Still No Luck Finding Jobs

You may recall how few months ago we posted some pretty cool posters from JobsInTown, a company that helps people in selling their work. These billboards weren’t much of an illusion, but still they provided one hell of a laugh. I had 3 or 4 of this ads scattered among few of the archived posts, but today (while browsing the net) I found the full collection . I’ve included 5 of these you probably never saw before, but just in case I added previous ones in high res, and included them inside our new galleries. I had a though time picking the coolest one for our main image, but guess you will tell me which one stands out of the crowd. If someone missed what these are all about, well the idea was to give people a clue they sometimes deserve more in their life. Just hope that in reality JobsInTown lacks a history of connecting people with similar exploiting jobs.

Few months later, life is still too short for the wrong job...
Few months later, life's STILL too short for the wrong job...

Check out more posters from this hilarious campaign:

31 Replies to “Still No Luck Finding Jobs”

  1. I liked it better when you had all the pictures on one page. It’s easier to scroll down to look at the pictures than having to click to see each individual picture.

  2. WHOA! Awesome! This made my day…

    But has anyone noticed, the one with the gas pump, the operator is smoking a cigarette… Inside a gas pump… Isn’t that kind of… Er… Dangerous?

  3. Ooo, nice, i think i’ve seen most of these on this cite already, but thanks for the new ones,

    and i agree with Kathy , it is easier to just scroll down.

  4. Nice ones. Quite clever, really.

    Y’know, I don’t think I’ve taken a shine to this gallery idea of yours. I liked it better when the all the pictures were displayed on one page. Maybe you can have an option to display that shows the pics on page instead of having to click ‘next’ for each pic. Makes life a bit easier to handle. Web-site is great, though. Keep up the good work.

  5. I agree with Kathy. Clicking a bunch of links is a pain. Maybe you could use a cookie to store website preferences? I really like the illusion, though. Nice work!

  6. WOW what rip off what if you sneezed during a song becaus it kinda look’s dusty dont you think… &how is it an optical illusion?

  7. How about a picture of a thief posted on atm machine? A thief waiting inside & collecting the money that people deposit into the atm machine. lol. Talk about posting wrong ads. XD

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