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By on June 9, 2006, with 17 Comments

Here’s another transparent Building. The magic in this picture, is that the building and photo are both real, but somehow give you impression you are seeing trasnparent skelteon of the building only. The windows are placed in such way to give reflection of the opposite side of the building, thus making it look so real. I love this optical illusion. Do you?

Skeleton Transparent Building


17 Responses
  1. Pembo says:

    wow! thats a very clever illusion, was this intentional when building them? or just a lucky coincidence (sp?)?

  2. Hai says:

    very very smart

  3. b-bob says:

    one of the coolest picture!

  4. Sher-Bear says:

    it’s mirrored glass….duh

  5. Smart says:

    I aggree with Sher-Bear. All it is is mirros.

  6. Angie says:

    yea. it’s mirrors.. but so what?
    why can’t people look at an illusion that is very well done (like this one) and say “cool” instead of saying “well duh they did this” who cares they did a good job at it!
    It’s a realy good illusion.. i have some buildings like that near were i live :)

  7. kimmy says:

    wow this is amazing!!!!!!!i agree to angie

  8. Anonymous says:

    love it……………..

  9. Ryan says:

    Yeah Angies right. Sher-Ber and smart(smart probably the dumbest person in the world)U guys need to get a life, one not going around spoiling for every1.So go angie and kimmie for agreeing with me.
    Also great illusion wonder wat countty its in if its in mine and wheer i live may as well check it out prob wont be where i live but anyway bye. Still Shame on u Sher-ber and smart!!!

  10. Melvin says:

    very very nice picture ^^ really like this blog, found it while browser at work.

    You need to cut down on your nice posts or else im not getting any work done lol, like the games aswell..^^ keep up the fine work..

  11. Anonymous says:

    it looks the WORLD TRADE CENTER …

  12. Anonymous says:

    this should be the scariest one

  13. DAvid M!7@n says:

    just a prety cool mirror illusion

  14. MSSTLove says:

    freaky but awesome

  15. Elmo says:

    Where? I don’t see anything, plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Nancy says:

    Where is this? I would love to see other angles, this is really awesome!

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