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By on April 30, 2010, with 63 Comments

This fine logo makes much more sense after you’ve read the title. It was pointed out by one of our fans, more specifically user called Briamah. I don’t know whether this is a fictional logo to showcase author’s design skills, or maybe Spartan Golf Club really exists out there in the wild. Either way, it’s beyond cool! What did you spot first? The centurion helmet, or the golfer making his swing? Btw, I’ve added 15 more unpublished optical illusions to our Facebook fan group, so be sure to head there after you’ve finished with today’s post!

Spartans Golf Club Logo


63 Responses
  1. Jilly says:

    man, this is realy so cool

  2. GDUB says:

    Simple… but I like it. Very ingenious

  3. joe B says:

    THIS IS SPA- oh nevermind.

  4. Awsome Anonymous says:

    this is cool. after reading the title i saw the helmet thing

  5. Billster says:

    Very nice.. saw the golfer first

  6. chris says:

    that’s awesome. you should search logos with hidden stuff in them

  7. calvin says:

    this pic is cool
    defentilly and optical illusion

  8. Roop The Black says:

    What Jilly Said.

  9. elavasam says:

    Very subtle and neat!

  10. crazyyboyy says:

    I noticed the sparten helm first and only really fully noticed the golfer when i got to the site, Top illusion keep up the great work mate =D

  11. Care Bear says:

    Someone was really paying close attention in graphic arts class.

  12. Someone says:

    The Spartans are a college team, Michigan State University (MSU). Cool Illusion

  13. never wouldve guessed before saw it…!

  14. Spotted the golfer first, then a few seconds later saw the centurion. Now, when I look at it I see the centurion first. Very fine optical illusion, yes indeed, yes indeed.

  15. Greg says:

    That’s one of the best I’ve seen in a while! It took me a while to see the helmet, but now that I see it it’s really cool.

  16. Simon says:

    I spotted the golf first… didn’t see the helmet until i read the title

  17. popesantaxiv says:

    Oh snap!

    A head with a helmet
    A golfer swinging
    The letter G

    How awesome!

  18. DTM1119 says:

    I AM NUMBA 2!!!

  19. t00tall10169 says:

    definitely seen the golfer first

  20. tinkerer says:

    now that’s a real illusion

  21. Nikolai Scheel says:


  22. nockgeneer says:

    Definitely one of the better illusions I’ve seen in the past little while. If you notice, the helmet/swing bar and the little swoosh at the bottom of the player/face make it look a little like an ‘S’ (for Spartans) as well. Awesome.

  23. Typeaux says:

    Definitely saw the golfer and swing motion first. In fact I thought the “illusion” was going to be about the arc — like it appears to be tapered as the sections get thinner, but isn’t. That sort of thing. Once I read your opening line about the title, I stopped and looked again and THEN saw the Grecian soldier!

  24. anonymous says:

    Could be the Amyty Region #5, CT golf club, as the Amity team is the Spartans.

  25. randomperson says:

    my school mascot is the a spartan mabye the golf team can use it for their shirts lol

  26. david says:

    I’d guess Michigan State Spartans, but this logo doesn’t show up on any of their pages

  27. cp rules says:

    did you notice how the person looks like a face to or is it just me?

  28. David says:

    I saw the golf pic first… very cool!

  29. DMtisca says:

    I actually saw a speedometer first. Thay may have been largely to just getting home from work not 5 mins beforehand

  30. pinapple says:


  31. Jupiter says:

    Noticed the golf swing first but after a moment saw the Spartan as well. It is really well done.

  32. psb says:

    Saw the golf club first.
    I wonder, though, if I were sitting further away if I’d see the helmet first.

  33. OScar says:

    Golf first

  34. kufaz says:

    spotted the golfer first

  35. servilan42 says:

    The golfer…. love the helmet better

  36. C.C says:

    i saw both! but i saw the helmet first

  37. dean says:

    wow! i didnt even realize the helmet until i read it. but that just i me i think…..

  38. Loza says:

    Amazing illusion! I saw the golfer first and didn’t even notice the centurion until you mentioned it.

  39. any mouse says:

    That could be the new logo for the NHL’s Ottawa Senators!

  40. Kered says:

    I actually saw both at roughly the same time. I use the widget, so it was a bit smaller when I first saw it. Still, I recognized the golfer first, but even as I did, I was thinking, “That looks like one of those helmets.”

    Though, admittedly, I was thinking of Trojans.

  41. edthedish says:

    Subtle but cool….

  42. AmsterdamMan says:

    yes its a nice one ,,,

  43. mark says:

    I like this one, but I can see faces in almost anything…

  44. Elliot says:

    cool for a golf logo

  45. Adam says:

    Also looks like a speedometer for golfers.

  46. Tabour says:

    Anyone else see the face from the golfers shirt?

  47. vencel says:

    Wow..amazing illusion..at first i thought it was just an ordinary golf player..lol

  48. Yurix says:

    At first, I saw only the arc, and thought it was a speedometer. Then I scrolled down and saw a golfer. Then, I looked at the title and saw a Spartan head with corresponding helmet. :)
    Anyway, excellent design and illusion!

  49. anonym says:

    aaa….. now i see it

  50. ben says:

    i know it’s
    hard to tell
    how mixed
    up you
    but this is true, there is both,
    and a face too!
    by the way can you spot the lyrics?

    scroll down for the

    “I know it’s hard to tell how mixed up you feel”
    Is lyrics from VNV Nation’s Illusion

  51. javacuzi says:

    thats cool but its so easy i thought it was the dude in the first place

  52. Joseph says:

    second post and i saw the golfer first

  53. scattered says:

    wow.. really gotta love illusions like these.
    ps I saw the golfer first.

  54. Quiana says:

    Yeah me to!!! Also… i saw the golfer first

  55. Anonymous says:

    My school mascot is the Spartan, so it’s kinda cool to see my school mascot on a website like this

  56. K9 says:

    Even me,I first saw the “golfieman”!
    (I call it like that,eh?)

  57. joshua says:

    i saw the spartan helm first then the golfer

  58. MaxXe says:

    I saw the Indian first

  59. seye says:

    lol spotteed both in half a second

  60. simos.md says:

    Nices logo ..

  61. Stevin says:

    I saw the golf THING FIRST

  62. Rubyshoes says:

    Oh wow, i just saw the male golfer until I read more.

  63. choy says:

    hahahahaha well ur a little smart one aren’t you

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