Skull Bakery Illusion

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You might think that there are a lot of skulls in this picture. If you did, you’re wrong! This is actually a bakery, and the breads form skulls. Also, the ‘skull’ in the middle is actually a woman that has a basket with a lot of bread on top of her head.There are also other types of bread (that I forgot their names, I think one of them is a baguette but I’m not sure) that form other things. I think this one belong is the ‘Spot the Object‘ or ‘Scary Illusions‘ category…Post any other hidden things you find -Pablo

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  1. WOW Nice, its interesting to see the picture by Dali named on Google Image : Dali skull.

    Ok continue your nice work, i’m fan; bye !

  2. well i think theres another illusion….in the basket on the right, there r some long pieces of bread (possibly baguettes) that sort of look like…mummies? or maybe thats juss me.

  3. i think it’s funny that the basket looks concave. It adds to the illusion. I might be wrong about that though (the concave part).

  4. the mummies are definately there. the skull at the top right on the shelf has a face on the top of it. can anyone read the words that are on the skulls in the basket at the bottom left of the picture ???

  5. You can’t see the skull in the middle? try to change your focus and the white part jumps out as a huge skull. very cool

  6. Thanks guys, but you’ve already posted this one in the past,… Another one today??
    Good job with the site though…

  7. Well, this was a nice illusion but I really like afterimage ones and the 3D chalk drawings better than this. This is kind of… (yawn) boring.

  8. yes i see the mummies. at top right of the picture, there is a face on the top of the skull. can anyone read the words that are written on top of the skulls in the basket at the bottom left of the picture?

  9. “There are also other types of bread (that I forgot their names, I think one of them is a baguette but I’m not sure) that form other things.”

    Common Pablo, you never heard of google. Please try to get your stuff straight before posting to the site.

  10. the left basket in rear the bread is look like bones,like i think they are called femur bones. some one say if u can see it!

  11. that is awesome andwhats with the hearts???????

    is the bread sticks to the right beside her supposed to be tombs or something like that?

  12. Okay i see… Bread, wait, skulls, mummies, bones, hearts, uh, skeletons — I’d love to know what inspired the artist to do this! A nightmare, you reckon?
    To: The person who said ‘I can’t see the big skull in the middle!’ How did you know it was there if you couldn’t see it?
    To: All those cant see the image…
    Try unfocusing your eyes, guys!

  13. Behind the basket of skulls on the bottom left and next to the femur bones (yes, cominique, you were right)there and dough plaits with skulls ontop.

    By the way, the baguettes are meant to be skeletons I think.

  14. wow i am so in love with this picture i cant get enough of it. im getting it tattood on me next week im so fascinated with it

  15. ok i see the kull in the middle the tie of the woman is the nose and the between the the head and the arms are the eyes coooooooooool

  16. When I first saw this pic I only saw the bread skull. I could tell it was bakery and lots of loafs of bread. The skull in the midlle only hit me at the end!!! :D

  17. wow, this is really cool… it took me a while to see the big skull in the middle though… is that the illusion? the wrinkles at her waist are the teeth, the two pieces of the hankie around her neck makes the nose, and the space between her head and each arem are the eyes!!!

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