Silence Of The Lambs Skull Origin

It’s logical that every action triggers some kind of reaction, but what I didn’t know, is that my original post about Dali’s Skull will trigger so much of your submissions! Few days after the original article appeared, I received Descent Movie Poster, and today I found this submission in my mailbox. Silence Of The Lambs is a famous movie. Anthony Hopkins is starring a role as Hannibal Lecter. The poster you see below is from that movie, and was kindly submitted by Lance McDowell. I watched the film several times. I even considered putting the poster online while ago, but never did for some reason (I thought it wasn’t illusion enough probably). What I never noticed, is that the skull on the butterfly, isn’t actually a real skull. It’s made of human figures! Open the article, see zoomed photo, and you will notice something you probably never noticed. If you haven’t seen it, also be sure to watch the movie itself – it rocks!

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  1. wow…that makes this movie that much cooler!!! the skull is very fitting for what the movie’s about! Awesome trivia to remember to tell those that don’t know about it! ;)

  2. This is actually really quite freaky… me and my girlfriend watched Silence of the Lambs today and then what do I see on my Google homepage! Totally awesome though, and the human figures totally fit the movie’s theme.

  3. Wow, absolutely amazing. The movie was great before, but I’m an avid Dali fan, it just makes it so much sweeter! Even better, my sister just bought that painting!

  4. It’s really amazing. Try looking for a wide collection of paintings by Octavio Ocampo. There are about thirty different skulls like this one.

    Greetings E. Franco

  5. the dvd of the cover of the movie descent is identical but with clothes on. i guess its trying to copy it. damn. thought it was an original idea.

    yeah the illusions cool too.

  6. That’s not a butterfly on the poster with the deceptive “skull” on it’s back. It’s a moth, like a moth to the flame. A moth circling a flame gets closer and closer until…puff! I did not make this up. Google it.

  7. Oh, this is really cool! Never noticed it before, but I’m glad they chose a work from the master Dalì, which museum I’ve had the pleasure to visit some years ago.

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