Still Standing Optical Illusion

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Impossible Columns Optical Illusion
Impossible Columns Optical Illusion

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  1. The the rightmost column of the triad is unfinished and it’s overlaying with the column exactly behind, which is actually the support of the stone on the top.

  2. the middle column is actually not holding anything its just so happened to be the way the photographer took the picture. Also the third base from the left the one that is holding up the beam or I don’t know what to call it is actually a different one than the one that appears to starting closer to the middle of the picture. it’s all just the perfect angle that makes it look like an impossible object.

  3. the middle column is actually forward of the other two. the block on top is resting on the first and third columns. there’s a partial column lined up with the third column making it look like they’re all arranged differently.

  4. That illusion is confusing, I think the block on top of the three pillars is cleverly angled to appear sideways when it is actually placed lengthwise.

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  5. This is nicely subtle.

    At the top of the photo, the three columns look like they go from left to right, but at the bottom, they look to be from the rear to the front.

    It looks to me like this is photographer skill and an illusion due to persective. I think the left column is in the corner where it appears. The “middle” colum seems to be in front of it. The right column is on the back wall and is to the right of the one in the corner – it is not in front of the middle colum. It only appears to be in front because of a pile of 3 (or possibly 5) blocks that that actually are in front and have been lined up to block the lower part of the right colum. So how does that horizontal block on top touch all 3 colums? It doesn’t. The middle column only looks like it is giving support – again it is because of careful placement by the photographer.

  6. The reason this belongs to Impossible Objects:

    Looking at the base of the pillars, the columns from left to right are moving towards us…
    The block on top from left to right is moving AWAY from us…
    Hence the impossible illusion…
    How, is another question not even our host can figure… my guess is the top block’s shading or colouring is giving the deceptive illusion…

    But yes, mine is the correct observation :)

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  7. I think the foremost column is actually two parts. Look at the base. It’s broken, so I think there is a complete column behind the broken one which supports the pillar with the 1st column. Middle one doesn’t support anything.

  8. Looking at the base of the columns, they seem to be in a vertical row pointed toward the lower right-hand corner of the picture. Looking at the top, they appear to be in a horizontal row pointing towards the upper left-hand corner.

    In reality, neither is true, they form a triangle at the corner of the ruins. The column furthest right is actually further away than the middle one, but appears closer because of the empty base next to the middle one that appears to be supporting it. The middle base appears to be supporting the lintel, causing the illusion that it’s between the left and right columns, but it’s not, it’s closer than the other two, but the angle of the photo juxtaposes it to make it look like it’s touching it. If you could see the shadows to the left it would probably be obvious. See the other recent posts of this sort of illusion (Gulliver, LEGO Escher, etc…)

  9. The column base from a now fallen column in the foreground is covering the base of the right most column in the background, making it appear to be the base of that column. The center column is in the foreground, further away than the fallen column. The left and right columns are the only columns holding up the block. It’s all the angle.

  10. I suspect its photoshopped.

    1. left most column look a bit flat, ie: the light that is on the right hand side of the other two columns doesnt affect it at ALL.

    2. THere is some ambiguous blurring at the base of the second from left, and first from left column

    thats what i suspect anyway

  11. I think the three columns actually form a corner of the building that once stood, the center column being the point of the corner.
    The top stone is resting on the center and right columns. The angle of the photograph definitely creates an interesting illusion.

  12. It’s located in Delphi Greece, where the oracle of apollo is i believe! at least it looks like it cause i’ve been there before :P
    But I do understand the illusion, i think i may have a picture that I took quite similar to this but I can’t be too sure. Nice job :)

  13. the three pillars in the middle of the screen ar a corner but the stone on the top must be between the two end pillar and not touching the middle

  14. Guys, the ancient Greeks were masters of illusions. They had subtle ways of making all of their temples and buildings look taller than they actually are.

    Check out ancient Ephesus in Kusadasi, Turkey.

  15. If the top stone (horizontal) was looked from the top, it should look as a parallelogram instead of a rectangle.

    \ \

    Our mind thinks it is a right rectangular prism, but it is actually a parallelogram prism.

  16. Come on people! This is simple…the column on the far right has a small broken piece in front of it. Look closely, you can see that the actual tall column is behind a small “stump” of another column.

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