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By on April 23, 2009, with 138 Comments

I constantly receive requests for more stereograms, either though my mailbox, or inside the comments section. My problem with seeing the hidden image they contain is probably the reason I posted only so few of them. Magic Eyes, or how some like to call them “stereograms” are pictures you have to concentrate at, and suddenly the hidden meaning pops out at you. With the later mentioned, sometimes there is no hidden meaning, just the option to see the 2D image in 3D. Probably later versions aren’t stereograms at all, instead they should be refereed as stereo images. I’m the guilty one for posting them all inside the same category. If I understand your help correctly, you have to try and focus on the illusionary dot few inches behind your monitor, which I never manged. If you see this example, along with its solution, this is how the result should look like (apparently). Now let’s solve these three without me! If you want to see more of these, use the search in the sidebar, and enter stereograms or something. You can find more inside the appropriate category. Btw, the M&M Man is courtesy of Gary W. Priester.

Stella Artois and Another 2 Sterograms
Stella Artois and Another 2 Sterograms
Stella Artois and Another 2 Sterograms


138 Responses
  1. Anonymous says:

    La stella artois diventa 3d!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I really love these 3D pictures!Even if I do look a little silly with my eyes crossed.

  3. mumma3 says:

    just makes me hungry for m&m's and beer!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    smartie man, curves and a dolphin

  5. Anonymous says:

    M&M guy (not smarties) 3D stella, and a mermaid (not a dolphin) . . . COOL!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yay! I love magic eyes books so these are awesome! What I find best is if you bring your head close to the screen and stare at a detail in the picture even when it goes blurry until it re-focuses and then you can slowly bring your head back without blinking then, voila!

  7. Anonymous says:

    thats cool i love these things. also i noticed if you get your eyes locked on the top one you can scroll down and immediatly see the others!

  8. Anonymous says:

    How can you all see them, i dont see nothing at all? What do I have to do to see it?

  9. Anonymous says:

    I can’t see anything either!

  10. Anonymous says:

    you need to look behind the picture.
    it’s easyer is you start next to youre screen and looking far away, and then go back slowly until you see something.
    But don’t hope to see it well at once, it need some training.
    I love the smartie and the mermaid :)

  11. Tysss says:

    Someones just can’t see these 3d pictures by focusing eyes behind the screen. But there is a easier way too: by crossing your eyes and then slowly turn the focus towards the screen. (try to look to your nose and then slowly turn your look)

    That is lots easier, but it makes 3d picture to “flip” – you’ll see things near you that you should see behind the screen – for example, the mermaid is a hole ;)

  12. George says:

    To see the image, focus your eyes on a point about two inches (5 cm) beyond your screen. Don’t cross your eyes; your eyes should actually be less ‘crossed’ than if you’re looking at the surface of the screen.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Technique: sit at a comfortable distance from the monitor. Examine the picture for a repeating pattern — for example, the yellow m&m's just above the centreline in the top image. Cross your eyes and line up one element of the repeating pattern to the next pattern along. Try to focus clearly and relax your eyes. Then just wait a few seconds while your brain works out what you're looking at. You should see some depth appearing first, then with practice you can hold your eyes like this while you scan them around the image to see what's there. The resulting 3D images are pretty difficult to understand at the best of times though.

  14. Anonymous says:

    i’ll give you a simple method to solve them.
    1. Pick two repeating objects in the picture (every stereo image is based on repeating objects that are slightly altered to produce the 3d effect)
    2. focus on those two objects and cross your eyes until the two objects overlap
    3. wait a few secconds in that position and the 3D image should pop out. Cheers

  15. Anonymous says:

    I love these! more please!

  16. Lamo says:

    Is the Stella one actually doctored, or is it just a photo of a row of Stella?

  17. AliceIgnis says:

    Normaly I’m good at this, but I cannot see this pictures! That makes me crazy!!! Arrrr

  18. Jababba says:

    Is it me or do i see 7 beers instead of 6 when i focus.
    very nice Stereograms btw.
    maby a good tip, look as if ur looking behind the picture.

  19. Anonymous says:

    If you’re like me, looking beyond the picture is way difficult to do. What i did, was place the picture really close to my face. I relaxed my eyes so that the picture was blurry. In essence you are now looking behind the picture. Slowly move away from the picture, while keeping your eyes relaxed. At some point, the picture will be at that spot where you can see a 3 D image. I hope this helps!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I don't see a damn thing! And why do some M&M's have g's on them?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Notice some of the m&m's have a g on them, instead of an m. Has it something to do with google? it looks just like the google kind of g..:D

    Btw: GREAT site, iloveit, keep up the good work, en very good luck with your exams;)

  22. Michael says:

    I LOVE THEESE!!! (do some more)

  23. Anonymous says:

    These are great, post more stereograms. I always love the “magic-eye” ones, but i am starting to like the 3d image ones as well. The stell bottles appear so clear and shiny and beautiful in 3d mindspace or w/e sterogram vision is…lol enjoy.. look behind the screen and let your eyes get super lazy and tired and dont “try ” to see it. be buddhist about it, no desire..cmon guys

  24. Anonymous says:

    oh and jababba…

    def 7 bottles appear with the 3d stellas. the center one seems to be the pivotal bottle, whatever that means

  25. Anonymous says:

    Veri Nice specially the beer Bottles!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Get up close to the computer screen and look at your reflection in it. As you focus on the reflection (you can blink but just don’t refocus your eyes) you will eventually see a 3D image pop up. :)

  27. kanona05 says:

    It’s a little hard to focus with the images being so small…

    Is there a higher Resolution version of these somewhere?

  28. ju lee says:

    Yeeeyyy!!! I love this stuff! Didn’t know it also works on computers :-)

  29. cilnia says:

    So cool to see there “really” are 7 stellas instead of 6 when you manage to see them in 3d, pretty cool!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I can’t see anything! It’s so infuriating… and my eyes hurt from trying to cross them!

  31. Anonymous says:

    i love stereograms theyre really cool! how do you actually create them?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Re: Comment #5
    in Europe theres a candy called smarties thats pretty much m&m's

  33. HerCathyness says:


    Here’s some ways to enlarge images in Vista IE. The easiest is to double-click on the picture. It opens on a separate page, (from photobucket) and then use the enlargement feature in the lower right corner of the IE window. Click once for 125%, twice for 150%, or use the dropdown arrow for custom sizes up to 400%.

    Or, right click to copy the pic on the original page and paste it into the Paint program that’s been in every Win sys since 3.5, I think, (without changing!!) and enlarge it there.

    Or, download Irfanview which is a terrific free basic graphics program. It’s safe, and has all kinds of handy features.


    Hope this helps!

    Now, if someone could tell me how to see these images with only one eye! I can see double with it, but 3D is a very different world without stereoscopic vision!



  34. Gabriel says:

    Does anyone know of any software to make stereograms like these?

  35. Badslats says:

    Don’t worry Vurdlak you not alone in the universe :-). I never managed to see something in those pictures either…

  36. Joanna says:

    I love these, too. I remember the first time I saw them, here in Melbourne, on a poster in an art shop. There were crowds of us peering at the posters. It was probably 1987.

  37. Martijn says:

    I’ve been staring at stereograms for quite some time now… Now everything is wobbling. I can’t focus on text anymore, all the words are floating!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Love the mermaid especially, but the smiley dude was cool, as for the Stella, not that impressive unless I missed something, it was just like a 3d pic of bottles of Stella wasn’t it??

  39. Anonymous says:

    n the Stella Artos one, i see wine glasses in between the bottles! does anywone else?

  40. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it, can someone tell me what I’m supposed to be seeing?

  41. me says:

    I LOVE THESE!! the stella artois one is especially cool!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    OMG! up until today I used to hate these because I could never see the image. I don’t know how but after a long while I finally saw them. Nice.

  43. Anonymous says:

    For those of you that are as pissed as I was that you can’t see them…print them out. It’s WAY easier on paper, and then once you’ve got the technique down, switch back to the computer and try it.

  44. George says:

    Another tip: Make sure you’re looking at the picture on the level, without tilting your head to the side. The illusion works by having your eyes focus on two separate points that are horizontally aligned.

  45. Jen says:

    I think those of us with astigmatism can’t see it. These never work for me.

    Then again, maybe it’s just me.

  46. Jen says:

    Nevermind that last comment. Some the advice here (hold the monitor close and slowly increase distance) worked. I have never been able to see these. Cool!

  47. FaQ says:

    Did anyone notice the other illusion in the second picture? The white space formed by the necks of the Stella bottles looks like wineglasses! How cool is that? =)

  48. Joe's Welding says:

    Does anyone have info on how these are created? A website with an article would be nice. I am not looking to start creating my own, but to understand how someone makes this type of object.

    I don’t visit often, so replies can be sent using my personal website (sorry, I don’t want to post my email address on here):


    There is a big “Contact” button on there.


  49. Anonymous says:

    mon these re soo cool!! i hope you put more of them later!!

  50. Anonymous says:

    This page gives you help “seeing” the pictures. Just copy and past into your address window.


  51. PecosPeet says:

    Thanks for all the comments on technique. It seems with most (or maybe all) of them, keeping the eyes from refocussing is very important. Try as much as I can, I fund that I naturally refocus. Even a small shift in my head’s position and my eyes refocus.

    I think I must just accept that I will never be able to see these images. So I vote for NO MORE!!!!

    Good luck with the exam results Vurdlak. And keep up the great work wih this site, please.

  52. Danielle F says:

    Wow. That was awesome. I’ve never been able to get these to work. You just have to focus, concentrate, and relax, and just sit there without blinking and keeping your eyes perfectly still and eventually it’ll work.

  53. Anonymous says:

    woooooow amazing i couldnt get my eyes of it !! It took me a bit of time to figure out wath to do but u got it XD

  54. tigermike says:

    Would this work if you printed them out?

  55. Vero-D says:

    Since the fist day this post was posted I figure out to see the Ms&Ms one… but had trouble with the other two until today!!! Now I see the mermaid in the blue one (not a Dolphin like somebody said)… and in the beer one I just see the bottles in 3D, is there anything else that is supposed to been seen?

  56. Anonymous says:

    nope. can't get it at all.

    one thing- how big is the M&M guy? and where is he?

  57. Roze says:

    I have NEVER been able to see these like normal people do… I don’t know what’s wrong with me, and I CAN focus weird…
    Only way I’ve ever been able to decipher them was to find the fractures in the image– where the pattern breaks– and trace them with a marker, and only after doing that, did the image show up to me… D; Oh well.

  58. nadia says:

    can someone help me with these stereograms im nadia i think this webiste is the best from all the other sites in respect to optical illusions have a great summer to you all and keep up the very good work and your site im very impressed i will notify all of my friends on msn live and yahoo and google ciao

  59. milady says:

    In the stella artois one, not only are the bottles 3D but there are 7! There are only 6 showing in the “plain” version.

  60. Ryan West says:

    I kinda just go cross eyed. There is a repeated pattern in the pictures and you have to cross your eyes to a certain degree where the repeats overlap and then your eyes kinda stay crossed and the image appears.

    That’s my way of doing it. I perfected my technique in like 3rd grade while reading some like RPG book that told you to flip to certain pages based on what you saw in the images. I wish I could find those books again.

  61. lucy says:

    when i do it i kinda cross my eyes…and it works

  62. Uber Shwagger says:

    i cant do those + i hav a head ach

  63. Spider says:

    The M&M Guy is so big and in the center of the picture, almost filling up the entire picture. He had his arms wide on his side and grinning just as wide. His nose is pointy.

    The mermaid is alson in the center of the picture, but not as big as the M&M Guy. She is long and slender. Her head is on the left upper side of the picture, quite high that it’s close to the dark part of the picture. Her hair is tied up in a ponytail behind her head. Her tail is on the lower right side of the picture, but not too low. Perhaps just a bit lower from the middle of the picture, and not too far to the right.

    The beer bottles I don’t get at all. Is this even a stereogram?

    As to the simple techniques to do this, here’s my suggestion: Turn of the lights behind you. You can then see your reflection on your monitor. Focus on that reflection instead of the actual picture and let the picture blur away. Then you’ll automatically (almost instantly) get it.

    And yes, you can see it in 3D as well if you print these pictures. To make it easier to see, put a wide flat glass in front of the picture and focus on your reflection on the glass. After you get the hang of it a few times, it will be easier to do, even without focusing on your reflection.

    • Barbara Cicerchi says:

      Very well put Spider! It’s too bad that the writer above the photos didn’t explain it like you did, because that is the correct way to get the effect. For instance, many people are crossing their eyes and they just might be getting an inside out version of the effect, and if they have never seen these before they would still think it’s neat, but not realizing that there is a much better view/effect.

  64. Amy says:

    Lol i only got the mermaid one, and you have to cross your eyes, the trick is for me, i have to keep my eyes crossed, i can do that… i just keep them crossed for about 10 seconds and then they stay lke that for 30 more seconds

  65. kees says:

    you want to see more off this, go to http://www.magiceye.com its amazing

  66. Graeme says:

    When I look at a stereogram picture I relax my eyes so that the one image splits into two images. When this happens I tilt my head left or right so that the images move away from each other perfectly horizontally. The trick then is to match up the pattern in the image, varying how much you relax your eyes. This sounds tricky but believe me you will be able to do it. the easiest way to see this is with the Stella Artois picture, but look for same coloured m&m’s in the other one. The m&m guy did take a moment or two to pop out.

  67. my eyes are so hyperactive, so these don’t work so well on me… cool, though…

  68. Peyton says:

    sometimes, what you can do to see it, is put ur face close and slowly back up without refocusing ur eyes, if youve done them before and know what happens when you see the image, u can sometimes cross ur eyes and slowly uncross them until u see an image. i luv these

  69. that guy says:

    wow cool advice, look past the image, look at it with out thinking and dont move a mucle the image should show up unclear but as time passes itll get clearer

  70. that guy says:

    i perfected my skills in my pre k dentist’s office cuz they had a painting of the statue of liberty in that form

  71. simyo says:

    i know a easy way!
    just take the tip of yout nose in the middle of the monitor then move slowly back WHITOUT MOVING YOUR EYES then u see it!

  72. Jack says:

    There are actually 8 beer bottles when you’ve achieved the “right” focus.

  73. Heather says:

    You may have trouble seeing these if you have an astigmatism. I have a friend who couldn’t see these, but then after she got lasik eye surgery, she could see them. I think the astigmatism makes it difficult to focus both eyes the same amount to get the 3d effect going.

  74. jorigo says:

    I see a big circle with arms in the first, in the second probable a siren, i don see very clear the face but the fish tail is clearly visible, lots of people can’t see this images not for not being able to, but because they don’t know a technique to approach the image.

  75. Falon says:

    Darn that swine flu! Every time I try to concentrate on something like this, I see a pig. o.O

  76. nobody says:

    the first one is some kind of M&M happy guy the second is just a 3d look on the labels and the third is a mermaid, omg i love magiceye!!!

  77. Sarah says:

    I figured out how to get it work easily: cross your eyes and go closer to the image, slowly uncross and go farther away from the image.

  78. xoaru says:

    thats very easy to figure it out…i leaned the technique of looking these pics while i was ard 10 yrs old….just try it like this (if u print, it will be easier):
    1- Place ur pointing fingures on the middle of pic, somewhat a part from each other.
    2- cross ur eyes looking at the two fingurs
    3- try to make three fingures…keep concentrating for while…when u focus to that point, the hidden image will automatically appear…

  79. James says:

    no matter how hard i try i cant see the 3d picture, is it sommma to do with my right eye? (i am blind in my right eye)

  80. Jack says:

    hey, as some have said further up i use the techinque where you cross your eyes in the magic eye book i have this is supposed to be the advanced method as the image is pressed in as a pose to pulled out is there an easy way to get it to some out of the image instead of being pressed in?

  81. ................. says:

    i dont undrestand these

    • Karan says:

      Well i think i got these figured out .. i hope am right .. please let me know ..

      1st one = a big smiley faced guy with a happy face waving his hands

      2nd one = this one had a 3d image effect as if the bottles were placed alternalely infront and back

      3rd one = this had a mermaid in it ..

    • Anonymous says:

      letters kinda appear when im staring at it

    • Anonymous2 says:

      the first one is when you scroll it down the middle stay put while the 2nd one is the 3rd bottle (from left to right) its bottle cap is wrong idont know about the last one

    • Steffon says:

      The best way to see a stereogram image is to place a print of one behind a sheet of glass – a viewing cabinet glass door, or between the panes of patio doors-. The next thing to do is to place yourself about four feet away then stare through the stereogram at your own reflection. It can take up to half a minute to get a result.

    • will says:

      the 2nd one is beer bottles that form Champaign glasses, look at the gaps in between

  82. blink says:

    I’ve always been able to see these (using the cross-eyed technique) but I see them in REVERSE. Instead of images popping out of the picture – like a statue – they drop in so it’s like looking at a jello mold before pouring in the jello. It’s trippy – I can see the image is built in layers – but it’s disappointing too. I wish I could see them pop out.

    • John says:

      Crossing your eyes won’t get the “pop out” effect. They will recess instead. Relaxing your eyes is the opposite of crossing your eyes (each eye move in the opposite direction that if you were to cross them) will make the image pop out. I did both of these.

  83. bob says:

    i can only see the stella artois one :(

  84. Greg says:

    The technique I use to see these is to let my eyes relax (unfocus) and blink rapidly. Blinking breaks up my focus even more so it is easier for my eyes to look ‘past the image.’ The edge of the image will start to become visible, and by concentrating on that, I can bring the whole thing into view.

  85. Janmanni says:

    I like stereograms a lot. My method? First I cross my eyes a little bit. Then I focus (trying to get the image sharper) through that blurryness. Then it suddenly becomes so focused that it is amazing. I can almost go as close to the picture that my nose touches the screen and still see the 3D image.

  86. Jurij Fedorov says:

    simyo says:
    August 25, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    “i know a easy way!
    just take the tip of yout nose in the middle of the monitor then move slowly back WHITOUT MOVING YOUR EYES then u see it!”

    Thank you so much! Now I can see a picture in less than 5 seconds, before I used 5 minutes sometimes! And I have done this a lot!

  87. gameixn says:

    Stereograms are usually reinterpretation of picture, seeing behind the picture for possible solution.

    Picture 1 – It is like a people interconnected.

    Picture 2 – It is a like boss who are standing in a stage.

    Picture 3- It is a multitude of people who are trying to run in a marathon race.

  88. Stefanie says:

    In picture 1 I see 1000′s of m&m’s!!

    Picture 2 = 6 bottles
    Getting already drunk when seeing them!

    Picture 3 = a mass of bubbles



  89. ghjkil; says:

    are you all stupid? lol ok

    1)all of the grenn M&M’s have a “g” on them instead of a “m”.

    2)look in the last stella artois bottle there is a little white stick person on the”o” in artois,also there is no pictures of vines on the label.

    3)look in the back!!!!! it looks like ghostly faces.

    • Christopher Jarvis says:

      You dummy!!! It’s just a matter of crossing your vision to see them in 3d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not that complicated!!!!!

    • Caitlin says:

      Are you stupid? Haha, the first one isn’t m&m’s, they’re just random ball shaped thingy’s with letters on them. I saw a g, and shit like that. What you have to do is, either put yur face right at the screen so you go crossed eyes, then slowly move back, and the hidden image will be popping out, and if you sorta cross your eyes, and slowly, very slowly uncross them, the image will go in. That’s how I do the magic eye thingy. I got it outa a book XD. You, my friend, got those theories because you were trying too hard. you didn’t even read the top nota at all, did you?

  90. Kristin says:

    That was super cool, I saw all 3 illusions, my boyfriend didn’t see any of them, but he did point out that some of the m&m’s have g’s on them instead of m’s, which I thought was interesting lol, and now I see someone else already said that lol

  91. joe B says:

    man, I just tell myself “SEE IT!” and I do =)

  92. Devon says:

    It’s not about relaxing and sitting in place, it’s about focusing your eyes for a different distance than the stereogram. Whereas crossing your eyes focuses them closer, do the opposite. Yes, it is a relaxation technique, but so many people forget to let their eyes focus farther away that they keep them focussed on the image itself, which will never work.

  93. annonomys says:

    i go a little bit crosseyed and then refocus and then i can see them. i can even blink and still have focus

  94. Shang Khong says:

    Wow, now I can see cross my eyes …
    1. An M&M guy with some purple
    2. another stellar which looks like the middle
    3. A mermaid (love it)

  95. Hey Ahn says:

    Yay! Seen all three of ‘em. :)

  96. Taylor-Paige says:

    to see the pics go right up to the screen and kind of do cross eyes (sometimes not required) then slowly move backwards.:) (this should help alot)

  97. Amarcy Be says:

    I don’t know how but these are so easy to me. I never have to try. I actually thought I may have difficulty through the pc screen.

  98. Zak says:

    wow, loved all three. The beer bottles not only appear 3-d but if you count them before and after you get an extra bottle of stella when in 3-d. I wish I could do that with any six pack..lol

  99. Nanners says:

    I also see them going inward. I wish I could see them popping out :(

  100. Madelon says:

    I never see anything in stereograms :/

  101. Barbara Cicerchi says:

    That was cool I saw 8 bottles of bear in the 3D mode as apposed to 6 bottles in the regular view. Sadly though I keep getting a inside/out view of the other two. The mermaid I can hardly see because she is popped inward instead of being popped outward like it’s suppose to be and the same thing with the M&M’s guy.

    • moock says:

      no it is sopose to pop inward. i havent seen one that pops out ward yet. and iv seen over 100.

    • microWise says:

      dunno what’s wrong with you guys. these stereograms are popped out, not in.. and every stereogram ive seen in my life are all popped out in nice 3d detail.

      btw, love the smarties one.. very 3d.. even the small ones at the top of tht image.. very nice :)

    • tasnu says:

      haha beat me i can see both ways!

  102. Jackie Drake says:

    I saw 7 bottles of beer, the Happy Face and the Mermaid. This is cool.

  103. Ally says:

    i really wish to see this, but i see nothing.

    • cross-eyed says:

      I used this video to help me go cross-eyed. http://youtu.be/zBa-bCxsZDk
      all you do then is go cross-eyed at the stereogram and squint a little if you need to. It works for me almost all the time when I do it that way.
      Good luck!!

    • stretch says:

      i’ve never done these b4 i must have lucked out cuz i saw them all right away. i leaned forward about 12″ from the computer slightly crossed my eyes and squinted. presto there they were. try it, it might work for you…..

  104. Aaron Yan Hearn Ng says:

    Great! instead of saying waht u see y not explain HOW!

  105. goblin says:

    top one is a M&M comercial character, the middle the bottles apear 3d and the third is a mermaid

  106. Echostar says:

    Just blur ur vision and keep that way for some time and u will sort of see that its 3D and see the image. Be very patient because it takes a long time(at least for me).

  107. Erin says:

    You have to let your eyes unfocus…
    one trick is to put your face really close to the monitor, unfocus your eyes, then slowly move away.

  108. Jewels says:

    i have no idea what these illusions are…

    • Suor de Sapo says:

      Hidden figures shows up on a 3d effect when you blur the image by focusing a point behind the monitor. Take a while for the first time but once you get there you’ll have no doubt.

  109. AmyThaShyzz says:

    WHOA. On the first one i blurred my vision and i saw concave and convex shapes, but then i had trouble coming out of my little daze. scarrry stuff. scary- but cool :)

  110. Andrew says:

    @moock…actually, if it goes in, you are doing it wrong. You’re focusing closer in. Try looking at something far away, and without changing your focus, slowly bringing it up in front of your eyes.

  111. Rajesh Sawant says:

    Really grt, i like 3 D sterograms,
    I could see 7 bottles, felt like drinking them all.
    Even mermaid could be seen

  112. becky says:

    M&M man is so cool! I love sterograms so much I have bought books of them. Easiest way to see them is bring your eyes very close to the screen and ever so slowly keep backing up unfocusing your eyes. Don’t TRY to focus. Let your eyes get lazy anad back up…..by about 8 inches or less back POP!

  113. Cassidy says:

    The 3rd one is really cool! I can see it pop outward by letting my eyes relax or pop inward by looking at it cross-eyed.

  114. Jessey says:

    why do some of the M&Ms have the letter g instead of m?

  115. Kathxoxo says:

    well as to what i see

    1st photo – is a standing smiley M&M character with hands waving upward

    2nd photo – no idea

    3rd photo – is a mermaid..

  116. Michele says:

    THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! I seen all three at the same time. I stayed awhile. It was great!!

  117. Bobby says:

    Wow!! I’ve always had to cross my eyes and see the inverted images, which makes for a hard time figuring out what some of the pictures “are”. This is the first time I’ve been able to see the images properly.

  118. Zeb says:

    you look with your eyes crossed and then it pops into view then youfacaus into the depths of the 3d image. Its like your in the same place but now your somewhere else too at the same time.

  119. Patrick says:

    My tip on viewing these is to save the pic and open it with a picture viewer, I use irfanview. Make it fullscreen. You can zoom in and out to hit the sweet spot and its got a black backround so as not to distract the eye. A bright backround seems to make it more diffucult. There are a few more tips but I dont want to sound like mr. know it all. Good luck

  120. Leo says:

    Most of you are overthinking it, the first is a big m&m, the second one is just that the bottles “pop out”/ become 3D, and the third is a mermaid. There are no other tricks to it. And ghjkil;, there are also purple “m&m’s” with “g’s” on them.

  121. Anonymous Girl says:

    The first one is just one picture that’s been copied.
    The second one you have to look between the bottles and you see wine glasses
    The third one says “122255″ I think…

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