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By on December 18, 2010, with 22 Comments

Stonehenge Optical IllusionGoing through my off-line illusion archive I have stumbled across an interesting painting created by Norman Parker. All odds are that last time I’ve seen it I overlooked the illusion it holds, thus decided there is nothing exceptional about his art.

Being in a hurry man can overpass some really worthy opportunities. Luckily, I spotted the mistake today, and am fixing this injustice. Our regular visitors should notice the impossible columns motive instantaneously, but to the untrained eye this illusion can be harder to spot *shame on me*.

NEWSFLASH: I’ve just been informed by our friends over at BlogHer how they teamed up with Intel, and decided to give Mighty Optical Illusions’ audience a special invite, for a chance to win 4 brand new laptops with futuristic Intel® Core™ i5 processors. There is even a greater chance for you to win some of the $250 Best Buy gift-cards simply by leaving a comment on one of the featured blogs. If this interests you, be sure to read more about their unique opportunity here!

Stonehenge Optical Illusion


22 Responses
  1. Logan says:

    This is just like the elephant with more than 4 legs, true masterpiece of artwork.

  2. chris says:

    i think u already have this one posted

  3. Slammer says:

    Thanks for the link to Intel! Looks like a great deal. If i happen to win one, I’ll be sure to use it to post my thanks all over this website :)

  4. Gman says:

    You already posed this…

  5. catzrules says:

    another cool bit, i don’t know if you guys noticed, is that if you cover the top half the bottom looks like tree trunks and if you cover the bottom the top looks like Stonehenge as it is normally…

  6. Daniel says:

    omgz this is lyk sooooooo photoshopped lyk sursly

  7. Dolphin says:

    Nice.By the way,JL,please keep your mean opinions to yourself.It’s kinda rude to say that.

    • Baldisar says:

      JL and daniel both need yo keep the rude comments to themselves, the illusion is great though ;)

  8. kingkoger says:

    JL said it.. and way to sell out.

  9. A Snail says:

    The change over is a bit too quick for it to work properly, it just looks odd. That said, if the picture is small like in the gadget view, the illusion works a lot better.

  10. ZL123 says:

    Okay… but quite easy.

  11. been there, seen that. pretty lame indeed.

  12. Kevin Shea says:

    Looks to me that they were trying to lift the coffins of their Kings or Queens or other successful leaders spirits to the all and powerful GODS in the sky…or if forseen as we they have predicted a warning to us about the evolutionary change in MTV is going to have on our offsprings…

  13. ali says:

    Where you say “motive” (meaning reason for doing soething) I think you want “motif” (meaning a theme or pattern)

  14. ali says:

    Bah, contest is for US residents only. Sux.

  15. I love this! A really cool idea and well done execusion.

    Best regards from germany.

  16. Your Mom says:

    Go To Bed!!!

  17. ?????????????????????????????????????????? says:

    that made me go cross eyed!

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