Spinning Fan Illusion

Dave Beeson spotted this funny gag on the the BBC homepage. I noticed that many good illusions come from people spotting them on BBC. Like for example Marina Apollonio’s installation and BBC’s optical illusions test. After you browsed those, you should try scrolling this page up and down, and you will see interesting effect that makes the fan near the girl spin! Yes that’s right, this is because of scintillating effect. This is what Dave wrote: “Hi, heres an optical illusion I just spotted on the BBC news website, it was an article about redheads… as I scrolled the page the fan appeared to spin… try scrolling the page … good eh?”

39 Replies to “Spinning Fan Illusion”

  1. I take it all back!! it does work on my lcd. I was scrolling too fast, not the best but not the worst either! 6/10

  2. At first I thought this was another “Seemingly Photoshopped Illusion”. Her head doesn’t look like it belongs with her body! ;)

  3. I couldn’t see it either because I was using my mouse scroll button.

    But I see it now! You have to drag the scrollbar on the webpage to see this.

  4. well it wasn’t spinning for me either but that because i was scrolling with my mouse :)
    you need to use the sidebar for it :)

  5. Oh i get it, its a joke for people who take themselves to seriously. Its not really an optical illusion, just to make you feel like an idoit for trying to see something.

  6. nothing on my LCD… I have an ultra fast monitor though (2ms response time) does it work on slower monitors? how about TFT?

  7. ok….it worked for me, but i think if you are going to get mad because you dont know how to scroll up and down your screen…then you really need a life….

  8. wow..yeah..if your gonna get mad because you dont know how to scroll up and down your screen “the right way”….then you really need a life

  9. yipee.

    this was is not a “funny gag” or a “good illusion”

    and everyone who says I don’t get it is seriously and idiot their is nothing to get. Its a picture.

    and I’m totally there with the 24th comment.

  10. theyr not idiots i didnt get it for AAAAAAAAAGES and when i did finally it was so lame that i REALLY wished i hadn’t waisted my time

  11. Don’t use your mouse: just press the cursor up and down keys alternatively very quickly instead, to make the page go up and down slightly.

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