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By on May 5, 2009, with 62 Comments

I tried to migrate Mighty Optical Illusions over to wordpress yesterday, but all I got was some mysterious error message. Then I figured out how to export posts from blogger via RSS, but this would leave me without proper comments migration solution. So I’m stuck until WordPress fixes the Blogger import feature, and till I figure out how to keep the exact same article item links. If anyone has some sort of an idea, please share. In the mean time, we can all together enjoy this delicious pork optical illusion. How appropriate, just in time of this horrible swine flu that’s ravaging the world. I’m still not clear what to think of it – is it to become super mega cataclysmic, or is it exaggerated like mad cow disease, and bird flu were? What do you think? Anyhow, try rotating the barbecued pork image on your left. You will end up with an example that can also be seen in the lower right corner, inside this article… Wow!

Can you see the horrible looking face of the cook? Is this how the swine flu would look like in person? Am not sure, but I believe that Giuseppe Arcimboldo was ahead of his time, when he painted this. If you don’t remember the author, he was the one who originally painted those fruit people. Have a look if you forgot. I think this optical illusion well deserves to be categorized as “Scary”. What is your opinnion? Reading all your comments is slowly becoming more and more interesting. See you tomorrow, when I hopefully make some progress regarding the migration. Am just not sure where to find good wordpress theme designer. Know one?

  • Sunflower

    Bit freaky!

  • Jarima

    Well, I really think the whole swine flu thing is way exaggerated, I definitely feel more threatened by the creepy face in the picture! ;-)

  • yoda82

    cool photo, if u change the site to word press will the domain name remain the same

  • Anonymous

    OMG, thats nasty.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Yeah that is scary But at 1st On the top picture I saw an even ugler man than it upsidown

  • Morgan the Muse

    That *is* quite spooky, actually. It looks like someone… let me think on that…

  • Ashley

    lol…I just yelped outloud when I say the face. Sayin’ “horrible” looking face of the chef is a HUGE understatement!

  • CareBear

    Poor little piggies, getting such a bad rap for this latest outbreak. Don’t they have enough problems with Tricana worms? Great picture, btw.

  • Anonymous

    bull shit thats not true

    i have seen swine flu

  • Anonymous

    cool i was looking at it wrong but it still is awsome
    love your site totaly tyt


  • Strawberry

    It’s a person! Sort of.

  • GRthirty3

    Also, the picture still looks like a face, even right-side up. I see the space between bottom of the top pig and the one beneath as his eye, the chicken thingy on the far left as his nose, then the space between the bottom pig ad the center one as his mouth.

    As for the media, I think swine flu is kinda a big deal, because it can be deadly, but the news is blowing it out of proportion by saying that we’re all going to die a horrible death, when, really, it can be prevented easily, and you’re not without hope if you do catch it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, really interesting…

  • Anonymous

    I’m half and half. You shouldn’t over-react to swine flu in the sense that every person sneezing or coughing in a room has swine flu. But then again, even though it is influenza like the seasonal flu, it can become much more deadly should people not give enough care to themselves if they present too many of the symptoms over an extended period of time.
    As to the illusion, wow. That is a very strange coincidence.

  • Anonymous

    looks kind of gross :/

  • Anonymous

    I dont see it
    yes first one

  • wildswish

    Not impressed AT ALL.

  • Jules

    Hey Vurdlak!
    yes, very creepy. I’d put it in scary (but ‘m a bit of a scaredy cat, so…)
    Keep up the good work!

  • Chos

    Nice illusion, and allow me to tell to the world “please stop discriminating mexican people”. Nice work, I love this site, thanks and congratulations. ¡Saludos desde México!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Its really cool. Once you see the face, you can’t just see the pigs anymore. Love this sight!!!

  • Shauzia

    Delightful :-P

    It’s a really good illusion, just a little sickening to look at.

  • Dayana Hashim

    I think at this time, this could be classified as “scary” O.O
    Though I also have my feelings the swine flu might be exaggerated, but care is never too little… After all, better safe than sorry, right?

  • bern the fern

    i see another pig’s face when its upside down but its a cool illusion

  • bern the fern

    OMG i see the face it scared me half to death right after i found the other pigs face!!! it should be in the scary category. (even though i wont be in that category most of the time anyway.)

  • scoobysbelle

    That is a scary looking person…reminds me of freddy krueger…as for the flu, yeah, overreaction has taken place, although it is always a good reminder to maintain your own health and keep your hands clean always! Thanks for the photos!

  • Anonymous

    swine flu is way over blown and it didnot even come from pigs

  • Anonymous

    Wow that’s creepy.
    The edge of the serving dish looks like the rim of his hat. (Second Picture)

  • Sorica

    This reminds me of an art exhibition I saw in Vienna, Austria. I don’t remember the name of the artist but I do remember that he painted fruit and other inanimate objects to form images of faces

  • Anonymous

    oh my god, the face of this man is … horrible and a little bit disgusting. But its a cool illusion

  • Badslats

    Cool !

    He has a hat on, you see the right hand part of is face and it looks like he is looking over his right hand shoulder. You can see his eye nose and mouth…

  • ScrOuch

    I could see the face allready in the first picture, but, to be real, I can not really make out what’s behind the pig…could someone tell me?

    And also I think the face looks like Freddy Kruger!

  • Anonymous

    I actually saw an upside down face before I saw the pigs. :P
    I don't think it's that scary..

    & swine flu is definately exaggerated, it's not much different to the regular flu that happens every year. I think's it's even been more dramatised then bird flu was..

  • Anonymous

    I see it!! :)


  • Anonymous

    I see pigs the right side up and upside down. I also see a very disturbing face the right side up and also upside down. More disturbing than the flu virus mutating (which is normal)…hmmm

  • Anonymous

    I think the whole Mexican flu thing is very exaggerated. In countries where it is widely spread under the population (I don’t know whether there are any other countries than Mexico in which this is the case) they should take some measures, but I think the Chinese go ways too far by isolating a whole hotel in Hongkong for a weak and sending everyone with a body temperature above 37 centigrade to hospital.

  • Anonymous

    its a really good illusion and this is a great sites. Swine flu has been over exagerated it’s really bad for people wha have got it but thousands of people die from normal flu anyway. At this time of year there isn’t much for the media to report on, anothe time it might have not even got a mention!

  • L

    Hmmm, the guy isn’t THAT creepy. Also swine flu s sort of a big deal but that doesn’t mean people have to start getting so paranoid.

  • Kevin

    very creepy

  • Anonymous

    The flu virus is always mutating, that’s why a new vaccine must come out every year. The H1N1 virus is concerning because history gives us precedent. When the flu virus jumps species, it takes some DNA from its previous host. When it becomes infectious to humans, it becomes an entirely new virus that we have no immunity from. In the past it has led to several pandemics, including the Spanish flu. So, IMHO, we should be concerned and vigilant. But at the same time I think we are better prepared to deal with this before it becomes a pandemic than we were in the past. But the media doesn’t help. It creates sensasionalism, and people fall victim to that rather than get educated about it.

  • Montse

    Hi, I know you already posted another one but I was left behind as my laptop broke down. :( I totally loved it, its very creepy. I know its methaphorical about the swine flu hahaha I’m gonna tell my little brothers that if they don’t clean their hands they are gonna become that dude hahaha. Anddd, as a Mexican, let me tell you that this f$cking (sorry) “quarantine” its eating us. We are all bored as you can imagine; no one i know has the flu, neither the friend of my friend knows someone. But May 6 we, the flu zombies are coming back to lifee!! hahaha And keep focusing on the exams dudee :)

  • Anonymous

    it kinda looks like freddy cruegger

  • Anonymous

    One face in the middle and one on the right even scarer, also eyeball top right looking at lemon slice.

  • Anonymous

    Is death from the swine flu a horrible way to go?

    If you do die via the swine flu it’s not like you are going to suffer needlessly for weeks on end.

    I think there are MANY more ways to die jammed packed with sufferin, pain and goriness, swine flu don’t seem all that bad.

  • wigwogwig

    i see a bunny…

  • wigwogwig

    he looks happy to me…

  • Cool

    i dont get it

  • Abrc08

    hehe… my cousin got freaked out last night!

  • Anonymous

    What an ugly looking face!

  • Sheena

    She looks like an old witch.NOT a cook.

  • Anonymous

    I dont get why it’s so scary

  • i no right how is it soooe scarii


    its not scary, why does it desevre to be scary when its the face of a cook ….oh mabey because people are afraid of the swine flu lol

  • Brooklyn Chang

    how is it the cook? it just looks like a person.

    btw i <3 your site!!! i go on everyday. i was up until around 10:30pm when i was supposed to go to bed @ 10:00pm yesterday.

  • blablabla

    not a lot of comments…..
    but it was soooo abviouse…
    its a face dumdums!!

  • Xssmoke

    i dont get it

  • just an ugly face. Still an impressive painting, considering I have a hard enough time replicating a regular pig, let alone hiding a face in the image.

  • Someone

    i saw the distorted face first in the thumbnail, thinking it must be a severed head placed upside down… not until i jumped in this post did i realize the true illusion

  • girl you don’t know

    I can’t see anything

  • i see it.

  • itsobious

    has anyone ever heard of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, if not, look it up. look at this pic and of the bad guy in that movie. similarities?????????

  • dAnIeLle

    the face is sorta scary