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By on August 30, 2006, with 82 Comments

This one will load for a little bit since it’s 200kb big, but still – a great animation! Huge THANK YOU goes to James aka “access-denied” that provided me with free hosting solution on his server! If you like this flick, be sure to thank James in comments ;) As you see, this gif file looks 3D/Stereo even without wearing those red and blue glasses that you get in some stereo-vision cinemas. Did you like this one as well as I did?

Stereo Dino Optical Illusion


82 Responses
  1. eagledancer says:

    nice one man that is the best one i ever seen

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow… that looks awesome

  3. Charles says:

    WOW, very cool!

  4. justin says:

    rigtht on man. i check every illusion on this page. thanks for the good karma

  5. Beckman says:

    Im really impressed, neat looking, gratzors

  6. Aaron says:

    That is the coolest tech to pass my eyes as of yet! very cool!

  7. Mima says:

    I like it! I like it a lot!!!!!

  8. eric says:

    it looks just like the motion card that came with the home movie…….how did they put the same viual an a screen

  9. Sick says:

    Wow thanks for the flickering image that doesn’t really look 3d at all.

  10. Stehpen Sin says:

    Wow. It’s eating me!!!

  11. rohtop says:

    yup nice one!
    did James made it?

  12. Neil G. Barclay says:

    appropriately scary; looks like a lot of work to me – Wagner would be jealous; few set designers have done as well with their fakey Fafners.

  13. Not Telling! says:

    Wat an awesome 1!

  14. Lisa says:

    neato dude

  15. plugisto says:

    this is great. how is this done?

  16. lily says:

    Check out those teeth!

  17. Nathan Hall says:


  18. MMM says:

    COOOOOOL! This one is better that the other one of the fire!

  19. gert7 says:

    Heres a joke: When I scrolled down it’s nose got bumped with the browser frame…

  20. fritz says:

    how is this 3d effect made? Is it an hdr animation?

  21. baxx says:

    ummm dont the bars going inside should be going outside instead? like he jumped from in not someone pushed him/it in!

  22. Marv says:

    I don’t get it, this is the 2nd time you’ve put up an “animation”, but ALL I see is a static picture, no animation at all, but judging from the comments I must be the only one – what am I doing wrong???????????

  23. rohtop says:

    i think, Baxx, that when the dino opened his mouth he pushes the bars inside :)

    @ Fritz, check my comment on the 3dfireplace, there’s an explanation on how to do it, not the best explanation but you’ve got to play with the images yourself a bit, it’s just a start. good luck!

  24. James says:

    that is an awesome picture

  25. joe says:

    That was taken from a promotion for Jurrasic Park… Still cool though.

  26. ??? says:

    does it still look like its 3D when its not moving?

  27. EL Barto 13 says:

    cool nice,
    any dutchmen here??

  28. FIZZY says:

    GERT7 – Heres a joke: When I scrolled down it’s nose got bumped with the browser frame…


    gert7 dnt wana hear no mre jkes frm u agn coz dat wos 1 of da woorrssstttt 1z iv herd n a lnnnnnngggggg tym!!!!!!

  29. Pandas says:

    OMG!!!! ITS COMING RIGHT AT ME!!!!! RUN!!!!! haha

  30. Carmen says:

    That actually scared the mess out of me when it actually loaded up and popped on the screen!

  31. ;-(3) says:

    Its cool, but I think it would have been just as good as a non-moving pic.

    ~ ;-(3)

  32. Anonymous says:

    !!!!!!! I could just reach out and touch it!

  33. Anonymous says:

    I love the whole 3D without glasses thing, really cool how the whole thing shakes!!! thanks James!!!!

  34. Optiguy says:


  35. Anonymous says:

    blink while looking at the picture, like over and over really fast. soooo cool!

  36. 0DRK0 says:

    Wow, that is really cool.

  37. Anonymous says:

    GAH! That is soo awesome! They need to make movies like that where you don’t have to wear the annoying glasses…this is great!

  38. Matt says:

    i feel sick i staired at it for ages but it is realy awesome i hate the glasses this is the beter one i would pay to stair at it again

  39. silv says:

    awsome: i’m really fascinated in dinosaurs. sweet

  40. Anonymous says:

    obuld it be possible to post a tiger one of these?

  41. Anonymous says:

    OMFG that looks really 3D!!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    u nu a am the saland man and i am cuming too get u!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Katie says:

    James, aka “access denied”! THANK YOU for sharing your talented ART. AWESOME. Share some more…

  44. matt starnes says:

    love it im a dino junkie need more dino pics great job MATT……

  45. Anonymous says:

    So very very cool.
    Would love to see more x

  46. Anonymous says:

    i love this site it is the best and i want to kill you all

  47. Anonymous says:

    that’s pretty phenominal. I can’t wait till a motion picture takes this to the next level so we can watch an actual 3-D environment!! can’t wait 4 more!!

  48. Cornelius says:

    I can’t see how that would work with video. It’s pretty neat with still images though. Video has the usual movement, and squeezing in this 3D wiggle movement could totally trip people out and even give them motion sickness.

  49. **~**AAAQueen**~** says:

    I got hypnotized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Dude! Scared the **** out of me. Awesome animation!

  51. Anonymous says:

    COOL! Blink really fast and it shakes its head!COOL!|

    • Moillusion lover says:

      You don’t have to blink ur eyes its 3 pictures(mabe more/less) that go really fast and it looks like its 3d

  52. Anonymous says:

    wtf!!!!!! That wuz da shit

  53. christo says:


  54. katelyn says:

    the was ****** great !!!!! it really looked like it was comin out of the screen !!!!!!

  55. katelyn says:

    and also it well looked like it was shaking its head!!!!1

  56. Tammy says:

    Awesome! Best 3D I’ve ever seen without any devices.

  57. Corbandioxide says:

    I love how it moves, blink rally fast and it says no!!!

  58. lol, wow. didnt scare me at all. but i did blink really fast like ‘anonymous’ said. cool!

  59. sizwe says:

    WOW just like the cinima with 3d glasses

  60. moses says:

    not 3d, neither is it sn optical illusion, it’s just a very realisttic series of pictures on loop

  61. laura says:

    This is really genius! great job James and great job Vurdlak

  62. Angel Mass says:

    Its so cool! even with the after effect (seizure) its worthy!

  63. Dirjel says:

    I used to own this object. It was included with the initial run of the movie, back on VHS.

  64. E-Z RAWLINS says:

    This is the best Ive seen in a long time. Can this be used as a screen saver? Thanks James.

  65. Prateek Gupta says:

    Nice one…

  66. head in the shed says:

    Good one James

  67. Mike says:

    I think it’s having trouble getting out of that hole.

  68. ƁƠƝƘЄƦƧ says:

    aawwesome! :D good work dude!

  69. spunkspigot says:

    even better than the movie James.

  70. Rick Canady says:

    That is FANTASTIC!

  71. rachael says:

    That scared the bejeezus outta me! Jeez!

  72. chvaon says:

    that was awsome

  73. chavon says:

    pretty dope bro

  74. Imawesome! says:

    AWWW well…now my screen has a dino comeing thro it …wait a min..<.<

  75. rj xxv says:

    it is not virtual reality

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