Silhouette In The Dark

It’s amazing how our brain first presumes it’s seeing a silhouette of a young, fine and sexy looking girl. Actually it isn’t even a girl we are seeing here. Feel free to guess what is the secret behind this photo. This photo was submitted by one of our fans via email, but I just learned today from coments, that the original artist’s name is John March, and you can see his flickr profile here. Nice photo John!

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  1. Where’s the girl? Does the blue background have anything to do with it considering it’s the only thing that’s not black or white? Hmmmmm…..

  2. Hy! thnks for info! I just edited the post to give you credit… It was submitted by user and thought it was his flickr photo. Props!

  3. Ha Ha! Sam says:

    I see it there is a naked girl inside of the blue if u look closely into it/

    Sure you do man. That’s sad!


  5. maybe its something with my head but when I stare into something long enough (like clouds) I start to see things

  6. Looking horizontally under a desk, the main black curve from bottom right to mid left is the back of her calf, from above the ankle to under the knee, then the curve veers off to the right, just to the beginning of her skirt. Awesome pic.

  7. i agree with sam, if you look closely into the blue you can see a bunch of tiny (naked) figures standing around a round table. I further think webbguy is rude. The trick to these images if to keep an open mind!

  8. i see crossed leg…imagine the body is the leg [right leg on top of leg..and the figure in the right top corner is part of the skirt]…=)

  9. This might sound crazy but if you look closely in the blue on the right you can see a cloudy profile of the devil somewhat holding his palm out towards her leg.

  10. It’s called silhouette in the dark so surely it’s something to do with the portion that’s not black. I guess. But I still haven’t found it.

  11. I don’t get it.
    I’ve been looking at the picture for like 15 minutes now, I’ve read all of your comments and I’m still too stupid to see anything.
    silly me

  12. Okay, in the blue can see a bit of a greenish-bluish shade, and you can see like a demon looking thing. It’s actually smiling an evil smile. Evil eye, and nose, hand pointing the the ledt. The head is funky shaped. See it?

  13. It took u that long to figure it out looke closely…..
    on the bottom riht theres a dot..
    now u see its a clip from a movie.

    its a girl standing up during a movie in a thearter..

    Thats what i think!


  14. if you look at it backwords it just look like a hand and whoever took the picture took it in a angle where a window is at the edge of the photo… thats what i think …

  15. what are u people talking about, the author of the picture said what it is. its a good pic, and as for the blue part, i’v seen this type of thing loads of times… if you stare at anything similar to that your mind tries to make sence of it, and it creates images as best it can. i dont think that theres suspose to be any thing in the blue part.

  16. I’m super confused…the photographer says it’s his girlfriend’s legs, but the description says it’s not even a girl. Wouldn’t the guy who took the picture know best?

  17. awesome…took me a long while to see her legs. That is crazy. I thought for the longest time that it was a silhouette of a woman from directly below the bust…

    However, what you believe to be her butt, is actually the calf muscle. The real girl is sitting on the top right corner of the picture frame, with her legs touching at the knees and bending, with her feet on the ground (however, the picture is cut off above the ankle and below the shin.

    The only part to look at is the pure bold black silhouette (a tiny portion of the silhouette in the top right corner is a piece of a skirt/shorts/etc.)

    Good luck, when it hits you, you will have trouble seeing the original silhouette.

  18. its a girl sitting on a chair.
    the top black part hanging is her skirt.
    and the below is her leg crossing or just tilt back.

  19. I believe it to be a TV just showing something weird at the time, meanwhile there is a girl sitting on top of it with her legs down in front of the screen. It looks like you can see some type of name brand or buttons or some thing at the bottom of the picture

  20. things i see in the blue thingy
    1. a demon face
    2. a werewolf making out with a little girl
    3. a whole bunch of naked peeps

  21. I think it’s a broken mirror, or at least thats what i see, and it can’t be a girl, cuz the description says “Actually it isn’t even a girl we are seeing here. ” ..besides i see no girl in there. W/e xD

  22. To me it looks like a human hand, shaped to look like someone walking…note the bent leg is pointing finger…straight leg is middle finger..what looks like skirt is actually thumb. Do it at home and look at your own hand.

  23. Yup, now I’ve seen the artists’ comment I can see the crease of the back of the knee top leftmid. At first I saw outline of a slender curvy body….Good One :)

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