Splattering Ballerina Optical Illusion

Glad you liked my previous two posts! Old school illusions never get old, do they? Still, balance is important in every aspect of our life, and same goes for this site as well. Let me show you another real-life photo, one I hope was just a lucky shot and wasn’t touched by photoshop.

A splash caused by an ordinary droplet (caught in exactly right moment) can become something much much more, only if you’re lucky enough to catch that moment. An unknown artist took this beautiful photo – a splash forming a figure of a beautiful and realistic dancing ballerina. Can you see her? How beautiful is she! If someone can help me isolate her origins, I’d be more than grateful!

BTW, I’m still on a vacation which should last till the end of August. I’m giving my best to post regularly, but the connection is really crappy here :( I guess all should return to normal soon. Take care people!

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  1. I get the feeling it’s photoshopped… Sorry. Tell me if I’m incorrect but the lines seem too precise for a real image instead of a photoshop.

  2. You are the only one that can buy that this is “another real-life photo”.

    Is not even a water fountain. Can you see that the stream of water comes from the nothing?

  3. Photoshopped.

    If this were actual and even with still photography the bird bath would have already made ripples in the water from what ever was dropped into it forming the image. Looking at the size of the image. i can tell you know it was not a small item. Water would also be moving over the sides of the bath not only splashing up.

    its interesting but not my definition of optical illusion.

  4. I’d love to think that she was real; maybe, if something interrupted the water, it could make that shape ! You know how it does when you have your finger on the end of the hose & poke the water…anyway, she’s sweet.

  5. Totally ‘shopped. How can you not tell? Have you ever seen a drop of water fan out like that? Have you ever seen a splach suddenly burst in an different driection (see the “arm” touching the “leg”.
    Give us ~real~ illusions..

  6. I really hope this beautiful water droplet is actually the real thing and not a Photoshop project. Imagine the awe the photographer felt after looking at this shot for the first time.

  7. That is absolutely beautiful. If it is not photoshopped, it is one of the greatest pictures I have ever seen. I really would find it hard to believe that it is not though, and even if it is, it would have taken a great mind to think of it, and immense care in producing such a product. I love it.

  8. The ‘splash ballerina’ is an absolutely gorgeous image but I cannot believe it is random. Clever photoshopping, just my opinion.

  9. Amazingly beautiful but how can you be sure it isn’t photoshopped if you are unsure of the source? I’m glad you posted it anyway, it really sparked my imagination.

  10. This is so photoshopped as the “cow, Monkey and thinker shadows” from days ago.The site needs to change its bullshit filter.

  11. I once helped some friends set up some waterdrop shots. It took 3-4 hours to get each one just right. As Rick said they had to ajust for such things as the hight that the waterdrop falls from and the angle that it falls on to the hard surface. Take another like at the birdbath. It’s not a birdbath but a small pedestal. From personal experiance, this is not photo shopped.

  12. you can see that the ballerina has been superimposed on the fountain. you can see the water behind the “splash” is the same as the rest of the fountain

  13. If this is real (as opposed to photoshopped), then it is more than a droplet of water. It looks like the solid object is a bird bath – so either it is a very tiny bird bath for very tiny almost invisible birds or there is a large amount of water – I’m thinking about a litre maybe?

    And since there is little disturbance to the water in the bird bath, I think the water would have to be still descending rather than having splashed and be on the rebound up.

    The left side of the water is smooth and the right side jagged – I would think that might tell someone familiar with the pattern of falling water the position from which it was poured or tossed.

    All of the above is based on an assumption that this is an untouched photo.

    I recall that there is a website somewhere that can analyse photos to determine whether they have been subject to editing – but you would need the original high resolution photo for that. I believe that the lower resolution of this photo would automatically be flagged as having been edited.

  14. I doubt it’s photoshopped and closer to 3D art/rendering. Maybe touched up with PS. I’ve seen a few examples very similar to this at luxology.com.
    Also, the size of the splash is a little unreal.

  15. fake or real, it’s a beautiful sculpture, and should be treated as such rather than arguing over it like this.

  16. Pretty, but how is that NOT photoshopped? Here’s y I think it’s photoshopped:
    How would the photographer just know to take the picture
    RIGHT at the right time?
    How could a dew/raindrop possibly shape it THAT perfect?
    I mean, look at her fingers head! It may have had a similar shape, but it couldn’t have been so precise! Once again though, very cool pic :)

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