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  1. Seems pretty obvious how this one works — your brain is subconsciously counting the boards in the background.

  2. Not so much counting the boards as thinking the image is three-dimensional and taking that into account when estimating the heights of the soldiers. As far as I know, this illision works even when there is nothing to count.

  3. actually im pretty sure that it has nothing to do with counting, and the fact that they are at different hights is important but what really makes the illusion is the fact that behind each soldier and under each soldier there are lines and as you get further to the right the distance between the lines decreases, subconsiously you seem to measure them based off of this. But you need all the different elements to make it trick your mind as well as this one does. cool :)

  4. We don’t subconsciously count the lines, it has nothing to do with the soldiers being lined up in increasing height. It has to do with perspective and the way we perceive distance. The background is drawn like a traditional perspective landscape, in which the foreground recedes into the background. We perceive the furthermost right soldier as largest because he is standing in what our brains tell us is the distance, even though the image is 2-dimensional. We deduce (subconsciously) that the soldiers are of different sizes. If you removed the background, they would all appear the same size.

  5. optical illusions like this can have a meaning… that mankind kinda has to get smarter. think about it. no matter how many of these illusions we see, our subconcious mind is STILL the only mind in us that sees them. We need someone to point it out like i
    tell i
    know all
    there is to
    to know here!

  6. did you see the second “to”? if not, than EXACTLY!!! (P.S., i just thought up of that sentence off the top of my head and it fit. I didnt mean it.)

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