Stop Drinking!

Just found this purple head sculpture. You may think it belongs to one of the Blue Man Group members, but you’ll be wrong thinking so. What’s so interesting about these double eyed illusions, is that people have trouble seeing them as they are (intentionally created like this), thus their brains keep trying to focus the picture, as if they’re the ones responsible for such a distortion… Interesting phenomenon, wonder what causes this? Could it be in some way related to this?

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  1. Our minds have developed a schema (psych term) for what human faces are supposed to look like; it was developed in infancy. So, when we see things like this were everything is supposed to be singular is doubled (two pairs of eyes, two pairs of ears, two noses, two sets of teeth), our minds think that we are seeing double and try to make sense of it by trying to focus rather than by simply understanding that it is what the image looks like. If you cover portions of it, though, you can see the doubled things for what they are (ie cover the face, you can see the two pairs of ears, etc)

    1. I like your explanation.Very good.It’s possible.But what about the people that have no trouble with it…?

    1. @ Meeee:) the Illusion is that our brains can’t really understand what is going on. Even though he has 2 sets of eyes and 2 mouths, our brain tries to make it look like he only has one set of eyes and one mouth.

      Because of this, I get headachs if I look too long. Our brains are telling us this can’t possibly happen so it tries to correct it.

      Hence why alot of people get dizzy or headachs.

  2. I get a headach when ever I see these illusions. This one is not so bad. The one that was posted on here awhile ago really got me dizzy.

  3. so what’s supposed to be hard to focus on again? There isn’t really any difficulty seeing a face with double of everything…

  4. The statues right bottem ear is ifront of the bottem ear while the left top ear is in front of the bottem ear. I think this may give the statue a slight rotational movement.

  5. Eh… im not an alcahol drinker. I drink milk, iron bru and a bit of coke usually P.S i like lime, apple rasperry and blueberry cordial

  6. If you’re like me and have a really hard time getting a clear look at this one without getting wonk-eyed by the illusion, my GF pointed out that if you imagine the lower set of eyes is a pair of glasses slung low on the guy’s nose you can almost immediately focus just fine.

  7. I suppose in some way it is related to that other one. In the way that they both mess with the brain’s preconceived idea of a face.

  8. It’s like looking at Tool’s album artwork. Really screws with your face recognition neurology. A lot of cognitive dissonance.

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