Simple, Yet Effective Illusion

Aerol E. Catubag created this simple, yet effective optical illusion involving colors! As Aerol explains, he discovered the illusion accidentally when trying to make a kaleidoscopic image. The illusion happens when you move your head back and forth. Watch the colors change their size, depending on your actions. For example, the blue box will seem to expand when you move forth, but the exact same box will shrink when you move your eyes further away.

Btw, am not sure how many of you noticed, but when I talked about site upgrades – some of them are already implemented! You can now reply to other person’s comment, but what I’m even more excited to announce – now you can freely embed pictures in your comments! Yes, simply click on the “add some images” link next to the comment submit button, enter a link where image is hosted and voila! Go ahead – try it!

Move your head back and forth, and watch the colors change their size!

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    1. [img][/img]

      You can add an image to your comments!

    2. lol, why did you bother commenting if only to apologize for using a fake name, and why bother telling people it’s fake in the first place?

      anyway, I never really got these illusions. I’m not sure if it’s just how my brain works, but color illusions and most of those spinning line illusions never seem to do anything to me.

  1. Thanks for making this site available to us and for the improvements! This is one of my favorite sites, and I appreciate the work you put into it.

  2. I know why it seams to grow when you get nearer.

    The center of the eye focuses on the recognition of colours and is less receptive to brightness.

    When you get nearer, the center of the eyes are relatively smaller on the screen, while more part of the blue gets into the peripheral sight, that recognizes more brightness, thus making the blue part look bigger.

    Notice the blue just grows into the dark blue part. Because of the peripheral sight.

  3. Am I missing something?

    “For example, the blue box will seem to expand when you move forth, but the exact same box will shrink when you move your eyes further away.”

    That’s not an illusion it’s just perspective and happens with everything you go closer to or go further away from.

    I just went to get a beer from the fridge…the fridge got bigger when I walked up to it and now I’m back on the sofa it looks a lot smaller.

    1. True, but did the fridge appear to grow relative to the cabinets around it or did everything grow as you walk towards that wall?

      The effect makes it look like some colors are shrinking while others are growing.

  4. Odd effect, naturally things would seem larger when moving closer and smaller when moving away but this is like 3D without the glasses O_o

    p.s. I like the idea of images but make sure you monitor the forum closely.


    1. it’s even more interesting because it’s a lot quicker…i mean things get smaller the farther you go away but not at the speed of the illusion, btw is that picture from unrelated captions?

  5. Not really loving this. The colours are lovely and everything but the illusion is just to basic. I do love all the new features though

  6. mr stupid, it doesnt mean shrink in general, but in relation to the rest of the colours – i.e. less of the picture will be blue and more will be red

  7. Here’s another effect: Focus on the twin centre lines, & move head leftright (or rock leftright). The green band will “waver”, almost like a snake!

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