Swan Body Painting

Judging by your reactions, you just can’t have enough of body-paint illusions! Is it really so, or do the models serving as a canvas have something to do with this? Anyway, here’s an interesting shot of a swan painted on a naked gal. The author behind it is talented Gesine Marwedel from Germany, Dortmund whose art (which I wasn’t aware till now) we already featured in the past. Hope you like this as much as me!

10 Replies to “Swan Body Painting”

  1. Pity it is obviously Photoshopped. I would have been more impressed otherwise. However the paintwork is very good as far as it goes. I admire the girls for being so supple.

  2. wow!!!!!I’ve got a board on pinterest that’s full of illusions I would post but I don’t know how to post illusions =(

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