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By on November 30, 2009, with 34 Comments

As he said in his own words, Emil is a great admirer of our posts. Passing by a store nearby where he lives, Emil noticed an interesting illusion and decided to take a picture of it, so he can share it with us. It took some time before I understood where the illusion hides, but I confirm it’s a good one. How many shelves do you see in this presentation rack? Would you consider both of us crazy, if we stated there are only 3 shelves present in this photo below? Yeah, that’s right! Before you read Emil’s explanation, try and spot the illusion yourselves. There are few more additional shots after the break.

The secret is that the end of the presentation rack has 2 mirrors, both placed at 45 degrees towards the street. These mirrors give the impression that the rack continues sideways. In reality, there is only one rack and two mirrors” – Emil

Store Window Optical Illusion

Seen from different angle:


34 Responses
  1. Aidan says:

    Is the illusion that the shelves look wider? If not, then WHAT IS IT

  2. Aidan says:

    OH! It looks like it goes the whole way around the rack but it doesn’t!

  3. mandyme_ says:

    I’m the frist one to see that!!!!
    I know this is stupid !!!!!!!!!!!
    but every one had a stupid moment

  4. anonymous says:

    i dont get it…

  5. Sunshine says:

    This is So Easy! can you please get somethin harder? plz

  6. duncan says:

    Another non-illusion. I looked at it, saw the mirrors and counted 3 shelves. There is no illusion unless you’re not that bright or observant.

  7. Risa says:

    Maybe you should read… It is cool but very easy to get

  8. nysro says:

    not that exciting at all.

  9. Detective Kitty says:

    for those of you who don’t understand. It looks like it’s a rac with three shelves then on the other side of the rectangular prism another three shelves. except the illusion is the other sides don’t exist they are simply mirrors reflecting the first side…

  10. Anusha says:

    Simple and cute.
    You feel like a dumbass for not figuring it out sooner. xD

  11. Heyhey didnt know wad to put as my name... says:

    I spoted it before i read the explanation

  12. servilan42 says:

    Mirrors on both sides reflecting the 3 shelves make it look like 9 shelves.

  13. Eric says:

    There’s 2 mirrors placed that the side at 45 degree angles so that it looks like there is another layer behind the first 3 shelves you see. But in fact, the 3 at the back are simply reflections of the 3 at the front.

  14. Demona stephens says:

    ok to the guy who said he got it first….if you read he tells u its only 1 shelf with 2 45degree mirrors. But I think the best way to see it is in the left hand bottem corner you will see the refletion or the resturation sign in the other corner on the bottem.

  15. Jenni says:

    i never would have guessed if the comment hadn’t siad!

  16. Firefox says:

    I knew there were only 3 shelves…

    something a little chalenging please?

  17. Dianne says:

    IMO, the illusion is pretty good, but the photos aren’t great. There is too much reflection on the storefront window, so it is hard to see the shelves clearly.

  18. Kevin says:

    the sides are mirrors and are reflecting the first three shelves over again.

    look at what is on the side shelves and you will see that there are just duplicates of the things on the first shelf.

  19. unnodernoob says:

    lol. not really a good illusion cause i noticed the mirrors right away. i didn’t get what the illusion was supposed to be until i scrolled read the explanation.

  20. Jason says:

    oh now i see it, lol
    so there is no sides to the shelves, its just the way the mirrors reflect it.

    not bad now i know what im looking for.

  21. Rudy says:

    For a better effect, the picture should have been cropped to removed the bottom part. The bottom part where you can see the two angled mirrors is a dead giveaway.

  22. GreenGirl13 says:

    I couldn’t see the ilusion because it was obvios that it were mirros but it’s still a good ilusion but I think the website is falling back.:P

  23. Mark says:

    ha when i first saw it i thought it was a christmas tree illusion :]

  24. Jay says:

    Hey. I live right beside this store. its located on Decaire Blvd. In Montreal Canada In between Snowdon and cote st luc… pretty intresting

  25. Jay says:

    4654 Boulevard Décarie, Montreal, Communauté-Urbaine-de-Montréal, Quebec

  26. ThatsALotOfNuts says:

    This was kinda cool.. I mean, its a clever way to make your store’s front look bigger :P

  27. J-Wuh? says:

    Oh… I See… That “Wutchchamacalit” Door Is The Reflection Illusion.

  28. J-Wuh? says:


    Ok………… I Should Have Been More Polite When I Just Waited 20 Secs…………

  29. Jez says:

    OOHHH..I get it now

  30. olivia says:

    All i see is a glare on the glass… its pretty lame…

  31. Nathan Prins says:

    lol, i saw it the second the picture came up but i didn’t think that was the illusion

  32. girl says:

    good ugly tramp

  33. shelb says:

    Cool. But not as cool as the others seen so far…

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