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By on March 12, 2006, with 22 Comments

Is this a spiral? No it’s not! It’s just a bunch of circles.

Spiral Illusion


22 Responses
  1. cilla says:

    no its not! its a spiral @ the end!

    • lol says:

      ahahah! lets concentrate on the middle and see if something cool happens like it looks like some part disappears or some part changes color or something O_O

  2. maddy says:

    ofcourse its not a spiral,
    but if u trace ur finger along the lines as u go deeper into the pit or whayever, u’ll find thats where its spiralling.

  3. Mike M says:


  4. M 2 the H O says:

    its not a spiral at the end, open it with paint or sumthin and trace along the lines,
    or zoom in,
    its not a spiral anywhere,
    thats the illusion the diamonds trick you as the seem to lean towards the middle

  5. yemoja says:

    it is bunch of circles,
    zoom in

  6. alana says:

    its weird. i tried tracing it then got stuck 2 the monitor… help!

  7. liz says:

    its justa buncha cicles

  8. chris says:


  9. __Thirn of Living Computers says:


  10. Foxx says:

    the colour of the diamonds crosses over the lines to the next one along on the other side, going diagonally, destorting the lines making them seem to be spiralling inward

  11. Anonymous says:

    i measured it -its acculy circles!!!

  12. austin says:

    yeh it is bunch of circles,
    zoom in

  13. Since I don't feel like logging on my blogger, ill use this. says:

    No it’s not. The blocks next to it appear in different colors, making the lines look like they connect. Nice Try.

  14. Joey says:

    If you’ll notice, the way that the lines are colored give it that illusion quality. Excellent work…

  15. Lee says:

    its a series of shapes, triangles pointing up connected by a line to triangles pointing down, arranged in a circular pattern

  16. alex says:

    stare at it for a wile then look at a blank wall and it spins

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