniture set in a bowl… that was dumb!!

  8. alisha says:

    why does everyone have to be so negative on all these replies? if you dont think the illusions are good enough, stop visiting the site! dont leave nasty comments about the pictures and about others posts.

  9. hateit says:

    How is this an illusion??

  10. himanyo says:

    the illusion is the shadow of the chair does not match with the others

  11. bob says:

    i knew it was in a bowl.it looked 2 shiny lol

  12. Feather says:

    It’s cute. I think all the miniatures were cute. The people who make miniatures intrigue me, because it has to take a long time to make something like that so meticulously to make it look as though it could be life-size.

  13. E=Mc2 says:

    i agree with chick b4 i read anything i knew it was mini. and the bowl was given away because you could see the slanting sides.

  14. milktea says:

    i thought tht the tables and chairs looked a little small even before i didnt see the solution

  15. Z says:

    1. it would be an illusion if it occured NOT to be a miniature…
    2. I wouldn’t use this bowl… how would I clean under the table afterwards?? :)

  16. F says:

    It’s not a dining table, but a Mahjong table! Those blocks on the table are meant to represent a set-up of Mahjong…

  17. dizzle says:

    the illusion is that it’s miniature, but actually it’s a normal size table in a large bowl……lol..

  18. ima fluffy goldfish says:

    not one of the best illusions…it was definitly obvious it was miniature but if you look closely at the legs of the closest chair, they seem to be bending inward so thats a pretty cool illusion! (unless they actually are… then im just inobservant.)

  19. nellad says:

    dear Z-

    the answer to number2 is simple. let the dog lick it out!

  20. ilikechocolate<3 says:

    i dont quite see the illusion… love the minis thought. i would soooo buy them on ebay

  21. Anonymous says:

    thats not as good as the teddy bear one though. cuz this one the so called scrabble pieces were a giveaway

  22. Beat Bob says:

    This is a really cool picture, an awesome peice of work that somebody’s spent a great deal of time and effort on. Whats with all the dissing guys.

  23. Anonymous says:

    the table is the same height as the chairs, it’s obvious it’s a miniature, though

  24. Anonymous says:

    Any fool can see that the table is miniature. That was just dumb.

  25. Jess says:

    I also thought this a tad obvious… so my thought was that the table and chairs ere painted on the bowl

  26. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but most of you guys are really ignorant. Take a second an stand back and use your imagination. Your not all so smart, even though you post like your the gods gift to brains.

    If you look at the left table leg as it melds into the the chair at the left’s right back post, it creates the “illusion” that the table is much taller than the chairs.

    Let your eyes relax and check it out. It is a cool 3D effect!

    Sorry if I offended the genius’!

  27. hayley says:

    i diddnt even know there was a nilllusion… i saw it for what it was literay strait away…

  28. Grace says:

    The game on the table is called V game. BTW,heyley, it’s illusion!!!!!¡¡

  29. [error] says:

    “jump inside the article, and see the solution”??
    both of the images were already clearly visible -.-

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