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By on October 26, 2006, with 18 Comments

Newsflash: If you want to participate in our new “Show your Dashboard & Google Homepage/Desktop” Show-off, (we are planning it in few days), be sure to submit screenshot of your Mac Dashboard, along with our widget. PC users, if you are using Google Homepage/Desktop along with our Gadget, take screenshot of it and submit to my email. We’ll include them all, and you can vote whose desktop/dashboard is the coolest! More info was available in this post.

Michelle D’Auray is “guilty” for submitting these billboard illusions. As you see it’s rather innovative way of advertising your product. These will get attention for sure! This kinda made me think, if I were an advertise, how I would use my illusions and get huge attention! You might have seen originals SONY used. They were posted in the past on this website, and you can see them here: 3D Waves, Primrose Field, Imaginary Spots, Spots 2, Spiral … There is full set of new Bravia billboards done by SONY, and you can see them all if you jump inside this post! Also, if you come across new ones, be sure to notify me! Thanks.

Sony Bravia LCD Billboard Optical Illusions
Sony Bravia LCD Billboard Optical Illusions
Sony Bravia LCD Billboard Optical Illusions
Sony Bravia LCD Billboard Optical Illusions


18 Responses
  1. Leo says:

    These are cool ads. Unfortunately, I can’t afford a Bravia anyway… ;)

  2. Des says:

    whoa, that last one is wicked cool. u dont even have to try and u see it moving

  3. scroll says:

    i works really well if you scroll up and dowm.

  4. ashley says:

    I can’t really see anything in the first one.

    The second one is really cool, it looks like the little circles are flashing on and off.

    The thrd one just looks like it’s flashing.

    The last one liiks like its waiving.

  5. Tori says:

    My eyes are still buzzing…

  6. Rackodack says:

    The first one isn’t as good as the others. It works better if there is a dot in the middle for you to stare at.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Neat ads, i just got one yesterday!

  8. Jack says:

    not bad

  9. Austin says:

    I have one 40″ Bravia
    Its quite nice
    But these are cool illusions

  10. Sunflower says:

    the 3rd one made me dizzy!

  11. sizwe says:

    not the best

  12. cheyenne says:

    the last one looks like waves of water

  13. cheyenne says:

    & the one b4 the last its really pretty it reminds me of the 60s even thought i wasnt even born

  14. Trippen says:

    again these pictures make me feel like i ate a ton of tabs

  15. RYLEE says:

    on the waves, raise your eyebrows or eyelids to see them move.

  16. nive says:

    first one is nice!! move ur head back and forth and u can find the rings moving……

  17. Zeb says:

    The only one that seemed to do any thing was the tie dye, it was like huffing rubber cement, it made me all dizzy but then gave me a head ach.
    don’t try it though, it will make you feal sick, at the least.

  18. cutekittehcat says:

    at the last one if u back your head back and forward (slow or fast choose yourself)it looks like waves on the sea :D

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