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By on September 17, 2008, with 61 Comments

So, we haven’t had this type of “Spot The Differences” game in a while. Last one I can remember, was the one with the University Classroom. If you can remember any other, please remind me. You should see the photo of a NY street, with a Taxi cab in it. The image is full of details, which makes your task harder. If you jump inside this post, you will see another photo, which at first looks identical – but it isn’t. There are many differences in both photos, and your assignment is to spot all of them. The only problem is that I can not remember how many differences there are altogether. But if we all work together, I’m sure we’ll find them all.

I’ve read across the net, that Google is having problems with it’s “site search” feature. Same as us, many websites implement it. If you searched our site using the search box in the sidebar today, you’d get many inappropriate Yahoo video results. Am not sure how long does it take for Google to fix these. Considering the Yahoo widget, and it’s update, still no word from Yahoo. But my faith tells me it should happen in next day or two. Also, that other project I was so secret about, should be finished this week, and all of you will be able to get piece of it! Now let’s start solving this one…

Spot The Differences in The Street
Spot The Differences in The Street


61 Responses
  1. Hester says:

    On the first picture; the green sign on the top left says ‘Southbound traffic…’ in the second it says ‘Skateboard traffic…’

    • Jessica says:

      I see a few, The pancake stack, “rays Pizza vs.Pita” sign , The Skateboard sign vs. the southbound sign, the lighthouse at the intersection, the blue stripw down the cab, the amount of light on the umbrella in the “nearest part” Guess that’s it for me

    • Becca says:

      Has anyone noticed that the first picture is bigger than the second one? I mean that was the first difference I noticed.

  2. Jesper says:

    watch out! there’s a lighthouse in the middle of the intersection! :D
    and the taxi has got an extra blue stripe, can’t find more right now. am I the first? :P

  3. Mike says:

    There’s a stack of something on the hotdog cart that’s half as big (D6). Also, a big-ass lighthouse in the middle of the intersection. (C,D 4)

  4. Anonymous says:

    C2 Ray’s Pizza is now Ray’s Pita

  5. K1 says:

    A5, B5, D4, D6, E3…

  6. jburris says:

    Cymbol on the unbrella of the hot dog stand is missing

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rays Pizza is changed to Rays Pita on C2, the ‘T” on umbrella is missing at B5

  8. David says:


    and what happened with the blue line on the side of the cab?

  9. topcrawler says:

    Number of hot dog at D6

  10. Anonymous says:

    in the first picture, there’s a thin green line at right of the green sign. in the second picture it’s missing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    more pretzels (C6) on the cart

  12. GVNN says:

    The blue line on the cab is missing

  13. csieuchand says:

    F6: No napkin in first picture.

  14. csieuchand says:

    Sorry, picture was not properly loaded… there is a napkin in both pictures :$

  15. Anonymous says:

    blue line on the taxi!

  16. Anonymous says:

    there are more hotdog breads on the second picture (D6)

  17. dx says:

    blue stripe on taxi, lighthouse (?) in the middle of the intersection, stack of buns (or pretzels) on cart different heights, possibly the date in the movie billboard, but it’s blurry – plus everything people said above!

  18. SilSpd says:

    The overall quality of the second picture is brighter, among the other differences already pointed out

  19. Dayana says:

    Six so far…
    A5, B5, C2, C4, D6, E3
    I can’t find any others =/

  20. Anonymous says:

    its hard to tell but i think the number plate on the taxi is different

  21. Snowman25 says:

    A5, D6, CD4, E234, C2, E1, B5
    | | | | | | |
    | | | | | | Sign
    | | | | | | on
    | | | | | | Umbrella
    | | | | | The
    | | | | | Number-sign
    | | | | | from the cab
    | | | | PITA – PIZZA
    | | | Blue stripe
    | | robot-thing (?)
    | Pancakes
    Skateboard – Southbound

  22. Anonymous says:

    In the rear window of the vehicle to the left of the taxi, there’s a 3rd stoplight missing in picture 1.

    Can be seen in picture 2 in between C1 and D1

  23. Anonymous says:

    There is a lighthouse in the middle of the street !!!

  24. Fergus Gallagher says:

    The second picture has a load of letters and numbers ’round the edge. Duh!

  25. Fergus Gallagher says:

    Nobody ever watches BBC World (A4) so both pics are fake.

  26. Edgar says:

    I see two green signs and no thin green line.
    I do see a dark shape at the top in A4 in one picture, but not the other. Plus the others.

  27. Anonymous says:

    i see 5..how many are there suppose to be?

  28. Rona says:

    D4 (or 4.5…)
    Left-turn signal light on taxi not on in the first pic, on in the second.

  29. PhoenixClarity says:

    Well it may be frivolous, but I would have to swear that the cab that is behind the Lighthouse in image 2 ,no longer has it’s brake lights on; whereas in the first image it is clearly visible that the brake lights are on.

    Then again it may be the slight angle shift is blocking it :p

  30. Anonymous says:

    I only saw six

    1. Umbrella (T missing) on stand
    2. Blue Stripe from cab near stand
    3. Ray’s Pizza / Pita
    4. Pretzels (hot dogs) on stand
    5. Lighthouse in intersection
    6. Sign above umbrella/stand (southbound/skateboard)

  31. Jennifer says:

    There’s something on the right edge of the first picture that’s been cropped out of the second. I’m not sure if that was intentional.

  32. Morgan the (Almost) Muse says:

    the colors are different. :D

  33. Anonymous says:

    People were more hungry for Khlav Kalash in the second

  34. Johnathy says:

    I *think* that the red light is missing in B4. Not definite though.

  35. Anonymous says:

    six in all, I think.

  36. Jazagod says:

    dont forget A2

  37. Kat says:

    A5, D4, D6, E3, C2, C4, E1
    B5, F6, A4, B4

  38. Anonymous says:

    the second pic has got some numbers and letters running along the side of the picture

  39. Anonymous says:

    the yellow sign moves that is by the hamburgers/hot dogs in D6

  40. Nicole says:

    sec pic blue stip on taxie, bigger pile of books, light house in the middle of the road

  41. Anomynous says:

    anyone reads life? only found 2!!! boohoo

  42. Abrc08 says:

    I found 6….. must find MORE!

  43. anonymous says:

    ok i only found 1 but this illusion is gay and not very interesting so why bother looking at it anyway

  44. Anonymous says:

    BC1 the first threee letter in pic 1 are “D/OBJ”
    but in pic.2 they’re “D/OIL”!

  45. coolez says:

    i can only help u my fans in only 2 ok XD
    the sing southboard traffic and skatebourd traffic and the stall near the sign look at the food they got fewer bye fans ^_^ have a nice day <3

  46. coolez says:

    oh yeah my fans last the TAXI the blue lines are gone!!! bye have a nice day my fans

  47. hot dogs
    blue line
    skateboard/southbound traffic sign
    light house (that could hurt some1)

  48. Zofo11 says:

    There s a person with a pink shirt in getting in the 1st cab that is not in the 2nd picture but that might be because to the BIG FING LIGHT HOUSE… so does that mean that the other guy next to her too… i think this could be a dagma… do you count the things that are covered by things that appear or disappear and that is now visible because of the thinsg that is opmitted…. jezz can i confuze meeseff….

  49. Ian Leo says:

    The umbrella had a white thing in the first picture. The second doesn’t


    How is that an illusion?

  51. Nora says:

    i can see a lighthouse in da middle!!!

  52. Kesham says:

    1. Lighthouse in the street (C4)

    2. Green sign by post is different “southbound” changed to “skateboard”

    3. Blue stripe on side of taxi (E3)

    4. Whatever is stacked on that cart is higher than on the first pic. (D6)

    5. Sign says “Rays Pita’ instead of “Rays Pizza” (C2)

  53. velan says:

    note (b5) theres a logo missin in that umbrella

  54. owen says:

    first picture has nothing in the street. the second picture has the mini lighthouse (or something). or vise versa

  55. owen says:

    look at the snack stand,first pic has less pancakes, the second has more

  56. sophie says:

    there are actually about 8 i think
    1. A5 the green sign has changed from southbound to skateboard
    2. A5 the little green window on the right of the green sign has gone
    3. B5 the sign on the blue umbrella has gone
    4. C1 rays pizza has changed to rays pita
    5. C4 lighthouse appeared in street
    6. D6 stack of bread has gotten smaller
    7. E3 blue line on taxi appeared
    8. C4 red light on taxi has gone out

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