Spinning Ladybugs Illusion

How about something simple that works? Just in line with end of this week, a perfect relaxing Friday afternoon! Check out the ladybugs in this poster below. Are they dancing for you joyfully just as they did for me? The illusion may work even better if you move your eyes around the pic, or even better – if you observe the poster with peripheral sight, while reading this text.

19 Replies to “Spinning Ladybugs Illusion”

  1. The ladybugs have every reason to dance. They’re one of the few insects people actually want in their gardens. Hope the flowers bloom soon. I’m tired of winter. Ladybugs? Bring ’em on.

  2. Every time I focus on an area, the bugs in my peripheral rotate for a bit then stop. Then I focus somewhere else and they rotate for a bit then stop. I like how they seem to spin only for a moment each time instead of continuously moving.

  3. It’s the light from the background control the movement to make the picture looke like it moving around, but it’s not the picture it’s the light.

  4. I’m a bit color-blind (I can see pure red & blue & yellow. Pinks & blues look the same to me. Greens & browns all look like mud).
    Bugs moved a tiny bit for me.
    It would be interesting to know if some illusions don’t work for color-blind people.

  5. They move only when you move your sight or read text, but if you still your eyes they wont.

    another thing, does only a green background move them? i never saw something different that green such illusions…

  6. Hint: If you doze off, looking at the pic, they all stop… but it’s not all that easy to have the plain look for long… try it out XD XD

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